Photo from eDivv’s website

Happy Friday everyone! Today I wanted to share a community I really enjoy being a part of – eDivv

eDivv is a place where members can trade, aka “divvy”, unwanted beauty and fashion related items – these can be samples from subscription boxes that didn’t spark your interest or products you bought but weren’t fond of! I was able to divvy numerous items for products I’ve always wanted to try such as IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye Concealer, Klorane Makeup Remover, Too Faced La Creme, and numerous other things – I’ll leave photos below!
Members can join eDivv and create a shop for free, where they can add items they would like to divvy! You can then browse through various categories or shops and initiate a trade when you find something(s) you’d love to have, then either make an offer or tell the shop owner you’re interested and they will have the chance to go through your shop and make a counteroffer! Once a trade is confirmed, you will be asked to buy a shipping label through eDivv or purchase your own and submit a tracking number. 
Easy enough right?
FREE shipping labels can be earned after every 7th divvy and you can also get a free label with the code “Rme12l5S7iQ “!
I know a few readers wanted more info about eDivv so I was really happy and appreciative when cofounder of eDivv, Casey Casterline, took some time to answer a few questions, so let’s jump right into them!

What is eDivv? 

eDivv is a marketplace for women who have extra beauty products and fashion accessories, and who are passionate about the beauty industry to buy, sell, and swap their extra products.  The ability to buy/sell is a feature we are developing now and will be availlable in the next several weeks!

What inspired you to create a community like eDivv?

I started getting Birchbox in 2011 and loved it!  I had always loved makeup, but subscribing to beauty subscription boxes really gave me a chance to explore and experiment with new products and colors.  After awhile, I noticed that some experiments weren’t for me (green nail polish anyone?) and things kept piling up. I felt bad about throwing these things away and tried to find an alternative solution.  I went online and noticed that women were already trading on blogs and forums but there was no community to bring all of these smaller communities together, and is why I built eDivv.  

 I imagine there may be some bad apples in the community who do not fulfill their end of a Divvy or are dishonest when listing products, how do you deal with such members?

In every group of people, there are bound to be a few bad apples 🙂 We handle these situations in a number of ways: 
1. The rating system.  After every divvy, you have the ability to rate your divvy partner 1-4 stars and leave a written review.  We want these reviews to be honest so we also give you the ability to leave it anonymously.  
2. Blocking. If there is ever a situation were we find someone is being dishonest or don’t fulfill their end of the divvy, we permanently block them from eDivv.  We have a few security features in place to make sure they are unable to create a new accounts or trade on eDivv ever again. This is something we take VERY seriously. 
3. Tracking. We make it mandatory that each divvy partner enters tracking information on eDivv for their divvy partner.  They can either purchase the shipping label directly from eDivv and the tracking will be automatically sent, or they can purchase shipping elsewhere and manually import the tracking, which will then be sent to their divvy partner. 
4. “Report this Item.” Users on eDivv can help the eDivv team by clicking the “Report this Item” on any listing they see that has incorrect information or is inappropriate. The eDivv team will take a look at the listing and if it goes against our community guidelines, we will remove it. 

I have a few readers and friends who think eDivv is fantastic but are doubtful with the thought of Divvying with strangers, is there any advice you would give?

The way to think about divvying with people you may not know is not that they are strangers, but your new girlfriend you haven’t met yet!  The women on eDivv are all passionate about the beauty industry and you may have a lot in common!  The ladies I have divvy’d with are so sweet.  When divvying, they are always writing cute notes and including extras in my packages!  This happens quite often, and it’s what makes eDivv such a great community.  If you are still hesitant, look for ladies who have had a number of good ratings and go from there!

There have been some changes and additions to eDivv such as purchasing shipping labels directly through the website and being able to see what products are currently considered for trade, are there any future updates members will see soon?

We are constantly making improvements thanks to the community’s feedback and are so excited for the things to come.  Soon, users will also have the ability to not only trade their products, but also to sell or buy items as well.  When you are creating a new listing, you can choose if you would like to sell the item and select a price.  This feature will be launched in the next several weeks so please keep a look out! 
Well there you have it! I am super impressed with eDivv, here are a few of the divvy’s I received in the past couple months!
What do you think of eDivv? Let me know your thoughts in the comments as well as links to your shops if you’re a member!