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50 Blog Post Ideas That Will Captivate Your Audience | Beauty And Lifestyle Edition

Do you ever find yourself unable to figure out what type of content to create next? Or do you have dozens of blog post ideas going on in your head at once and can’t narrow it down to one specific topic? I’ve often been in that position and what sometimes helps me is listing down different topics or finding ideas on the web. Today, I’m here to share 50 fun, interesting topics that will surely captivate your audience and even increase it!

50 Blog post ideas


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Instagram | How To Grow and Build A Loyal Audience

Instagram used to be my favorite social media platform but the algorithm and other recent updates lately have made using it incredibly frustrating. Earlier in the year, I thought I was the only one feeling like engagement had gone down but a few friends had mentioned they saw a stunt in engagement as well. Fast forward to end of Spring, engagement became worse and growth almost nonexistent. At first I thought, what in the world did I do? I was posting consistently and I thought the quality of my photos were pretty darn good for someone who had 0 experience with photography.

Fortunately (and unfortunately) lack in growth and engagement was an issue for nearly 90% of the people I followed as well as others I’ve seen in different niches. It sucks but rather than moping around (okay I still do this LOL) I began to do TONS of research. After months and months of reading articles and talking to dozens of Instagrammers, I think I can offer a few tips on how grow and build a loyal audience.


Similar to what I did in my post about Do’s and Don’ts of Brand Pitches, I asked several fellow influencers to give me their opinion on this topic.



Pitch to Brands | The Do’s and Don’ts

One of the perks of being a blogger, influencer, youtuber, etc. is having the opportunity to work with brands we’ve always adored! If you’re lucky, they’ll contact you directly but often times creators like ourselves will take the first step and pitch to brands in hopes of starting a wonderful relationship.

This post has been one of the most highly requested topics and the main reason I held off on posting is that I didn’t think I could give you the best advice and tips..until now that is! Instead of telling you exactly how to pitch to brands, I’ve collaborated with several beauty influencers and bloggers to give you the biggest things you should and should not do when it comes to contacting brands.

Do's and Don'ts | Pitch to Brands



Four Wonderful Platforms That Connect Influencers To Brands

I love being a social media influencer. I’ve been giving my opinions and reviewing products and brands, mostly beauty related, for almost 4 years now! I feel like I can now start to offer advice, tips, trick – whatever you may call it to others who’d like to be an influencer and/or grow as one.

One perk of being an influencer is receiving complimentary products from various brands and companies. There are different ways to receive products to review but the one I’ll be talking about in this post includes third party companies that connect influencers to brands and vice versa. There are tons of platforms that offer services like this and I have tested out quite a few of them. Below I’ll be listing the four I’ve had the most success with. While my niche is beauty, all four of these offer products for fashion, fitness, health, and lifestyle influencers as well.

Before I get into these platforms, I just want to make it clear that I’m not here to tell you to become a half ass influencer to get free things. That is NOT the point of me sharing my experiences with you.


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Why Facebook Groups Are Important For Content Creators

In this digital age, it is crucial for all of us creators to network and learn. Plus, consistent growth is important as well, especially if you’re blog or youtube channel is one of your main sources of income. Facebook Groups allow us, in all niches, to do all three!


Below I’ll go into more detail about how FB groups will aid in growth, networking, and learning. If you’re a fellow beauty influencer (with a blog, youtube, or beauty related iG – I’m not just talking makeup), I’d love to have you in Beauty Influencer Community!

Beauty Influencer Community is a Facebook Group created by yours truly! The purpose of this group is to allow creators to grow in the platform(s) they choose to showcase, share any content they’ve created, and learn from each other’s experiences!

Here’s a direct link to join!



Six Steps To Create A Kicka$$ Blog

I read numerous posts with a similar title prior to starting Glamour and Giggles and after several years of blogging, I think I can share my experiences and what worked best in my scenario that will help you start your own blog.

First thing first, creating a blog is a process, and quite a lengthy one if you’re incredibly detailed oriented and picky like me so don’t expect to have one created and ready to go within a day or two. Below I’ll list 6 steps to start a blog and my experience going through each step.

Note: These steps aren’t specific to creating a beauty blog. My goal is to help every person out there who wants to start a blog, no matter what your niche is!

Six Steps to Create a Kicka$$ Blog