Hello beauties! I am so happy to say that I finally got my hands on a JH Favorites Palette! I missed out when Morphe Brushes first released them but I was able to purchase one a few weeks ago!

Jaclyn Hill collaborated with Morphe Brushes to bring us a palette full of 28 of her favorite colors! This palette includes a mix of warm and cool toned colors with matte and shimmery finishes! The cost was $27.99 plus around $8.00 shipping. The price of this is fantastic, it makes each shadow about a dollar! This palette is out of stock and as of now Morphe Brushes has not released plans on restocking it.

The palette came in a HUGE box and I really think Morphe Brushes could have found a better way to ship these. I shouldn’t be complaining though – my palette came safe and sound! 
I think I’m going to cut the back of the box so I can have this side with her photo and note. Is that weird? I hope not.
So this is what the palette looks like. Nothing too fancy, it’s sleek and a little flimsy but I actually really like it! 
I don’t know about you all but I drooled just looking at photos of this palette! I was head over heels in love once I actually got it! I adding numbers of each of the eyeshadow in case any of you wanted to purchase them on their own – each shadow is $2.00 a piece!
Here are swatches of the first row:
Swatches of row 2:
Swatches of row 3:
Swatches of row 4:
I couldn’t believe how pigmented these shadows were until I swatched them myself – I literally drooled at the sight of them! So far I’ve only been using the colors in rows 2 and 3 but I love all the shadows that are included in this palette! If I remember correctly numbers 61 and 67 were a bit chalky but I can totally overlook that since all the other ones are AMAZEBALLS!
A huge reason I bought this palette is for the warm/neutral colors included. These are the types of colors I reach for most often and since I’m no makeup expert, this is a perfect palette for me to practice creating different looks with! I don’t like using my Naked 3 or Chocolate Bar when playing around with shadows but I won’t feel guilty using this one to the max!
One of the downsides to this palette is the flimsy packaging. Now, I did say I liked it and I do BUT I’m 100% sure I’ll find a way to break it if I take it whilst travelling. Other than that, I really don’t see any negatives with this palette – it’s perfect for me and what I was looking for so I’m really happy with it!
Were any of you able to get your hands on this palette? Let me know your thoughts below!