So a few weeks ago I posted about how Beauteque was going to launch a new website for their subscription service and they kindly sent me their January BB Bag to review!

Each BB Bagwill contain 7 full sized items that are a variety of beauty, skincare, and lifestyle products and the cool thing is that you will be able to have control on what you get each month, you can decide not to choose and the Beauteque team will choose for you!

Here’s a breakdown of the different plans and prices:

  • $24 + shipping for 1 month.
  • $24 + shipping for 3 months PLUS an additional full sized item with each BB Bag!
  • #23 + shipping for 6 months PLUS an additional full sized item with each BB Bag PLUS a gift set valued at $50 with the last BB Bag of the subscription period!
  • $22 + shipping for 12 months PLUS an additional full sized item with each bag PLUS a gift set valued at $100 with the last BB Bag of the subscription period!
  • The shipping fees are 3.95 for the US, $5.95 for Canada, and $8.95 for Europe.
  • If you subscribe by the 15th of the month, you will receive the BB Bag of that month, if you subscribe after the 15th, you will receive the BB Bag for the next month.

Let’s dig into January’s bag!


Each BB Bag comes with a card detailing the products inside the bag!


Onto the products:


The Face Shop Clear Hair Mist in Peach Floral – $7.00

Mizon Olive Cocoa Butter Foot Cream – $14.00

Mizon Hyaluronic Ulta Suboon Cream – $15.00

I used the hair mist for about 3 days now and love it! It smells great and it’s not too strong of a scent! It definitely makes my hair shinier and silkier, I always spray some right before I’m about to go out!

I haven’t opened the foot cream yet but I’m super excited to try it, it’s definitely going to come in use in this cold weather! This cream protects coarse feet from dead skin.

The Mizon Hyaluronic cream is the first thing I dug into when I got this bag! I haven’t been liking the moisturizer I’m currently using and I’ve been dying to find a better one. This moisturizer is PERFECT for my dry skin! I have some dry patches on my nose and right side of my face that are difficult to deal with and I haven’t had a problem with them since I’ve been using this cream! It’s super moisturizing and not heavy or greasy at all! It almost feels like water!


Tonymoly Delight Tony Tint in 01 – $7.00

Milani Sunset Duo Blush and Bronzer in Sunset Beach – $11.00

Tonymoly is a brand that’s completely new to me so I’m excited to try one of their products! The lip tint is a pinkish/red color and smells like candy. I think it’ll be a fun shade to use!

I love love love Milani so I was super happy to see a blush/bronzer duo in this bag! I haven’t used any of their duos before and I have been looking for a new bronzer so very I’m excited to play with this one!


Cheetah Sleeping Mask – $7.50

It’s Skin Neck Focus Patch – $6.00

BRTC V Shaping Mask – BONUS ITEM! $7.00

The sleeping mask is so cute, I’m so glad I got this because I’ve been thinking of buying one! I’m also glad there were two sheet masks included in this bag, and they’re brands I haven’t used before – I’ll  be able to experiment and see if they’re worth purchasing!

I’ve never used a neck focus patch before so I’m intrigued to use it – it’s supposed to improve firmness and skin texture! The V Shaper is new to me as well, it’s supposed to moisturize, firm, and contour your face and neck!

January’s BB Bag had a total value of $67 and that’s without the bonus item!

I am in love with everything that was in this bag and will be using all of the products! I think it’s a great deal and an amazing mix of beauty, skincare, and lifestyle products and I’m looking forward to seeing what February’s BB Bag will have!

BB Bag can be purchased on their website here! 

What are your thoughts on January’s BB Bag? Will you be subscribing you haven’t already? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

I received this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and I would not promote an item if I did not think it would spark interest to my readers.