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Makeup Revolution Blush, Brow, and Eyeshadow Palettes Review

Hey hey hey!

I hope you beauties are having a fantastic weekend! I’ve been wanting to get this review up for a few days but getting ready for my trip has kept me crazy busy these last two weeks.

Today I will be sharing with you a brand I really adore, Makeup RevolutionMakeup Revolution is a London based brand and they sell revolutionary products at an affordable price, plus they are cruelty free! They recently launched an online store in the US and can also be found at Ulta! I’m a huge fan of their Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers and was thrilled when Makeup Revolution sent me these three palettes for review!

Like I mentioned above, US customers can find these at Ulta or on their website! Shipping is $4.95 for US residents and free on orders $25+.

Each of these palettes came wrapped in a box. The palettes themselves are sleek and black with gold print on the top. The eyeshadow palette is larger than the other two and the brow palette is slightly thicker. I appreciate how each palette includes a mirror since not all brands do that. 
Product Reviews

Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette in Flawless – $15.00

I can’t find this on their website or on Ulta’s site, maybe they’re sold out – I remember a friend said she got the last one when she went to buy one.

Anywho ~ I’m not going to lie, a few of these shadows were chalky and did not have any pigmentation whatsoever. You might notice them in the swatches but they’re  mainly the lighter shades in the first two columns of the first two rows. However, I wasn’t too let down with that since I was more interested in the darker shades, especially the dark reds, golds, and everything in the last three rows and those did not disappoint! The shadows are SO pigmented and blendable, I was blown away!

Lord have mercy. Other than the 3-4 shadows I couldn’t get to work for me, this palette is amazing! I know the pans are quite small but it’s perfect for me considering I don’t hit pans of shadows often. I’ve been wearing these over primer and they don’t crease or anything on me. I’ve been using the golds and plummy colors the most but I’ve been trying to incorporate the bold colors during the weekends. 
Their Affirmation and Mermaid palettes are definitely on my wishlist – the first is sort of similar to this, it includes neutrals, rosey, gold, and charcoal colors while the Mermaid palette has more colorful shades!

Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Sugar and Spice – $10.00

8 shades for $10?! Yes please! How much more affordable can a blush palette get?! This Sugar and Spice palette includes a mix of matte and shimmery cool toned and warm shades. This palette was something I was super iffy about but after swatching and playing with it, I was hooked! I found all of these super pigmented and easily blendable. I think my favorite has to be the first shade of the second row but they’re all beautiful!

I’ve been using a mix of either one of the first two as well as the fifth shade for work since it gives me a nice add of natural color. I’ve also been using some of the colors as eyeshadows!

Makeup Revolution also sells a Blush and Contour Palette in Hot Spice which includes peachy and rusty nude shades and I’m really intrigued about. I’ll definitely be adding that or their Bronze Palette in an order sometime soon! Probably both because why not? 

Ultra Brow Palette in Medium to Dark – $15.00

There are two other versions of this palette: Fair to Medium and Dark to Black. This palette includes 4 eyebrow powders, 2 tinted brow waxes, enhancing cream, highlighter, pencil, mini brushes, and a small pair of tweezers! They sure did fit in a ton of products for an affordable price!

I’m not a huge brow person, I get them threaded once a month and use a wax pencil to tame them and that’s it. But boy has my makeup routine changed since I got this baby! I love that Makeup Revolution includes all brow necessities in one palette! It’s perfect for daily use as well as travel. I’ve been using both powders combined as well as the tinted brow wax mainly but sometimes I’ll feel fancy and use the enhancer and highlighter. I really wasn’t expecting to love this palette as much as I do! I recommend this if you’re into trying a new brow set!

If you think any of these palettes are for you I highly recommend purchasing them. Did I mention shipping is free on orders of $25? I am not even kidding when I say their products – at least the ones I’ve tried so far – are totally worth checking out. If you’re looking for reviews on their highlighters or other palettes, my friend Denise wrote about them on on her blog, you can check them out here and here!

You can check out all of Makeup Revolution’s products on their website here! Let me know your thoughts on these palettes or any of their other products! I’d love some recommendations!

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*These products were sent for review purposes but all opinions are 100% my own.


Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers Review

Hello hello!

Today I will be sharing with you two fun matte lippies I’ve been wearing often! These are none other than Makeup Revolution’s Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers! Makeup Revolution is an affordable, cruelty free, London based brand and I am really glad they launched an online shop in the USA!

About the Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers
This description is directly from their website:
The versatility of a lipstick, the convenience of a gloss, and the longevity of a stain: Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer goes on as a liquid and dries down to a matte finish, providing intense, touch-proof color that lasts. 
One thing I would say about these lippies is to look for swatches! I almost always look for swatches but didn’t with either of these and boy was the website’s photos off! I bought the top one thinking it was more burgundy but it’s definitely more purple in real life. The second one slightly deeper on their website but it’s a brighter red in person. Luckily though, I ended up loving both even though I was looking for something else!
Until a couple weeks back, Makeup Revolution was only available on their main website (apart from stores in the UK) but they launched a USA website (free shipping on orders $25+) and is available on Ulta’s website as of a couple weeks now. Yay to no more international shipping fees!
I bought the top lip lacquer (Rebel) off of Ulta’s website a few weeks back and the bottom ( Keep Trying For You) off of their London based website a month or two ago.
Each Velvet Lip Lacquer costs $5, which I think is fairly price compared to other drugstore brands. US shipping is $4.95 or free on all orders $25+!
I really like the packaging of these lippies, I think they’re the perfect size – they’re a tiny bit sleeker and taller than the NYX Matte Lip Creams. I like that there’s a gold ring on the top of the bottle and right below the cap. 
These lippies have standard doe foot applicators and for me, applying these are easy. The formula doesn’t dry super quick and adding a second layer doesn’t make it streaky, patchy, or flakey for me – although I have heard the formula is flakey for some people. I always exfoliate my lips and apply lip balm before using these. 
Both of these have amazing pigmentation and they have a velvety/creamy texture. For me, these have the right amount of matte finishing. They’re not super drying and do require some touch up throughout the day but that wasn’t surprising since some of my high end matte lippies don’t have super strong lasting power either. 

Keep Trying For You is a red/orange but more red while Rebel is a purple/burgundy type color. Neither of these were what I thought they would look like when I picked them based on the website photos but I’m really happy with both! I reach for rebel more often than the other. 
I apologize for the horrible quality of the photos of how they look on my lips, weather has been horrible these past couple of weeks!
Keep Trying For You is on the left and Rebel is on the right. I swear it’s the sun that’s making my nose look two different colors! 
Overall Thoughts
I am really happy with these Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers, they don’t crack or dry out my lips like crazy and they last long enough for me! I hope they release a wider range of colors in the future because I would love to see more fall friendly colors! I definitely recommend giving these a try if you’re looking for velvety matte lippies. I would say to buy one first to see how the formula works with you since all products work differently on different types of people! 
Have you tried Makeup Revolution products before? Let me know some of your favorites!
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Makeup Revolution Haul!

Hey hey hey! Hope everyone is enjoying Memorial Day!

So I’ve been wanting to try products from Makeup Revolution for a while – I saw so many great haul posts lately and had to place an order!

What I love about Makeup Revolution is that they’re affordable! I’ll have a breakdown of the costs in pounds and dollars below.

Full Go! Palette Collection  ₤8 | $11.99
I was having a hard time choosing which one to purchase so I thought I’d just buy the whole set! I’ll be gifting one of these to my cousin and one will be included in my giveaway! This was definitely a steal and I’m excited to see how they compare to some of the drugstore shadows I own. 
Lip Hug Collection – Pinks  ₤7.50 | $11.24
I bought this collection because I think it would be perfect for the spring! I haven’t tried any of the colors yet but I really love “Want to Leave?”. I’ll be adding a couple of these lippies into my giveaway as well!
Here’s a look at “Want to Leave?”:
The packaging is cute and I’m blown away with the price! Five lippies for less than $12 is a win for me! I saw pictures of the “Nude” collection and really hope to purchase it soon! 
Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in “You Took My Love” and “Keep Trying For You”  ₤3 | $4.50 each
These looked super pretty on the website and they’re just as gorgeous in real life! I only swatched the orangey-red one and it is SUPER PIGMENTED! I’m really tempted to purchase a few more – especially with their current promotion going on! Spend 25 pounds and they’ll add a gift worth 20 pounds! 
Amazing Lipstick in Reckless and Dazzle  ₤1 | $1.50 each

I <3 Makeup Lip Geek in Total Diva  ₤1.99 | $2.98 moral of this haul is I wanted to try a little bit of everything and I honestly did not realize how many reds/pinks I chose until I opened the box. The pink packaging is sooo pretty, I want them all just to put on display! 
Anywho..that is all I got from Makeup Revolution! All of the products cost less than $40 and shipping was about $11! I definitely will order from them again…I would love some fall friendly colors to experiment with in a few months! 
Have you tried Makeup Revolution before? What’s your favorite product by them?
Also, be sure to stop by my blog tomorrow – I will be launching my 1 Year Blogiversary Giveaway and a few products from this haul will be included!

7 Affordable Makeup Brands | Product Hits and Misses

As a beauty enthusiast, I love trying makeup in all price ranges – luxury, high end, and drugstore. As much as I love me some luxurious and prestige beauty products, I am a huge fan of affordable makeup. Why spend $30 on a primer when you can find something that does a wonderful job for just a few bucks? Also, it’s great to be able to find affordable dupes of pricey items we’re unable to get our hands on or reason to purchase. Moreover, if you’re new to makeup or wanting to experiment with certain types of products and shades, it’s always great to test out affordable items before taking the splurge on high end products.

7 Affordable Beauty Brands To Haul + Hits and Misses

That being said, I wanted to share affordable beauty brands I absolutely love. Not only do these brands have great prices but the quality of many of their items are incredible for the cost, some even perform better than products that cost double, triple, even quadruple the price! Like any other brand, these do have products that didn’t work for me so I’ll be sharing a few misses along with the hits.

*This post contains affiliate links.



A Beginner’s Guide To Makeup | Types Of Beauty Products

Hi loves! Grab a snack or some bubbly because this is going to be a long one.

I am so excited to be writing this post because, if you asked me a few years ago, it’s something I never thought I would have the experience and knowledge to write. I wasn’t always a makeup enthusiast, in fact I started wearing makeup when I was about 19 or 20..and that wasn’t even a full face – just basic foundation, a little eyeliner, and some gloss. Ever since then, I began to do more and more research and spent countless hours watching beauty gurus on youtube and reading dozens of beauty blogs. A little over 5 years later, here I am ready to give beauty beginners some information I wish I had when I first started.

As I dove deeper into the beauty realm, many of my friends and family members would ask me questions about makeup – what foundation to use, what’s a highlighter, what’s the difference between matte and sheer, what do these products even do, etc. The fact that I was able to answer all their questions confidently made me realize it wouldn’t hurt to give my thoughts here on my blog.

This will be the first of a three-part series! As I mentioned above, this post will contain information on makeup products and what they are/do. The next series will do with the best places to shop for makeup, and the last part will do with specific product recommendations!


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MemeBox Fall/Winter 2015 Makeup Trend Box Unboxing

 Hello hello hello!

I hope all of you are doing wonderful! The K Beauty fanatic in me is thrilled for this unboxing because I have been wanting to try MemeBox for so long and I finally ordered a box last week!

For those of you unfamiliar with Memebox, it is basically a website that sells the latest products in Korean Beauty and they also sell curated boxes! Shipping is free on orders 30+ and they currently only ship to the US, China, and Korea I believe.

The box I ordered is the Fall/Winter 2015 Makeup Trend Box and costs $33 + free shipping. This box includes 6 full size and 1 deluxe sample size products! Here’s a description from their website:

New season means new makeup looks. Rock the chillest makeup trends from F/W 2015 runways- metallic eyeshadows, smoky eyes, winged eyeliners, red lips, berry lips, and more! This box is packed with products that will keep your makeup on point during the colder months.

The products are packaged in a pink box full of pink tissue paper which totally screams my name. The first thing I saw was the information card, which has a lot of detail – thank you MemeBox!

I honestly had no idea what was going into be included in this box, I saw Fall/Winter Trends and immediately bought it. I mean, how can it possibly be bad box?! Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons for beauty so I know I was bound to be satisfied!
3 eyeshadows, 2 lippies, 1 eyeliner, and makeup remover?! Yes please! 
Let’s get onto looking at the products individually! (All descriptions are straight from MemeBox’s website)
Nooni Snowflake Cleanser Deluxe Sample
Clear skin is one thing that will never go out of trend. What’s more important than putting on makeup? Taking it off well. A good, thorough cleanse can really improve the texture of your skin, allowing your makeup to go on effortlessly the following day. Try XO Memebox’s newest skincare product, Nooni Snowflake Cleanser. This magical sherbet melts into an oil type cleanser as you massage to dissolve all oil-based impurities and stubborn makeup, even waterproof. Formulated with precious water from Jeju Island to replenish your skin cells with Oxygen to restore elasticity and vitality.
How to use: 1) Scoop out a pearl-sized amount. 2) Gently massage against the skin. Make sure your hands and face are dry. 3) Massage once more with wet hands to emulsify the oil. 4) Rinse off with lukewarm water.
Basics Liquid Eyeliner #02 Brown Pumps ($10 value)
Barely there’ baby wings all the way to super thick dramatic wings, cat eyes ruled the runways as usual. Winged eyeliners add an instant glamour and attitude to one’s look. The cat eye look is such a staple in big cities like Paris, Tokyo, New York, and Seoul. Koreans love using brown eyeliners to enhance the shape of their eyes while keeping it natural. Korea’s Next Top Model winner Jungsun designed this soft pigment, precise felt-tip brown eyeliner inspired by a sexy pair of pumps, one of her wardrobe essentials.
Get the look: Fill in your lash line. At the outer end of your eyes, draw a flick toward the end of your eyebrow. Make it longer or thicker depending on your preference!
I’ve heard amazing things about the Snowflake Cleanser recently and am super excited to try it out! I just ran out of my Banila Balm Cleanser and really liked that one so I’m interested to see how this one compares. 
Eyeliner is one of my favorite beauty products apart from lippies! This brown shade isn’t super light nor is it intense. I have swatches of it at the end of this post but I can say the pigmentation is just right for my needs. I find the tip really easy to create wings!
I’m Eyeshadow #PG305 Gloria Gold ($12 value)
Tis’ the season for all things that glitter. Achieve mesmerizing eye makeup with I’m Eyeshadow #PG305 Gloria Gold, a gorgeous multi-faceted gold shade. I’m Eyeshadows are formulated with Sebum Control Powder that allows them to apply buttery smooth, saturating the eyes with rich pigmentation that lasts all day.
Get the look: Pack on the gold eyeshadow on your makeup brush. Spritz some water or setting spray to allow more intense color payoff.
I’m Eyeshadow #PB307 Nikita Gray ($12 value), #PS303 Deep Blue Sea ($12 value)
Smoky eyes are always in, especially for fall and winter. We picked some of our favorite cool-toned shades that can really make your eyes pop.
Get the look: Try using a subtle grey for a natural daytime smoky eye makeup. Or pack on some of the midnight blue shade for mystical aura.
I LOVE the packaging for these eyeshadows, they feel really luxurious compared to other eyeshadow singles I’ve purchased in the past. These three shades are perfect to create looks with in the upcoming months! I think my favorite has to be the Deep Blue Sea in the middle – but the Gloria Gold and Nikita Gray are gorgeous as well!
I’m Lip Liquid #RD600($16 value)
Red lips are oh so chic. A pop of bright color on the lips instantly dresses up an outfit and brightens up the complexion. Try our best-selling lip liquid shade #RD600, a deep red with blue undertone.
Get the look: For gradient lips, dot the color onto the center of the lips then lightly blend the color outwards with your fingertip for an ombre effect. For bold red lips, line your lips and fill in until desired vividness is achieved.
I’m Lipstick #MT009 Jack Rose ($16 value)
Berry lips are in this season. It comes in a huge variety of shades, from bright strawberry shade to the deepest blackberry. Try our best-selling lipstick shade Jack Rose, a rich purple.
Get the look: You’ll only need one coat as it’s super pigmented. To get matte finish, gently place a tissue over your lips and apply powder with a fluffy powder brush.
I am SO happy MemeBox included a berry shade as well as a red! These two are my favorites to wear in the Fall and Winter! They are both super pigmented and going to be used soon. The packaging for both = A+!
Here are swatches of the eyeliner, lippies, and eyeshadows! I was expecting the gold eyeshadow to be a bit more pigmented but I’ll be able to build it up for a more intense look. The Deep Blue Sea and Jack Rose are definitely my favorites but there isn’t anything I dislike in this box!
Overall Thoughts
My expectations for this box were simply to have products I could use for the next few months. I didn’t (but should have) read the list of products included in this specific box before purchasing it but nevertheless, I was really really happy with everything included (which rarely happens with curated boxes). I am also impressed with the quality of the beauty products! I’m definitely going to have to control myself when it comes to MemeBox – there are already a few products and other boxes I want!
Are you a MemeBox fanatic? If not, are you thinking of buying any boxes or products from them? If you are thinking of buying anything off their website, you can get 15% off your 1st Korean cosmetics purchase! Use code ‘WELCOME’. 
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First Impressions – High End and Drugstore Beauty

This weekend I tested out quite a few beauty products that I’ve been dying to try. Some of these are cult favorites, others have mixed impressions by the beauty community, and some are products that really haven’t been talked about much.

*Products marked with an * are PR. This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission if you purchase a product using one of the links in this post (at NO cost to you!) Thank you for supporting Glamour and Giggles!