Happy Friday beauties!

Tonight I’ll be sharing a City Color Cosmetics haul from when they had all their eyeshadow palettes on sale for 50% off! I also have a coupon code at the end of this post if you’re interested!

I’ve never used City Color’s eyeshadows before and thought this was a great, affordable way to get my thoughts on them! I decided to go with these four because they had lots of neutrals as well as different finishes! I’m not going to lie, I chose the Figtastic and Harvest Moon for the burgundy shades in and the Spice Me Up just called my name with all the browns and golds! The Intense Shine was a last minute add on to get free shipping but it’s probably my favorite out of the four – read on to see why!

Some misc. information:
  • The prices listed below are the regular prices, not the sale prices I bought them for.
  • Descriptions are pulled straight from the website, my thoughts will be below them.
  • Swatches are without any primer.

Let’s get on with the first impressions!

Harvest Moon Palette features 16 full-size, newly reformulated City Color shadows in complimentary shades of peaches, corals and warm neutrals. Great for every-day wear, these highly pigmented shades glide on smoothly and blend with ease.
Wow…this angle looked a lot less awkward on my phone! Anyways, as you can see, there are a variety of shades and finishes in this palette! None were chalky and some had more pigmented than others but overall, I was happy with this palette! I mainly purchased it for the last 8 shades on the right.
Top Row
Browns and golds are life!
Bottom Row
The last four shades though! I prefer the second row to the first but overall this is a great palette for  my needs. If you’re someone who was interested in the first 4 rows, you might be slightly disappointed as some lack pigment compared to the other shades.
Figtastic Palette – $11.99
Be fantastic with Figtastic! This 14-pan palette features both satin and shimmer shades, inspired by the cool bohemian shades in the midst of springtime. Prepare for your next outdoor festival with the Figtastic palette to get you from morning ’til night!
I honestly bought this palette for the packaging. Burgundy being my favorite color and 50% off is all it took to add it to my cart! I feel like a lot of these shades are similar to the Harvest Moon Palette but thankfully none seem to be the exact same colors!
The photos don’t capture the real beauty of the shadows but like the Harvest Moon, some of the corals lack pigmentation compared to the other shades. I really love the berry shade and browns and pretty much everything in the second row!
Add some kick to your neutral eye with the Spice Me Up palette. Featuring 10 lightly-shimmered shades inspired by the rich hues of the spices to add just that “something extra” to our every day. Live life with a little spice!
I took this photo before doing any swatches and those inconsistent things in some of the pans are bothering me. I don’t think it was used but is it normal for palettes to come with marks like this? Anywho ~ I really like this palette because the size is perfect for traveling and the colors are SO pigmented! 90% of the eyeshadows I own are neutrals but I don’t have anything like this!
This photo does not do the swatches justice but trust me when I tell you this that this palette is beyond beautiful!
Intense Shine Eye Shadow Palette is sure to give your eyes the WOW factor. This incredibly versatile and fun palette comes with 12 metallic-foil shimmer shadows. The smooth, soft textures blend seamlessly, giving you endless possibilities in your creativity. Intense pigmentation adds bold color and shine to create exciting looks, or just to add a small pop of color!
I legit thought this palette would be my least favorite but it turned out to be the opposite! The colors are BEYOND gorgeous than what they look like in the pan! They all swatch and blend out beautifully! This palette is perfect for those pops of colors in your lower lash line!
Would you believe me if I said I barely took any product to do these swatches? I am so so excited to incorporate this into many looks and play around with them wet and dry!
Overall Thoughts
I honestly thought the Harvest Moon and Figtastic palettes were going to be my favorites but they ended up being quite underwhelming compared to the Spice Me Up and Intense Color palettes. None of the palettes are horrible for what I paid for but I think my expectations were higher for the first two compared to the last two. If I did have to recommend any of these four, I would definitely suggest purchasing the Intense Color and Spice Me Up Palette! As for the Figtastic and Harvest Moon, I do think you can get away with buying one of them and I personally would suggest getting the Figtastic one because I like the shades in it a tiny bit better!
What are your thoughts on these palettes? Have you tried any of these yet or plan to in the future? Let me know in the comments below!
And lastly, if you’re thinking of purchasing any of these palettes or anything off of City Color Cosmetics’ website, feel free to use coupon code “glamourandgiggles” to get 10% off your purchase!
Until next time beauties!
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