One of the many beautiful things about Indian culture is the stunning clothing. ESPECIALLY for weddings. Indian outfits are so fun to wear but can break the bank. Sarees, Lehengas, Anarkalis, etc. don’t come cheap and honestly, they are not always my first priority when it comes to shopping since I don’t attend a huge amount of functions. For people who go to Indian events often, it makes sense to build a whole wardrobe but for someone like me who might attend 3-4 a year, I don’t find it practical to buy new outfits ever so often. That’s why I was so excited to hear about Almari Pret.

Almari Pret - Dosh - Pink and Gold Lehenga

*These outfits were sent to me for review purposes but all thoughts are my own.

Almari Pret

Almari Pret is a rental service specifically for Indian outfits. The more I learned about them, the more I became obsessed.

  • Affordable prices
  • Woman owned business
  • Beautiful designs
  • Tailored to your size
  • Matching jewelry sent with each outfit

The list goes on!

I feel so lucky to have tried their service and talk to one of the owners, Ti, about Almari Pret. Below you’ll be able to read a little Q&A with her!

My Experience With Almari Pret

I tried two outfits from Almari Pret which I was able to take along to my cousin’s wedding. I tried Dosh and Sonal. Both are lehengas and incredibly beautiful! 

I’ll share a quick rundown on how Almari Pret works but I recommend reading their “How It Works” page on their website here!

To rent, choose an outfit to wear for 5 or 10 days and the Almari Pret team will ship it altered to your size! What I really love about Almari Pret is that you’re able to choose a back-up blouse if the size you want is available.

Almari Pret - Rent Indian Outfits

Also, they send a kit with supplies (safety pins and seam ripper,) and matching jewelry to borrow as well!

Almari Pret Dosh - Pink and Gold Lehenga


Dosh is described as a pink Lehenga with intricate gold thread work and contrast colored dupatta. I love this because it gave me a more classic feel compared to the sultry, glam, second outfit I chose, which allowed me to get the best of both worlds! I was obsessed with the dupatta and gold thread work in the entire outfit.

Almari Pret Dosh - Pink and Gold Lehenga


Sonal is described as a gray based lehenga with Swarovski crystal on skirt and blouse and allowed me to pull a more sultry, glam look! I wore this at the reception and got so many compliments. The Swarovski crystals stole the show!

Almari Pret Sonal - Gray Lehenga with Swarovski  Crystals

I was so happy with both of the outfits, both were altered to perfection and fit like a glove. Almari Pret reduces the stress finding outfits to wear at Indian functions. They made my life so much easier with both outfits perfectly tailored to my size and sending matching jewelry to wear with both.

Almari Pret Sonal - Gray Lehenga with Swarovski  Crystals

Get To Know Almari Pret

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what made you want to start Almari Pret!

My name is Ti, I started Almari Pret with my sister almost 3 years ago. I’m an Indian/American – born in India but grew up here, I love Indian clothes and wearing them every chance I get because I think it brings out a side of women that no other clothes does.  There’s something sexy and confident about being in Indian clothes that I don’t feel in anything else I wear. Yes, I started this brand about 2-3 years ago but this is my 2nd full-time job. My first full-time job I’m a regional account manager for a biotech company where I sell equipment for cancer research.  People always ask me why don’t I do Almari full time and my answer usually is why pick one thing when you love both. I absolutely love what I do so Even without anytime I’m making both things work. My partner is Almari is my sister – who also owns a full service salon and has had it for about 12 years now, she not only does this but also takes in clients over the weekend and had two kids.  To me she’s a super mom because I don’t understand how she find time for all this

We always thought about the idea since we were young because growing up you’re always borrowing clothes from friends and family. Then one year my brother was getting married and his wife and family (not Indian) were so excited to be a part of the festivities and wanted to wear the clothes/jewelry but, for them it didn’t make sense to spend so all that money on an outfit they’ll only wear once. And I realized, it’s not just a problem for non-Indians it’s how we all feel. We spend all this money on an outfit that you end up wearing once, then it sits in your closet forever and next thing you know it’s out of style and old. So we wanted to provide a solution and give everyone the option of wearing something new every time without breaking your bank account.

Is there a special meaning behind your brand name?

Almari which is a Hindi word means closet and Pret which is a French word means fashion. We wanted to use a name that was inclusive to all and found this to be very fitting. Our tag line is “Every Woman’s Closet”

How often do you offer new outfits?

We update our Almari with new outfits every couple months.  

What are the top 3 borrowed outfits? 

Lana, Karvi, Indu

What’s the biggest challenge you faced starting AlmariPret?

There were a lot of challenges, but I guess the biggest was actually getting started and trying to figure out what works and doesn’t work. Then educating people about the brand because there’s a stigma behind renting and immediately everyone thinks quality of the product won’t be good; that is not the case with any of our outfits. Also we live in an era where we practically share everything, our cars, homes…so why not clothes? 

If you had to name three amazing things that came out of creating your own brand, what would those be?

– Nothing is impossible, everything takes time and hard work but if you keep at it you’ll eventually get where you want to be.

– I also found a new appreciation for small business because I know the hard work and time that goes into it especially when competing against well known chains

Last but not least, what is something you would like first time borrowers to know about Almari Pret?

I want them to know that we really tried to make sure we thought of everything, for example we send two blouses, matching jewelry, safety pins and we even alter the length of the lehenga if requested. So if for any reason they’re not happy with our service for the first time, give us a chance to make it right because we take feedback we get very seriously and work on improving constantly.

I am positive I’ll be renting from Almari Pret often, I find their service so convenient, easy to use and perfect for gals like me who prefer to rent outfits!

Almari Pret Sonal - Gray Lehenga with Swarovski  Crystals

Have you rented from Almari Pret before? What are your thoughts on the two outfits I wore, Dosh and Sonal? You can check out Almari Pret here!

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