Hello beauties! I’ll be sharing Profusion Cosmetics’ Feline Lip Lusters for this week’s Lip Swatch Sunday! Profusion sent me their Feline Lip Luster Box Set but all opinions and reviews are 100% honest and my own. 

I’ve seen Profusion products here and there, mainly at TJ Maxx, but never really tried them until a friend sent me one of their lip glosses, Prowl, which is also in this set! Profusion Cosmetics is a super affordable brand and from the other products I tried so far, their formula is amazing for the price! This particular set costs $9.99 and if you were to buy each gloss individually, it would cost $1.99. One thing I noticed is the packaging is a little different for the individual glosses versus the glosses in the box set. The lids have a cheetah print on the individual ones while the box set have a silver lid. Also, Profusion Cosmetics is cruelty free!

Here are some quick swatches I took on my hand! 
Just from these alone, I can tell the glosses are crazy pigmented and the formula isn’t the same for each. I’ll get into a bit more detail with the individual swatches below! 

Like I mentioned above, this is the one shade my friend, Denise, sent me a few months ago! I LOVE the color, it’s definitely one of my go to’s for fall and winter! I would say Prowl is the least pigmented one out of the six. It gives a less intense burgundy effect with one layer but you can definitely build it up to get a deeper shade. The swatch I did is with 3 layers and it is also the patchiest of the six so I would probably stick with one layer for future use.  

I never thought I would wear a purple/pink/lilac shade like Cheshire but I LOVE it! Cheshire, along with Lick Me and Meow are the glosses with a thicker consistency, a formula I expect of glossy but they’re not tacky at all for me. This is probably in my top three favorites out of the six!

Whiskers is another favorite of mine! The shade is similar to Prowl but a bit more purple/pink/brown/red/mauve type shade. Whiskers along with Prowl and Meow have a thinner formula compared to the other three. I would say the formula is similar to Makeup Revolution’s velvet lip lacquers except these are lip glosses and not matte liquid lipsticks. 

Meow is my number one favorite out of the six! This is a red with a tiny hint of orange and it’s not too intense even though it’s super pigmented! I think this is the one I would wear most often from the entire set.
Lick Me is a bright pink and is one of the shades with a thicker formula. I love the shade, it would be perfect for the spring and summer!

Purr is more of a nude pink and has the same thick formula as Lick Me. This shade doesn’t mesh with my skin tone too well but it’s nothing a dark lip liner could fix! 
Overall, I think these glosses are crazy amazing for the price. They’re moisturizing, super pigmented and so so so affordable! I’ve had high end glosses that wouldn’t compare to these. If you’re a fan of all of these shades I would recommend buying the whole set. Even though Prowl is patchy when you try to layer it up, it’s still something you can work with – especially if you use a lip liner underneath. If some of these shades aren’t your cup of tea you can get the shades you like for $1.99 each!
You can buy the whole set for $9.99 here and individual glosses for $1.99 here!
Do you own any of these lip lusters? What are your favorite shades? Let me know in the comments below!
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*These products were sent for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.