Glamour and Giggle’s Mission

Priyanka is a beauty and lifestyle editor and social media maven that promotes individuality through sharing her experiences as a first generation Indian American following a nontraditional path of life and providing authentic, enriching beauty reviews. Through Glamour and Giggles, Priyanka also empowers her audience to live their best life by creating content related to self care.

About Priyanka

Born and raised in California, Priyanka’s passion for all things beauty began in her early 20s when she began to expand her beauty kit. Since then, Priyanka has been conducting heaps of research on makeup and skincare, increasing her knowledge for herself, her family, and her audience so they are able to make informed choices when purchasing beauty products. As Priyanka went deeper into the makeup realm, she noticed a lack of inclusion when it came to POC. Being an Indian American herself, she made it her mission to provide swatches and reviews of products on her medium skin with yellow/golden undertones so beauty enthusiasts with similar complexions have a better picture in mind when choosing products for themselves.

While fulfilling her beauty craze through blogging, Priyanka’s enthusiasm for sharing her food creations and importance for self care also grew, which expanded Glamour and Giggles into both a beauty and lifestyle blog. She didn’t stop there, however! Priyanka’s ultimate goal in life is to help others and although she does that with her day job and being a beauty and lifestyle blogger, Priyanka aims to help aspiring and current bloggers and influencers through coaching.

After obtaining her Bachelors of Arts in History from UC Riverside, Priyanka moved to Kentucky in 2014 to pursue a Masters in Health Administration and currently works in the healthcare industry alongside bringing her dream of Glamour and Giggles to life.

Priyanka’s Beauty Profile:

  • Combination skin with sensitivity and some redness
  • Medium skin with golden undertones
  • Looks to minimize pores and acne scars

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