Today I’ll be sharing my skincare routine that allows me to achieve clear, healthy skin. I’ll be listing products I use day and night but I want to mention beforehand that the products I use often change, especially seasonally. I also test out a TON of skincare products to see if there’s anything better than what I use now. Skincare is something incredibly personal and unique to each and every individual so don’t take this as specific products you should be using. You can take this as types of products you might want to incorporate into your skincare routine such as masks, toners, serums, etc.

Products That Give Me Clear Skin | My Skincare Routine

A little info about my skin type – I have combo skin that is sensitive and acne prone. Besides looking for products that aid in my skin type, I also look to include anti-aging products in my daily regimen. If you have a similar skin type to me, some of these products may intrigue you! This post will contain affiliate links. If you’re  looking for visuals, check out the widget I created at the end of the post – you can get more detailed information on almost all the products mentioned in this post!

You guys know I love being transparent. If I said I used these products and routine daily I’d be lying. I am one of the LAZIEST persons ever, I try to follow this routine step by step but more often than not, I cut my routine in half which is why my skin isn’t always as flawless as it could be.

One little FYI is you may see some brands repeated over and over again such as Derma E, Image, Iope, Origins, and Algenist. Even though I try a wide range of products and brands, those are the ones I’ve stuck with for the longest time, some of them nearly a decade – those are what work for me personally!

Makeup Remover

It is SO important to wash off your makeup before the night ends and I am so guilty of not doing this step before I go to bed but I’m much better about this step now than before. Use those makeup wipes each night ladies! Use those micellar waters and cotton pads!

My favorite makeup wipes are the ones by Simple Skincare. I get always stock up on the two packs they have at Ulta, especially when there’s a coupon out. They are perfect for sensitive skin and do a great job taking off makeup! The Micellar Water I LOVE is by Bioderma. I’ve used bottles and bottles of these for years. I take some on a couple cotton pads and wipe that makeup away before going in with a cleanser.


I’m that person who has nearly half a dozen cleansers in her bathroom. A girl needs options right?! The one I use in the mornings is one I actually got from India, it’s an Aloe Face Wash from Himalaya Herbals. It’s SO gentle and keeps my skin balanced with the right amount of moisture. You can purchase it online through Amazon Himalaya’s own website but I don’t have any experience with either so I can’t offer you input on costs/shipping/quality through those means. I also found these at my local Indian grocery store, if you have one near you I’d check that out first!

Another cleanser I use in my daily routine is Derma E’s Hydrating Cleanser. I use this cleanser at night after removing my makeup. I feel it does a great job soothing my skin and adding moisture, something I always look for during these Winter months. Other cleansers I’m a huge fan of are Origins Foaming Face Wash, Iope’s Cleansing Foam, and Image’s Hydrating Cleanser.


My number one, ride or die product in this category is Derma E’s Microdermabrasion Scrub. It is SO good and has done so much for me and my acne scars. Others I enjoy are Origins Modern Friction Scrub and Illuma by Image Brightening Scrub.


I have two go-to toners at the moment, one is Pixi’s Glow Tonic, second is Derma E’s Radiance Toner. They both do a great job of removing any dead skin cells as well as giving me a burst of radiance before moving onto my next steps!


My three favorite serums are actually from the same crazy is that!? Algenist is SPOT ON with their serums. I’ve used multiple bottles of each and every one of these and although the price point is up there..these are SO worth it if you’re looking to improve your skin texture, fine lines, and overall youthfulness!


There are SO many moisturizers I love but I’ll do my best to narrow them down. Most, if not all I mention are for dry skin to address the dry, flaky areas I have around my jawline, forehead, and nose.

Eye Cream

Eye cream is something I started using in my early twenties but it wasn’t until I turned 25 that I became more serious with incorporating it into my routine as with some of my other anti-aging products. Some of my favorite eye creams are:


I top everything off with oils, usually before I go to bed. I sometimes do use them in my morning routine but not always. The oils I love are:

Night Creams

I don’t always use night creams but when I do it’s something for an added moisture. My favorite night cream to date is by Origins, their Drink Up Intensive is so moisturizing and feels extremely hydrating on the skin!


Oh man, if I talk about all the masks I enjoy we’ll be here all night so I’ll save a more detailed post on masking for another day. I will let you know though, I try to use different sheet masks 2-3 times a week and a good ol’ charcoal or mud mask at least once a week. My favorite charcoal mask is by Origins and favorite mud mask is by Sky Organics!

Those are my favorite products I use in my day to day skincare routine. You can shop them by clicking the links above or through the widget above! Did you see any of your favorite products listed here? I’d love to hear about your holy grails in the comments!

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  1. Wow!! What an arsenal you have!! I am jealous!! I am a huge exfoliater and detox masker 😉 Helps me keep clear skin!

  2. I just started using the DermaE cleansers & Oils and I love them. The The Bioderma Micellar Water is another fave!

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