Chococurb is a monthly subscription service that introduces extraordinary chocolate to its customers! Along with a monthly sub, Chococurb also has their own online shop where you can purchase individual pieces of chocolate that are featured in their boxes.

Chococurb was kind enough to send me their newest box – the Chococurb Mini! The Chococurb Mini features three pieces of artisan chocolate for $20/month on a monthly basis, $19/month for a three month subscription, and $18/month for a six month sub!

Chococurb also has a larger box you can subscribe to – you can check out one of my reviews here!

Here’s what the Chococurb Mini box looks like!

Chococurb currently ships to North America, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and Oceana. Here’s a look inside the box and international shipping rates vary depending on the country:

Each box comes with an information card that has a note from the cofounders of Chococurb!
Let’s dig right into the box!

Crunchy almonds complemented by the sweet, licorice flavor of fennel seeds on dark chocolate of 73% raw + roasted cacao. Those cheeky fennel seeds have been carefully curated and liberally applied to guarantee multiple pleasures.  Bar size: 2.3 oz.
Crunchy roasted almonds dipped in molten-hot caramel stud this not too sweet milk chocolate. By only using real, fresh, and high quality ingredients, Alma’s chocolates are always incredibly delicious. The fact that each confection is handmade and unique makes this milk chocolate bar with roasted almonds and caramel even better. We truly hope you enjoy it! Bar size: 2 oz.

What do you get when you take white chocolate gianduja (a sweet chocolate spread) and surround it with toasted coconut and dark chocolate?  Dolcetta’s dreamy, dark chocolate bar.  We dare you to only eat one. Bar size: 1.2 oz.
Dolcetta and Antidote Chocolate definitely had really high quality packaging and felt luxurious. Although the Alma was packed in simple plastic, I think the quality of the product was amazing! The almonds dipped in caramel matched perfectly with the milk chocolate and I’m positive anyone would enjoy this! Dark chocolate is my favorite so the Dolcetta was what I enjoyed the most – and it was definitely my favorite packaging of the three!
If you’re looking for a perfect gift for someone or to treat yourself – I definitely recommend Chococurb Mini! Although you don’t get the exact amount of product value that you paid for, the quality of the chocolate is wonderful so I do think it’s worth it! 
Chococurb Mini would also make a great Valentines gift! What are your thoughts on this subscription? 
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