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I hope you all are having a fantastic day! Today I will be unboxing another box of joy from Luxe Pineapple!

If you know me you know I LOVE Luxe Pineapple! They have great deals on beauty products, super low shipping costs, and amazing un-subscription boxes of joy! Also, the owner of Luxe Pineapple, Liz, is a total sweetheart – I adore her so much!

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So let’s talk about this LE Box of Joy! Luxe Pineapple held a contest where the winner would curate their own Box of Joy! The lovely Tasha of Belleza Kisses won this contest and created this Lip Luxuries: Create Pout Perfection themed Box of Joy with the Luxe Pineapple theme! Like Tasha, I am obsessed with lip products as well so I was ecstatic when I found out the theme of this box!

This LE Box of Joy costs $24.50 + $2.50 shipping (US, Canada shipping is $7 I believe, and international shipping quotes are available via email!). This price is a total steal considering it has 5 full sized lip products!

Each box came with an information card as well as a quote card they add into every order!

I love how Luxe Pineapple includes a quote card with every order, it definitely brightens my day and I hope to create a collage with them all in the near future!

Luxe Pineapple‘s Boxes of Joy are usually packed in their signature box but they came out with three different beauty bags for this special curation! Also, how cute is the pineapple charm??
Another neat thing about Luxe Pineapple is that they support independent and women-owned businesses! Their featured partner for this box is both of these – Mercedes of GlaMer Lips is a renowned celebrity makeup artist and her lip products are made with natural and organic ingredients with no preservatives or artificial coloring, plus they are PETA certified cruelty free!!

I love that both these products are made of all natural ingredients and I can never have too many lip balms! Mer made this pineapple lip scrub exclusively for this bag! The lip scrub doesn’t have an overpowering pineapple scent, which I appreciate! The formula is softer than Lush’s mint julips that I’ve always used. I saw a few people say great things about this scrub so I couldn’t wait to try it! It definitely exfoliated my lips in a gentle manner and left my lips crazy soft! I am crazy impressed, I’ll definitely add this to my daily routine!

Luxe Pineapple Lip Gloss in Dusty Rose – $13.00

I am already a fan of the Luxe Pineapple glosses and lip liners I own so I know I’ll love both of these! If you haven’t tried Luxe Pineapple glosses, I recommend picking some up, they’re super pigmented and long lasting! These two are specifically created for this LE Box of Joy so be sure to purchase this box if you like the swatches below!
I’ve heard great things about Pupa Milano but never tried anything by them. This lipstick is creamy and pigmented, like I am in love! 
Update: Luxe Pineapple has released their lip gloss in Swoon in their shop!
(Top to bottom: Luxe Pineapple Lip Gloss in Swoon, Luxe Pineapple Lip Liner in Dusty Rose, Pupa Milano Lipstick in Diva’s Rouge)

I am in LOVE with all three of these lippies! They’re perfect for the summer and I know I’ll use all three often! 
So that’s the Luxe Pineapple Limited Edition Lip Luxuries collab with Tasha of Belleza Kisses! The retail value of this box is $60 which is more than double the cost! 
I am really happy with this Box of Joy! I don’t even know what to say because Luxe Pineapple continues to impress me and always manages to leave me speechless! Also, I want to thank Tasha for curating such an amazing box, she chose a great theme and fun products to go in this bag!
What are your thoughts on this Box of Joy? If you want to purchase one you can do so here! Hurry though, there’s only a limited quantity left!
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