Hi all! 
Dazzley Box is a monthly subscription service that sends you a surprise necklace each month! The cost is $14.99/month and they send you either a boho, statement, or simple necklace based on your profile. 
I believe Dazzley Box is currently only available within the US and shipping is free!
Something cool is that each month, 6 random subscribers will get an additional surprise necklace in their box and the retail value of each piece will be anywhere from $100 to $1000! 

Each box comes with a card listing the type of necklace that was sent! I didn’t get to choose the type of necklace since I received this box for review purposes but that’s totally fine with me, I don’t have a specific preference.
I got a simple necklace this month!
This necklace is gold with turquoise pieces within the first and third layers. When the card said I would be receiving a simple necklace, I did not imagine this at all, but it was a pleasant surprise! I’m a huge fan of layered necklaces at the moment so I’m happy to add this to my collection!
If you want to subscribe to Dazzley Box be sure to use coupon code “REVIEW834” to get $3.00 off your one month subscription!
Let me know your thoughts on Dazzley Box in the comments! What types of necklaces are your favorite?
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