If you’re looking for a bundle of affordable, stunning, holiday friendly matte liquid lipsticks then you’ve come to the right place! ColourPop’s Blues Baby Collection includes 5 gorgeous Ultra Matte Lips and is currently on sale for $20 (regular price is $25)!

ColourPop’s Blues Baby includes 5 full size Ultra Matte Lips in the shades:
  • Mink – Deep greyed out mauve brown
  • Play Date – Rich blackened magenta
  • Notion – Rich red violet
  • Avenue – Deep yellow red
  • Smitten – Dark blackened violet red

The set costs $25 but like I said above, their Black Friday sale is still up (ends 12AM PST 11/26) and running so you can get this bundle for 20% off – no code needed!

Shipping is free on orders $30+ within the USA and $50+ internationally.
I knew I had to have this collection because every shade is suitable for my skin tone! Plus, I love the holiday packaging – the frosted tube and black cap is a nice change!
ColourPop is definitely one of the more affordable brands out there and I think they outperform many drugstore brands and even a few high end companies. Their Lippie Stix in the Matte X formula are my favorite products by them but their Ultra Matte Lips are definitely my second favorite! I really wish their Ultra Matte Lip formula was consistent though, some of them are great and some just plain suck. I’ll talk more about the formula of these 5 below!
I adore all 5 shades! I already own Avenue and Notion but the packaging really got me – yes I know I have issues.
In my defense, Avenue’s formula did not work for me when I bought my first one ages ago – and since it was one of the first Ultra Mattes ColourPop had released, I was curious to see if they changed it over time. Unfortunately, it seems like they did not – the formula of the new one is still super patchy and doesn’t dry down to that concrete feeling ultra matte finish I’d like it to.
Mink and Play Date were the ones that dried down the quickest, which was interesting since I had swatched those two the last. Their formulas seem similar to Notion’s which I do like! I’m one of those gals that like the super drying matte liquid lipsticks and Smitten seems to dry down like that as well. However, I noticed Smitten had one of those formulas that crumbled easily when on the lips – something similar to what I’ve experienced with Love Bug.
Despite my critiques on some of the formulas, I still think they’re MUCH better than nearly all the matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried that are in the same price range, even more pricer ones on the market. Plus, my experiences and preferences be different from yours. I know many people who have no issues with Avenue!
All in all, I absolutely LOVE Blues Baby and think it would be a great addition to your makeup collection + it would make a great stocking stuffer!

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