I don’t know about you all but my TJ Maxx hardly ever carries amazing beauty products. I have had friends find amazing deals on high end and drugstore products such as KVD Liner Sets and BH Cosmetics brushes! 

I’ve been disappointed dozens of times so I hardly have any expectations now. BUT I went to my local TJ Maxx a few days ago and was ecstatic to find brands like KVD, Make Up For Ever, W7, and Butter London! 
The two Make Up For Ever kits I picked up were two of the three 50 Shades of Gray collections! I really wanted these when they first came out but the prices were way out of my budget.

The two collections I bought were Tease Me and Desire Me. Tease Me is a Berry Lip Trio and includes a liquid lipstick, gloss, and lip liner. The Desire Me is a blush set that includes palette with three blushes and a blush brush and both come inside a luxurious drawstring bag.

Just by going off the boxes, the Tease Me lip trio’s original price is $32 and TJ Maxx sold it for $19.99. The Desire Me blush trio’s original price was originally $49 and was on sale for $29.99. 
Here’s everything unboxed:
Let’s take a closer look at Tease Me!
This kit includes:
  • Aqua Rouge in 50
  • Aqua Lip in 10C
  • Lab Shine in D4

I’ve only tried Make Up For Ever’s Lab Shine’s and I do like them but they’re not something I would purchase again on their own. I bought this mainly for the Aqua Rouge and Lip since I haven’t tried them before. 
Top to bottom: combination of all 3, Lab Shine, Aqua Lip, and Aqua Rouge.
I think I’ll get the most use of the Aqua Lip since it’s similar to a shade I use almost on a daily basis!
Now for Desire Me!
The blush palette and brush came inside the drawstring bag in the picture above! I’m confused because the box says the palette includes three blushes and the back side of the palette says two are eyeshadows and one is a blush. 
  • I-526
  • I-808
  • S-748

Well, makeup has no rules and I was going to use these as eyeshadows at some point anyways SO let me just say I haven’t tried any Make Up For Ever blushes before and I found these creamy but not super creamy. 
The pigmentation is nice and is exactly what I expected and hoped they would be. The middle shade is definitely my favorite and something I will play around with most!
This is just one quick swipe of each shade! 

After attempting to use this palette multiple times, I’m sad to say I am really unhappy with it. I don’t know if I got a bad one or if I’m doing something wrong but I can’t get any of my brushes to pick up product. I’ve used every type of brush you can imagine to use these as a blush, highlight, eyeshadow and no luck whatsoever. I am super disappointed and caution you all before purchasing the Desire Me set. If any of you have had better luck with this palette please let me know what I’m doing wrong!
The brush included is a 150W and I’m not a huge fan of it. My drugstore brushes are already so nice that I expect high end brushes to be super amazing, and this doesn’t wow me much. No worries though, it’s the perfect size for traveling so I’ll be taking it on my next trip!
So those are the two Make Up For Ever Kits I bought at TJ Maxx! I spent $50 on all of this and I definitely think it’s a great deal considering buying everything separately would have cost a lot more. I’m still thinking of buying the third set but I’m not entirely sure yet! 
I would definitely recommend both of these sets if you have the funds to get them. If I had to choose one, I would say the Tease me (lip trio) but I’m biased since lip products are my absolute favorite. 
What are your thoughts on these collections? Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments below!
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