So I caved in a few days ago and bought the Lip Gloss Roulette! I knew I had to own this set the minute they released photos! I’m a huge sucker of lippies, especially mini lippies!

This set comes with 11 Lip Polishes and 4 Lip Creams! This set costs $59 and has a $135 value! I mean, how can I not have it?!

I wasn’t sure if I would use every single lip gloss in this set but my doubts cleared away once I took swatches! (the last one is “Sophia” – the “a” sort of cut off)

I’ve always loved Buxom Lip Glosses because their glosses give this amazing cool, refreshing sensation and the colors are beyond gorgeous! This set is a total 10/10 for me!

You can purchase the Buxom Lip Gloss Roulette here!