In this digital age, it is crucial for all of us creators to network and learn. Plus, consistent growth is important as well, especially if you’re blog or youtube channel is one of your main sources of income. Facebook Groups allow us, in all niches, to do all three!


Below I’ll go into more detail about how FB groups will aid in growth, networking, and learning. If you’re a fellow beauty influencer (with a blog, youtube, or beauty related iG – I’m not just talking makeup), I’d love to have you in Beauty Influencer Community!

Beauty Influencer Community is a Facebook Group created by yours truly! The purpose of this group is to allow creators to grow in the platform(s) they choose to showcase, share any content they’ve created, and learn from each other’s experiences!

Here’s a direct link to join!

Beauty Influencer Community


Many Facebook groups out there have share threads where you can promote your latest content from various platforms! For example, my FB group – Beauty Influencer Society – has weekly threads for Blogs, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Pinterest. Each week, creators are allowed to share their latest content within the thread. Creators within each thread will then engage with one another, allowing each person’s content to reach more viewers. Growth can be slow, but it can become steady and larger with consistency!

Something I want to quickly mention here since it’s a current hot (and frustrating) topic is Instagram’s issues many users are experiencing dealing with the lack of growth and for some, major decline in views and engagement. One solution to get past this is joining Pods! This is basically an engagement group of people in a group DM, Telegram, or FB group all letting each other know when they post new content. Every member is required to like, and sometimes comment, on new posts when they’re alerted. You can easily find pods through searching on Facebook! BUT WAIT! Are you a beauty Instagrammer? If so, come join my Telegram Pod! DM me on Instagram @glamourandgiggles and I’ll send you a link to join.


Facebook groups allow content creators to get to know one another. Most, if not all groups I’m a part of encouraged users to introduce themselves and I usually have had a great experience finding people with similar interests that way! Additionally, engaging with each other in threads allow you to visit creator’s channels, blogs, social medias that you possibly would have not come across before! You could find someone with similar interests that way and possibly plan collaborations, giveaways, and more.


I feel this is one of the most valuable things gained from joining FB groups. A few that I’ve been in encourage users to share resources they’ve come up with or found useful from others pertaining to a wide range of topics such as photography, SEO, how to use Pinterest to grow, etc. Also, sometimes other creators would ask questions about topics that I’d be curious about. It’s so great because many people are so kind, helpful, and welcoming on sharing tips and advice!

There are tons of Facebook Groups out there for bloggers in all niches to join! If you’re a beauty blogger, I welcome you to join Beauty Influencer Community! The beauty is, you don’t need to have a blog to join as long as you have some sort of influencer channel dedicated to beauty related topics such as makeup, skincare, health, etc!

If you’re looking for other groups to join, I recommend googling your niche + facebook groups and I am positive you’ll find a bunch! Not all of them may fit your style or needs but I can guarantee you’ll learn something from each you experience.

Are there any Facebook Groups you’re a part of? Leave your picks and thoughts below!