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Do you ever find yourself unable to figure out what type of content to create next? Or do you have dozens of blog post ideas going on in your head at once and can’t narrow it down to one specific topic? I’ve often been in that position and what sometimes helps me is listing down different topics or finding ideas on the web. Today, I’m here to share 50 fun, interesting topics that will surely captivate your audience and even increase it!


Most, if not all of these blog post ideas are beauty and lifestyle related but I am positive bloggers from other niches can gain some inspiration through these ideas by using them as a guide and tweaking them to fit your style!

  1. Get to know the blogger – I LOVE reading these and have actually done a couple on my blog! It’s great for readers to get to know a little more about the blogger – feel free to use the questions I used in this “Get To Know The Blogger Tag”.
  2. DIYS
  3. What’s In My Makeup Bag
  4. Your Skincare Routine
  5. 10 Essential Beauty Products
  6. Life Changing Experience(s)
  7. Makeup Worth the Splurge
  8. Skincare Saviors
  9. Drugstore Beauty Must Haves
  10. Sale Roundups
  11. Anti Hauls
  12. Skincare Dictionary – do you have a vast amount of knowledge about skincare? If so, share your some of it with your audience with technical terms, ingredients to look for in products, etc.
  13. Best Apps For A Blogger
  14. How to Stay Organized as a Blogger, Student, Influencer, etc.
  15. Talk About New Launches/Brands
  16. Indie Brands Worth Checking Out
  17. Favorite Subscription Services
  18. 20 Things You Learned in Your 20s (30 in 30s, 40 in 40s, etc)
  19. 7 Local Bakeries, Boutiques, Restaurants
  20. Trends You Love/Dislike
  21. Q&A – ask your readers to send in questions via IG/Twitter/FB/Email
  22. 3 Ways to Grow Your Blog Audience
  23. 5 Ways to Make Extra Money
  24. Top 5 Favorite ____ – this can totally start a series of your favorites of pretty much anything and everything! Concealers, blushes, beauty tools, foundations, eyeliners, mascaras, palettes, etc. If you’re a cruelty free or vegan blogger, your audience would definitely be interested in your top 5 favorite brands and products! Not a beauty blogger? No problem! Talk about your favorite shows, movies, fashion brands, bloggers, youtubers, coffee shops, restaurants, and more!
  25. Must Haves For New College Students 
  26. Tips to Create Stunning Blog Graphics
  27. Masterlist of Cruelty Free Brands
  28. Tips for Travelling
  29. 10 Blog Resources That Helped You
  30. How to Monetize Your Blog
  31. Everyday Makeup Routine
  32. How To Start A Blog
  33. Create A Blog Series
  34. Fitness Journey
  35. Healthy Snacking
  36. Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Ross Finds
  37. Favorite Bloggers/Youtubers
  38. Hauls – show your readers your latest hauls whether it’s beauty, fashion, home, or gardening related!
  39. 10 Money Saving Hacks
  40. 5 Ways to Reduce Stress/Anxiety
  41. Dupes – who doesn’t like finding similar shades to products we can’t afford or would not purchase for a variety of reasons – being cruelty free, blacklisting certain brands, etc.
  42. DIYS
  43. Monthly Favorites
  44. First Impressions
  45. Full Reviews
  46. Tips For Social Media Growth
  47. Birthday and Holiday Wishlists
  48. Favorite positive/empowering quotes
  49. Best Planners for Different Needs
  50. Travel Essentials

There ya have it! Hopefully these get your creative juices flowing if you’re unsure of what type of content to create next. Do let me know if you use any of these ideas, I’d love to read your posts!


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  1. I also love reading blog posts but some bloggers need to keep posting.We can only comment on the same posts for so long.

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