When’s the last time you took some time for yourself? Honestly..I’m trying to rack my brain to figure out the answer for myself! I’ll share in this post when it comes to me but in the meantime, let’s explore the importance of self care what activities you can incorporate in your day to day life to practice self care.

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Aha! I remember. Last Saturday I completely unplugged from the world for a couple hours, cozied up on the sofa and continued a new read – The Wife Who Knew Too Much. Check out my initial thoughts here and learn more about the book here!

What is Self Care?

Self care is recognizing and being mindful of you and your well being. It means taking actions to maintain a healthy life in regards to our emotional health, mental health, and physical health. Practicing self care can help us navigate through anxiety and stress. Moreover, self care helps us put our best foot forward in the world. 

I totally get it – we’re all busy and on the move. It often seems like our to-do lists are never ending and there’s no room to breathe. So how are we supposed to dedicate time to ourselves? By being intentional in our day to day activities. Most, if not all, of the ways I share in this post on how to practice self care are things you may already be doing or can incorporate in day to day life, or at least a few days a week!

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My self care journey

A little about my self care journey. I was rarely the person who took time out of her day or week for herself. I mean, there were times I never thought to practice self care. Heck, for a while I didn’t even know self care was a thing! It was like I was conditioned to believe doing anything for myself was selfish, that it was not okay. It took some time for me to change my mindset in regards to self care. I had to remind myself that I have a duty to myself to do what’s best for me and that it is okay to prioritize myself. As a person who strives to help others, how can I provide my best self to the world when I don’t take care of my wellbeing? I became more intentional in practicing self care when I realized this and thus, began my self care journey. 

Nowadays, I dedicate anywhere from a few minutes to a couple hours at least 5 days a week to practice self care. This is just me and what works well with my schedule – everyone’s different! I personally have a day job and spend evenings and weekends blogging – the latter consists of writing articles, taking photographs, editing and scheduling both and drafting social media posts for each piece of content, creating graphics for Pinterest, managing and sending out my e-newsletter, reaching out to brands, responding to inquiries, and I’ll stop there. But basically, my free time is rarely free but don’t get me wrong, I enjoy every bit of my work! If you’re a fellow content creator, you know what I’m talking about! We have a different schedule than the classic 9-5.

There are countless ways to practice self care and most of them are quite simple! You can definitely incorporate many of these activities in your day to day life but being intentional and in the moment is truly what makes a difference when you practice self care. Now let’s get to 10 ways to practice self care.

10 Ways to practice self care

1. Read a book

It makes sense to start with this one since I mentioned reading earlier in the beginning of this post, right? Right. When’s the last time you picked up a book for fun? Reading can help us overcome stress and calm us down. Need some book inspo? Here’s a list of 24 books I have on my reading list!

2. Listen to music

Similar to reading, music can help us destress and help us stay calm. Explore a new genre, find a new musician or band to listen to! I recently got into K Pop and it’s been great!  Any Armys or Ahgasees here? Hi, hello, I welcome you to DM me on Instagram so we can chat about all things BTS and GOT7 LOL!

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3. Skincare routine or a simple mask session

I talk about this a LOT on Instagram. I dedicate Sunday’s to relaxing mask sessions with a sheet mask or wash off mask (sometimes both). If I’m really into getting a full masking session done, I’ll typically start off with some sort of wash off mask and then go in with eye gels, with a sheet mask on top. Masking makes me feel like I’m giving myself a really fun spa moment in the comfort of my own home! Other related self care activities you can do here are taking a long shower and drawing yourself a relaxing bath!

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4. Journal

Journaling is a great way to practice self care because it allows us to process our thoughts. Some things you can journal about are your day to day life and gratitude. I have a journal where I write about my day to day life and second journal for gratitude called The 5 Minute Journal. It uses positive psychology to improve your life!

5. Go outdoors

Like I said, I know we’re in the midst of a pandemic so follow your state’s guidelines if doing this and practice safe measures. If not, skip this option until you feel it’s safe to do so. Fresh air and the outdoors is good for the mind, body, and spirit! Hiking, going for a jog, or just a simple walk around the neighborhood can do wonders!

6. Cook or bake 

I don’t know about you all but being in the kitchen takes my mind off of things and is a great form of self care. Looking for some kitchen inspo? I’ve been obsessed with these dark chocolate almond flour cookies! I’m also super into making my own pressed juices – this juicer has been PERFECT for my juice craze! Not only is spending time in the kitchen creating things good for self care, making nutritious and healthier options does our body good!


7. Exercise

Totally get if you can’t or don’t want to go to the gym due to the pandemic. I, myself, put my gym membership on hold due to COVID19. But there are other ways to work out like going for a jog around your neighborhood or following Instagram or Youtube workout videos. I bought a jump rope the second I put my gym membership on hold. Random, I know..but I love to jump rope and use it in my circuits and thought it was perfect time for a mini splurge. Check it out here + more of my Amazon favorites here! If you’re into dance and Bollywood, I recommend checking out BollyX! I’m a lifetime member and thoroughly enjoy it!

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8. Read positive quotes

Exposing yourself to more positive and empowering energy is automatically providing self care for yourself! Quotes are a great way to do this. You can print them out and put them near your work station, laptop, or whatever suits you best! Here are 26 empowering and uplifting quotes!

9. Incorporate daily affirmations

Affirmations help with creating a healthier and more positive inner monologue. There are several ways to incorporate affirmations in your day to day life! Write them down in your journal, repeat them in your head, or say them out loud! Here are 33 life changing affirmations you can begin using today!

These are 9 ways to practice self care in your day to day life! Do you do these already? Are there any other ways you like to practice self care?

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