I’ve seen tons of buzz about Jamberry Nails in the past few months but was skeptical about how long lasting they were. I’m so glad Liz contacted me a couple weeks ago and sent me a few wraps to test out and review because I can now say my skepticism is gone!

Jamberry Nails are vinyl nail wraps that can stay on your nails for up to 2 weeks and about 5-7 weeks on your toes! Here are the Jamberry Nails Liz sent me!

These are just a few of the many designs Jamberry Nails sells on their website! I decided to try on the pattern on the bottom left. Applying the wraps were much easier than I thought! I matched the pattern to the nail it would best fit, cut it in half, and used a stick to pick it up and apply heat from my hairdryer! Then I applied the wrap to my nail and pressed it down and was done!

Here are better instructions and an instructional video on how to apply Jamberry Nails!

I honestly thought the wraps wouldn’t last an entire day but they lasted well over a week! They would have lasted longer but I wanted to change up the colors for this week!

Here are pictures of how the Jamberry nails looked!

The left shows when I first applied it on my ring finger and the picture on the right shows my nails about 10 days later! They didn’t peel at all! They were easy to remove and did not damage my nails in any way!

I’m a huge fan of these nail wraps and can’t wait to buy a few sheets of different colors and patterns! I love Jamberry Nails because unlike other nail wraps I’ve tried, these last really long and don’t peel! They come in a variety of colors and designs and are super easy to apply!

If you’d like to check out and purchase some Jamberry Nails, just click here!  

This was sent for review purposes, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.