My first ever anti-haul! The beauty industry is constantly growing and new products are being released left and right, it’s nearly impossible to catch up! That being said, I feel there are quite a few products that are hyped up so much when the products themselves don’t seem appealing, innovative, etc. Moreover, I know it’s “just makeup” but there are a few brands I refuse to support for various reasons..when you see the names, you’ll more than likely know why. If you don’t, you’re welcome to google it and see why – I’m just one of many who have the similar feelings!

Anti-Haul: Makeup I refuse to Purchase

Just to be clear, if I mention a single product that doesn’t mean I dislike the brand whatsoever. Every brand has hits and misses, I’m just sharing the products I feel aren’t worth purchasing for MY own needs.

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Reminder: I adore these brands, it’s just these specific products I won’t be spending my money on.

Too Faced Holiday Collection 

This is just one of the many sets they created for the holidays and I’ve found their holiday sets to continuously have poor quality, plus I find the shades all too similar to previous palettes they’ve released.

Marc Jacobs The Wild One Eye Conic Eyeshadow Palette

$99 for one palette? Girl, BYE. I’ve tried Marc Jacobs shadows in the past and yes they’re nice but not nice enough to pay nearly a hundred bucks for.

Becca Apres Ski Glow Collection

I don’t find the packaging appealing and I have most of their shimmering skin perfectors already and they work beautifully on the eyes in that formula. I can’t justify spending $45 for 7 shades when I already own half of them. Maybe I have to see it in person?

KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics

Let me just say, I don’t hate the Kardashians/Jenners nor do I love them. I think it’s incredible Kylie has her own cosmetics line at such a young age and Kim has created her own line as well.

I’ve only ever tried Kylie’s Koko Collection which honestly, did not WOW me at all. They seemed like average liquid lipsticks in pretty packaging. I have no desire in trying any other products by Kylie Cosmetics, I’ve seen videos after videos on her products and unfortunately, I am not impressed..maybe I will be in the future, who knows!

KKW Beauty on the other hand..

I did think about giving Kim’s like a shot but those prices are a huge no. The only items that appeal to me are the cream contour sticks and powder highlighters. I’d definitely give those a shot if they were sold as singles and decently priced.

Benefit Cosmetics x Beauty Influencer Picks Collabs

I guess these are great for those who highly adore these influencers and products but to me..they aren’t my absolute favorite youtubers (doesn’t mean I hate them, don’t get me wrong!!) to just go and buy products  just because their face is on the outer packaging. I don’t mean to sound rude or harsh but like..thanks but no thanks.

Lorac Mega PRO 4

I barely touched my Mega PRO 3 so it would be silly for me to get this, especially since I can tell I wouldn’t touch a third of the shades.

Milk Makeup Holographic Powder Quad

The shades don’t WOW me and one look at the price had me running the other way. $49 for a quad? No thank you. Plus, I have hundreds of other highlighters so I don’t need to be adding more right? I also don’t see myself reaching for holographic finishes.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone with this post! It’s nothing personal, these are just products I personally will not be spending my money on. What’s on your anti-haul list? Let me know!

Anti-Haul: Makeup I refuse to Purchase