Happy Sunday! For today’s Lip Swatch Sunday, I’ll be sharing LuxePineapple’s Lipsticks! I owned four when I did the swatches but bought 3 more since but I’ll share the three other shades some other day.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that these are the swatches I shared last week. I’ve been super caught up with exams and Thanksgiving this past week that I haven’t had time to take new swatches. I’m hoping to have more time once the semester ends.

I love the packaging of these lipsticks, I’m a fan of sleek, black (or gold/silver) packaging rather than those with clear lids. The shades (left to right) are: Hepburn, Hayworth, Kennedy, and Blanchett. Each lipstick costs $9.50 each and is sold on LuxePineapple’s website. Unfortunately, a lot of these shades are sold out and I’m not sure if or when they will be back in stock. The good news is that their holiday collection features a lot of beautiful shades that are definitely must haves and they’re in bundles of 2 for $10 or $6 each – you can check them out here!

Let’s jump right into the swatches!
Hepburn (Matte)
Definitely on the coral side, perfect for the spring! 
Hayworth (Matte)

A brownish red, one of my favorites and probably my most used out of the four!
Kennedy (Cream)

A pinkish shade with a hint of lilac – I expected this one to be darker than it shows up on my lips but I love the shade nevertheless!
Blanchett (Matte)

My second favorite! This one is a red with more of a pink than brown like Hayworth. 
I find all of these lipsticks to be non drying and long lasting. I honestly think these lipsticks are better than many of my high end ones and they are so much more affordable! 
Be sure to check out all of LuxePineapple’s products in their shop and let me know if you’ve tried any of their lipsticks and favorite shades!
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