Hello everyone! Has it been a long week for anyone else or just for me? I’m super excited that their are only two weeks left for the semester and my first year of grad school will be complete!

Anywho let’s get to my April Birchbox!

How beautiful is this month’s design? Rifle Paper Co. designed this exclusively for Birchbox!

For those who don’t know, Birchbox is a monthly beauty sampling subscription service that costs $10/month!

Birchbox is one of my favorite subscription services because I find myself actually using and loving everything (or almost everything) I receive! I’ve discovered many new brands from this sub!

Another reason I love Birchbox is their INCREDIBLE point system! For every item in your box you review, you receive 10 Birchbox points, which is equal to $1 in theBirchbox store. Something new they started this year is if you share your Birchbox on FB or Twitter you will get an additional 10 points! These points add up super fast since you can get $6 or more worth of store credit each month!

Each box comes with a card detailing the products included:
As always, I peeked at my box so I knew what I was getting ahead of time!
Whish Shave Cream in Blueberry – 0.75 oz $3.00

TempleSpa Peace Be Still Calming Face and Body Balm – 0.84 oz $3.62

Supergoop Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream – 2 ml $6.09
I received the shaving cream in a previous box and I still haven’t used it up so I’ll probably send this to a friend. The full size costs $20.00 and I feel like I get the same results as any shaving cream that costs a lot less. The body balm smells super great, the scent is soothing and it’s moisturizing, I really like how it absorbs quickly into my skin! I plan to save up some Birchbox points for the full size, which is $29.00. As for the eye cream, I’ve heard loads of great things about it so I do have high expectations! It’s supposed to reduce dark circles, depuffs, and minimizes fine lines. 
The downside to all three of these samples is that half of each bottle is full of air so I got a lot less product than I expected.
Beauty Protector Protect and Oil – ??

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Brightening Illuminator – 0.04 oz $10.18
This oil protects against heat, breakage, and UV rays and I do have high expectations for it since I love the protect and detangle and their hair mask! Almost everyone who tries Beauty Protector products rave about how great they smell and I agree, I LOVE the scent of all their products! The protect and oil sample doesn’t say how many ounces it is and I’m terrible at estimating but the full size is about $26 and 4 ounces. I’m having a hard time believing this tiny sample of the illuminator is $10 since the product is tiny and it feels like most of the tube is filled with air. Maybe I calculated the cost wrong, who knows! Anywho, this highlighter is supposed to leave a subtle glow and I’m probably going to add this to my giveaway or swap pile since I don’t use highlighters often.
This month’s Birchbox wasn’t the best but it wasn’t terrible either.My favorite products are the beauty balm, protect and oil, and eye cream! The overall value of this box is over $22 – that’s more than double the price! 
Do you subscribe to Birchbox – if so, what were your favorite products from April?