Happy Friday!

If you’ve been reading my blog you may have noticed I started a blog series a few weeks back!

This blog series is for my thoughts on random things and today’s topic is organization! Organization specifically for blogging however!
I’m either amazing at organization or completely horrible, there is no in between. Keeping my blogging calendar organized was super easy during the school year since I didn’t have class everyday and I didn’t work. Now that I am working almost full time, I find it a struggle to stay organized – and part of a reason is that my blog is expanding to include more things! 
This summer is all about experimenting with my blog to see what works and what doesn’t so in the midst of that, all these ideas are popping into my head and I write them on papers that are no where to be found! I’m a neat freak so this whole unorganized mess lately has made me ready to explode!
During the school year I kept it simple and used a printable blogging calendar I found through a quick google search. It was nothing fancy but it got the job done. However, I felt very limited with it so I have been searching for something new. 
Through my search, I found Chroma Stationary! They are a company based in the UK that personalize small notebooks and I ordered one with my blog name on it!
The hope was to use this to jot down blog post ideas and other blog related information and well..that didn’t turn out as planned. This notebook has legit has been sitting on my table like a showpiece but I’m definitely going to try and use it more often!
I have been thinking of purchasing a Blog Planner Set from the SITS Girls but I’m feeling a bit iffy – I still want to explore planners/calendars before committing to anything. If you have any planners or calendars you absolutely love please let me know! 
Another organizational problem I am having is with all my blogging supplies in general – my foam board/scrapbook papers for photography, stationery, office supplies, folders, information cards, etc. I would take a photo of the clutter in my room but I’m too lazy embarrassed. I’m not sure if I should get more storage boxes, folders, or ???? Thinking about the mess is giving me a headache!
Anywho ~ that’s it for tonight, I think I’m going to go attempt to organize myself and stalk a few pinterest boards!
How do you organize your clutter? I’d love some tips and recommendations! 
Also, feel free to join in with Friday Night Ramblings on your blog or in my comments! Let me know if you do and I will be happy to share your posts on twitter <3
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Have a great rest of the night beauties!