It’s been a few months since I last did a personal post and turning 25 recently has really got me thinking about tons of things with my personal life, blog, and more! Below I’ll be answering a few questions I’ve asked myself and questions I get asked by others.

Are you where you thought or expected you’d be at this age?
Heck no! In my late teens/early twenties I thought or hoped I would already be in the process of finding my life companion by I was 24 and have kids by 26-27 and that has definitely not happened. I know it’s totally okay and normal not to be married at this age and it’ll all happen when the time is right for me but still .-.
Career wise, however, I’m not disappointed nor content if that makes any sense. I never really had any professional goals growing up – all I knew is that I wanted to get a degree (no one in my immediate family went to college) and I wanted to help people. I have a Bachelors in History and recently completed graduate studies and have a Masters in Health Administration so yay – I’m not a complete failure! Moreover, I think I’m meeting my goal in helping people with the current position I have in the healthcare field so double yay! The reason I say I’m not content is that there are so many fields to experience in this world – tying myself down to one specific area doesn’t feel right for me and my goals. 
Why don’t you post more frequently?
I haven’t been motivated to blog these past few months and as disappointed as I am with myself on that, I didn’t think it would have been right to post for the sake of posting – I want all my content on here to have a meaning behind it. That being said – I really hope to be active here on out!
Favorite TV show?
Usually I would name a dozen crime shows but right now my heart completely belongs to an Indian dance show – Super Dancer! Super Dancer’s aim is to find a child who has the potential to become the future of dance. What makes this show so special is that it’s full of positivity and warms your heart from the hosts to the judges to the contestants and their choreographers! Moreover, many of the choreographers on the show were contestants on other dance shows so it’s so so amazing to see them on TV again and watch how they’ve grown, especially with their own unique styles. 
Each contestant on the show is immensely talented – I think they’re all worthy of being called “dance ka kal” (future of dance). Also, I have to say that their performances are so so amazing – the show has been airing since September and there has not been a single performance that was dull or lacking. Last thing I’ll say about Super Dancer is that I’ve never cried so much – whether it’s from their emotional performances or from comedy acts – everyone is so talented on this show – I hope it continues on for a long time! You can check out some of their episodes here!
Have you ever considered becoming a full time beauty blogger?
Yes! I love sharing my experiences with all things beauty and hope I can pursue a full time career as a blogger someday. I don’t that happening anytime soon but it is one of my ultimate goals at this moment. 
Will you share your entire makeup collection at some point?
Yes! My mom and I plan to move into a new home in Spring 2017 so it’ll have to wait until then. All my makeup is currently in boxes but I have plans for creating a beauty room/office when we make the big move so that’s when I plan to show my full collection!
What types of posts should Glamour and Giggles readers expect?
Besides product reviews and hauls, I hope to start doing some spotlight features on indie brands. I have a directory on indie brands/small shops here if you’re interested! I also hope to bring more of the “lifestyle-ness” to Glamour and Giggles – I have a few ideas how but nothing definite yet. I am totally open to suggestions! Lastly, I hope to create resources for those who want to blog but are not sure how or where to start. The possibilities are endless!
Anything new or exciting happen in your life lately?
I feel like I have the most boring life ever – the only new or exciting thing I can think of is my latest splurge. I got my first camera on my birthday – a Canon PowerShot SX610 HS! I am so camera illiterate I don’t see myself starting to use it until early 2017. 
Well there you have it! I hope you all found this interesting or learned something new about me! If you’re new to the blog I first thank you for visiting lil old me and welcome you to check out my “About” page along with my latest beauty review!

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