ColourPop Cosmetics is one of my favorite beauty brands when it comes to experimenting different lip shades, especially since they come out with new products/shades frequently. Not only does ColourPop have tons of beautiful shades, they are also crazy affordable!

Today’s review will focus on their Ultra Matte Lips, which are ColourPop’s version of liquid lipsticks with a matte finish. I own six shades at the moment and I’ll share my experiences with you on each of them below. 
These Ultra Matte Lips are sold on ColourPop’s website and cost $6 a piece. ColourPop currently ships to the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Guam, and APO’s.

Before we get started on the individual formulas I just want to mention my routine prior to applying matte liquid lippies. I always exfoliate my lips with a sugar scrub, moisturize them with a lip balm, and use a lip liner before application. These three steps make a huge difference in application and longevity for me.

Avenue is a perfect deep, brick red and although I love the shade, this formula is definitely the patchiest of the six I own. That doesn’t stop me from using it but it definitely takes more time to work with. The great thing is that it dries completely down to a matte finish and is transfer proof. I’d say Avenue is one of the shades that wears longer than some others.
More Better is a deep violet wine and it is such a beautiful, shade..heck, all of them are gorgeous! This is a little less drying than Avenue and the other four shades but I find that More Better is not transfer proof on me. 
Lychee is a bright warm violet and will be so fun to wear during the spring and summer! This isn’t patchy at all, dries completely matte, and is transfer proof.
Tulle is dusty mauve burgundy shade and my favorite formula out of the six! I have zero issues with Tulle, it applies perfectly, is super long wearing, and even though it’s super matte and drying – Tulle is comfortable’s just pure perfection okay. Everyone needs Tulle in their life.
Bumble is my favorite shade but has the worst formula out of the six. It’s patchy, feels tacky, and it flakes and peels off within an hour of application. Sometimes it feels like goop on my lips. Nevertheless, I’ll still fight it and try and work with the formula because the shade is so darn pretty! I’ll usually wear Bumble on days I’m out for a couple hours. 
Lumiere 2 is one of the newer formulas and I feel like you can tell ColourPop took in feedback from customers when they formulated their newer shades. It’s not as drying as Tulle yet it dries completely matte and feels very comfortable on the lips. 
Out of these six, my favorite formulas are definitely Tulle and Lumiere 2 and my least favorite have to be Bumble and Avenue. I definitely wear Bumble and Avenue often even though they’re tougher to work. 
If you’re not sure whether these formulas are up your alley, you can purchase their Ultra Matte To Go kits in either Foxy or Kitty! These kits feature 5 mini Ultra Matte Lips for $20! Foxy actually includes More Better and Tulle if you’re a fan of those shades!
What are your thoughts on ColourPop Ultra Matte Lips? Do you have any favorite shades or recommendations for me?
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