I love being a social media influencer. I’ve been giving my opinions and reviewing products and brands, mostly beauty related, for almost 4 years now! I feel like I can now start to offer advice, tips, trick – whatever you may call it to others who’d like to be an influencer and/or grow as one.

One perk of being an influencer is receiving complimentary products from various brands and companies. There are different ways to receive products to review but the one I’ll be talking about in this post includes third party companies that connect influencers to brands and vice versa. There are tons of platforms that offer services like this and I have tested out quite a few of them. Below I’ll be listing the four I’ve had the most success with. While my niche is beauty, all four of these offer products for fashion, fitness, health, and lifestyle influencers as well.

Before I get into these platforms, I just want to make it clear that I’m not here to tell you to become a half ass influencer to get free things. That is NOT the point of me sharing my experiences with you.

I want serious and dedicated influencers to know there are resources out there to assist and help you grow such as companies that will allow you and brands meet each other half way. Almost all brands nowadays look to partner with influencers to spread awareness about their products. The following platforms work with large, well known companies as well as indie brands to help them connect with and build relations with influencers.

Alright, let’s get to it!


Octoly is the platform I currently use the most. They are heavily beauty focused with some fashion products and partner with a large number of brands from YSL, Lancome, ColourPop, Pur Cosmetics, Graftobian Makeup, and more! You can join Octoly with your Youtube or Instagram!

There are criteria to be met if you’d like to join Octoly:

  • Instagram – must have a minimum of 10,000 followers to join as well as be active and post regularly with a focus of beauty, fashion, and/or lifestyle content
  • Youtube – must have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers with a focus of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content. You must post regularly and have around 1,000 views per video.

Once you are accepted, you can go into the Octoly Store and apply for up to 5 products to review at a time. If the brand approves your request, they or Octoly will send you the product and you will be required to post a review on Instagram or Youtube account within 3 weeks. Once you submit your review, you receive that credit back to use to apply for another product in their store.

I think Octoly is my favorite way to connect with brands as they are likely to see your content and possibly open more doors for direct partnership.


Influenster is the platform I’ve used the longest and I have to say, they’ve come a long way when it comes to brand partnerships! This is also one of the most popular platforms since there aren’t any requirements to join. You basically sign up with your email address, link your social medias, and answer tons of questions so Influenster can get a feel for what brands you may be a great fit for. Influenster than will contact you via email if they think they have something for you test out!

What I like about Influenster is that they work with a variety of brands related to beauty, lifestyle, health, parenting, fashion, etc. The boxes they send out are called voxboxes and they are either one brand specific or can contain products from numerous brands!

I’ve seen lots of people complain about how they never or are rarely selected for voxboxes and I do agree that it can be difficult. I actually spent A LOT of time vamping up my profile and reviewing hundreds of products back when I first created my account, which is what I think helped me receive a ton of voxboxes from brands like Keurig (yes, they sent me the Keurig 2.0, I almost died), Bite Beauty, Marc Jacobs, Colgate, Maybelline, and more!

I promise it’s not impossible – if I can do it, so can you!


Brandbacker is similar to Octoly in the sense that you apply for campaigns and is heavily focused on beauty brands. Each campaign you apply for will have different social media or blog/youtube requirements such as follower criteria, number of posts to publish, etc. I stopped using this a couple of years ago when I had taken a hiatus from blogging. For whatever reason, I haven’t used them when I started blogging again but definitely need to look into it. From my recollection, I was able to partner with quite a few brands I enjoyed working with!


I saved Revluence for last since it’s the platform I have the least amount of experience with. I joined Revluence earlier this year and and am about to participate in my second campaign with them. They’re really straightforward and easy to work with. The concept is similar to Brandbacker but I feel they have more opportunities available and it’s more user friendly in my opinion!

They also provide statistics of your channels which can be useful for your media kit!

Well, these are the four I’d recommend checking out! If I had to recommend one or two, I’d say check out Octoly and Revfluence first. They’re both great ways to connect with brands and build strong, positive relationships.