26 Empowering and Positive Quotes + Birthday Giveaway

26 Empowering and Positive Quotes

Holy guacamole, I cannot believe I turn 26 today! Today I’ll be sharing 26 of my favorite empowering and positive quotes. There are tons of quotes I absolutely love and try to live by but these are the first ones that come to mind.

26 Empowering and Positive Quotes

If you’re not into these types of posts and are here for the solely for the giveaway, feel free to scroll all the way down!


50 Blog Post Ideas That Will Captivate Your Audience | Beauty And Lifestyle Edition

Do you ever find yourself unable to figure out what type of content to create next? Or do you have dozens of blog post ideas going on in your head at once and can’t narrow it down to one specific topic? I’ve often been in that position and what sometimes helps me is listing down different topics or finding ideas on the web. Today, I’m here to share 50 fun, interesting topics that will surely captivate your audience and even increase it!

50 Blog post ideas


Earn Extra Cash and Gift Cards | Two Simple and Easy Ways

Happy Friday friends! What better way to kick off the weekend than learning about two easy peasy ways to earn extra cash and gift cards?! If you’ve been following me for quite some time, you won’t be surprised with the two websites I’m about to share. These are methods I’ve used for YEARS and they have been so great for my wallet!

Some of you may have seen posts like this before and wondered if they’re actually work or not and I am so positive they will work for you if you give them a chance. It’s important to remember what you gain depends on the amount of time you put in. For example, using these method once a month isn’t going to help much BUT you don’t need to be putting in hours and hours worth of time daily either.

*This post contains affiliate links, meaning I may make a small commission if you choose to sign up for either website using my referral link.


Swagbucks | Earn Free Sephora Gift Cards and PayPal Cash

Happy Monday beauties! I thought I’d do a quick rundown on how to earn FREE Sephora gift cards since their annual Beauty Insider sale is just around the corner AND you can get 12% off your first $25 gift card each month!

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If you haven’t heard about the Beauty Insider sale – here’s a quick guide to the dates/codes:

  • Rouge Members get 15% off 4/18-4/24 with code ROUGESPRING
  • VIB Members get 15% off 4/19-4/24 with code VIBSPRING
  • Beauty Insiders get 10% off 4/20-4/23 with code BISPRING
The sale will be valid in stores and online – cards have been mailed out – don’t worry if you haven’t received yours yet, it will be coming in the next few days!

Okay – so back to free gift cards!

I wrote about Swagbucks way back in 2014 when I first launched Glamour and Giggles but a few things have changed since so I thought I’d do a refresher.

I’ve been using Swagbucks for over 7 years now and have redeemed countless gift cards and paypal cash! Not only do they have Paypal Cash and Sephora gift cards, they have HUNDREDS of other prizes to choose from!

If you have enough Swagbucks – I would suggest snagging a $25 gift card of your choice because you will get a 12% discount on your first $25 gift card each month, making it 2200 Swagbucks rather than 2500!

If you have a couple hours to spare each day, it’s completely doable earn enough Swagbucks to redeem multiple Sephora cards before the sale! Below are the 3 easiest ways I earn Swagbucks:

  • Complete the daily tasks – these are listed on the left hand side of the screen. These are easy peasy and only will only take you a few minutes. Plus they’ll help you reach your daily goal so you can earn a bonus amount of Swagbucks at the end of each month!
  • Utilize Swagbucks as your search engine! You don’t have to make it your default (I don’t, I’m so used to Google!) but your chance of earning Swagbucks will increase if you do. Nevertheless, you can earn Swagbucks by searching things you’ll already be looking up with your other search engines. Note: Swagbucks is powered by Yahoo!
  • Watch videos – easy peasy once again! I tend to do this when I’m watching TV – the videos are short and you only need to stay on one video for about 30 seconds before moving onto the next! 
One thing I didn’t mention on my top 3 easiest ways to earn is surveys. I know this is a popular option for many Swagbucks users and definitely one of the biggest ways to earn Swagbucks but I hardly ever qualify for surveys. They do give you one Swagbuck for going through the qualification process but sometimes that process takes up a lot of time so I prefer to do the three I mentioned above.
There are Swagbucks referral links in this post but no worries if you don’t want to use them! Let me know if you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to help! 
Happy earning!

Chococurb Nano Review + Coupon Code

Chococurb is a monthly subscription service that introduces
extraordinary chocolate to its customers. Along with the monthly sub, Chococurb
also offers customers the chance to purchase all candy featured in boxes
through their online shop!
I was fortunate to try out their Chococurb, Chococurb Mini,
and now Chococurb Nano boxes. This review will talk about the Chococurb Nano,
an even smaller sampler box than the Mini. They recently released this new
subscription and it’s perfect for those who are looking to try out new pieces
of artisan candy at a lower price point. 

Chococurb Nano contains an assorted variety of four bite
sized extraordinary chocolates and costs $10/month on a month to month basis,
$9/month for a six month subscription, and $8/month for an annual sub. Shipping
is not included in these prices. Coupon code GIGGLES will save you 10%!
One thing I love and appreciate about Chococurb is that they
ship their chocolate in Styrofoam ice chests with ice packs inside! 
Let’s get to what was inside my box!

Each box comes with a card detailing what the sub is about.

Ethereal Confections
Chocolat Dolfin
Seattle Chocolates – Birthday Cake Batter
TCHO Mokaccino
Menakao Madagascan Vanilla
I found all these chocolates to be super fun! There was a variety of flavors included this month – vanilla, cake batter, and coffee! Chococurb Nano is a great way to explore different extraordinary sweets – I love that they came out with a smaller size than their previous two – the Mini and regular sub. For me personally, I am attracted to the Nano because it doesn’t have too much nor too little and it is highly affordable! Moreover, it’s super convenient to have all these artisan pieces to be shipped straight to your door without having to worry about them melting because of the way they pack it!
What are your thoughts on Chococurb Nano? If you’re interested in subscribing or checking out their website, you can do so here! Don’t forget to use coupon code GIGGLES to save 10% – this code is valid through September 4th, 2016!

November 2015 PINCHMe Samples Preview

Happy Saturday lovelies!

PINCHMe has released new samples this month, some we have seen in the past and a few that are first timers for the community!

If PINCHMe is unfamiliar to you, it’s basically a free platform that allows you to choose samples to be sent directly to your mailbox – all for free! Products range from anything related to beauty, food, household, kids, pets, etc. All you need to do is make a free account and fill out a quick profile that will allow PINCHMe to provide samples based on your answers! After you choose your samples, PINCHMe will mail them to you and all you have to do is fill out a super short questionnaire on all the products you sampled! The reviews won’t take more than 30 seconds for each product.

I’ve been using PINCHMe for over a year now and have gotten tons of awesome samples – sometimes even full sized! PINCHMe is where I first heard of Sinful Color polishes and I probably have collected nearly a dozen from them! 

These products are what members will be sampling in November! If you haven’t already, be sure to sign into your PINCHMe account and see if there are any products to claim!

Let’s take a look into what members will be sampling this month:

Skinny Pop Popcorn
Starbucks Sweetened Iced Coffee K Cup
Special K Chewy Nut Bar – Chocolate Almond
The Skinny Pop Popcorn is something I have received a couple times from PINCHMe but I have zero complaints! They make the perfect snack and I would not have heard about these as soon as I did without sampling it from the website!
K Cups are always a necessity for me since I am a huge caffeine addict, and Starbucks is my favorite! As for the Special K bar, I want to say we sampled this in the past unless it was a different flavor or different kind of bar. 
Nevertheless, I had both the granola bar and popcorn for snacks at work and in class last week and I’m always happy to see these types of food included in my PINCHMe box!

Dentek Comfort Clean Floss Pick
ACT Frosted Mint Mouthwash

Floss and mouthwash – both perfect to throw in my travel bag! The mouthwash is something PINCHMe has sampled a few times in the past – which is great because I haven’t had to buy mouthwash for trips for the longest time!

Gold Bond Healing Aloe Cream
Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash
Secret Clinical Strength Completely Solid Deodorant 
No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum
Sesame Street Body Wash, Shampoo, and Conditioner
Four out of five products are things members have sampled in the past. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since a lot of members do not get a chance to pick samples as they tend to go out of stock super fast. I always love getting sample sized everything because they’re perfect for traveling – I’ve said this a dozen times already, haven’t I? 
Playtex Sport Combo FlexFit
Nexcare Bandaid
Purell Sanitizing Wipes

What can I say? These are all products that will come in handy and they’re all going in my car for emergencies. I’ve never tried the Purell wipes before so I’m curious to see how they compare to other brand wipes I’ve used.

Sinful Shine Step 1 Shining Couture
Sinful Shine Step 2 Top Coat
Like I said above, PINCHMe is where I first heard about Sinful nail polishes and I’ve collected nearly a dozen since then! They’re definitely a super affordable line and I have bought quite a few shades in the past year. I do find that OPI and Essie polishes have the same chipping level as Sinful since I’m really careless in protecting my nails. 

November is definitely another great month for PINCHMe samples! I think the food and nail polish have got to be my favorites this month. What products did you snag? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, if you haven’t joined the PINCHMe community, you can do so here!

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PINCHMe Unboxing | August 2015

Happy Friday beauties!

If you’re into free samples then keep reading because this post is for you! PINCHMe is a platform that allows its members to try a variety of products for free! Products can range from anything related to beauty, household, kids, pets, etc.

I’ve been using PINCHMe for about a year now, if not longer, and received so many fun products from them such as nail polish, coffee, snacks, school supplies, and more! They tend to release new samples one to two times a month and I’ve been lucky enough to snag a few things most of the time. The PINCHMe community includes over one million members so there are times samples will run out before you can get them.

What you basically do is fill out a profile and answer some questions so PINCHMe can choose products that are fit for you. When samples release, you can log into your account and add available products to your cart and check out! The samples/products and shipping is completely free! You might wonder if there’s a catch – and there is a tiny one. You must review all of your products to continue being eligible to get more samples from PINCHMe. Don’t worry though, the review process is super quick – it never takes me more than a couple minutes to get all my reviews done!

Exciting right?! I love that PINCHMe gives us access to free products and coupons so you can imagine how happy I was when they asked me to be a part of their Blogger Network! What this means is that I was guaranteed a box full of fun samples and full sized products!

Let’s dig into everything included in this box!

Special K Sour Cream and Onion Cracker Chips

Pez Hedz Bearz Soft Candy Chews

Fisher Nut Exactly Snack Bites
Yes yes yes! I love when PINCHMe samples food, especially snacks that I am curious of! I’ve seen the Special K in stores and was really wondering how they tasted so I’m really happy they included this! I’m not a huge chewy candy person but I do like them time to time so the Pez Hedz is a win for me as well. I’ve never heard of the Nut Exactly before but I am totally hooked after trying this almond/popcorn/chocolately goodness! I’ll be getting my hands on a full bag soon!
Berocca Vitamin Supplements 

Kura New Zealand Protein Smoothie Powder in Vanilla
I’m really picky when it comes to vitamins so I think I’ll pass the Berocca to someone else but the protein powder sample is a win! I love trying new brands in hopes of finding one to stick with!
Playtex Sport Combo
Act Advanced Care Plaque Guard
I actually got the Playtex in a PINCHMe a month or two ago but I’m happy to have another set! I’ve never used Act’s mouthwash before but I’m happy to try it – it’s perfect for travelling.
No 7 Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum

Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Aquamarine

 Goddess Garden Sunny Body Natural Sunscreen

Yay for beauty products! These are all things I’m excited to try, I’ve heard great things about No 7 and I have never heard of Goddess Garden so that will be something interesting to check out. Also, I have to mention that I got my first couple of Sinful Polishes from PINCHMe – it’s the first place I heard about them!

Olay Fresh Outlast Body Wash 

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant 
I am not even kidding when I say I have like 5 of these Olay Body Wash samples! I for sure got a couple from PINCHMe boxes in the past and some from the Walmart or Target Beauty Boxes! No complaints though, they’re perfect to take travelling and I love the scent – I’ll probably stick this one in my shower since I don’t want anymore to lay around. I’ve heard great things about the Secret Deodorant but never used it until I got it in my box! I like the smell but unfortunately mine broke after the first use – the product just popped out of the tube and went splat on my floor. 
The last item in this box is a coupon for a free Gevalia Iced Coffee! Being the caffeine addict I am, I will definitely use this! 
This was definitely a generous box from PINCHMe and I still find it hard to believe they can source a vast variety of samples for so many people for FREE! PINCHMe  is totally worth signing up for if you’re looking to try before you buy. Although samples are limited, it’s definitely worth being a member because they’ll send you email reminders when samples will be released and if they restocked or anything! 
If you want to sign up for PINCHMe you can do so here! Their next batch of samples will release on August 11th, 2015 at 12 PM EST so be sure to become a member by then!
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