Happy Friday beauties!

I thought I would address a few quick updates since my blog posts have been lagging this year so let’s jump right to them!

First is a new blog I’ve created with one of my friends I met through blogging – Denise over at Beauty Beyond the Scale. Denise is a fab beauty, fitness, and health blogger and together, she and I decided to create Beauty Beyond Glamour!

Beauty Beyond Glamour is a place we created to bring you all the best and latest deals, advice, tips, tricks, and resources relating to all things beauty and lifestyle! We also created an Instagram page for this blog where we will constantly update with all the latest sales, deals, and more! Right now, Denise is currently doing most of the posting (because of the next update below) but I hope to join in within the next few weeks.
The second thing I wanted to mention were a couple of things going on in my life! As some of you may know, I am currently a graduate student and am a handful of weeks away from completing my degree! This also means that the next few weeks will be super intense, especially for a gal with crazy anxiety like myself. Moreover, I’m so happy to say that I accepted a full time position a couple weeks ago and am now a working lady! 
All of this has been happing so fast and slow at the same time and I’m still trying to take it all in. Nevertheless, I will be away from my blog until graduation BUT I am still super active on my Instagram – and that’s definitely the place I post the most and bring out the latest on what products I’ve been trying or loving or even despising!
The last thing I wanted to mention was a huge upcoming giveaway I’ve started planning. This giveaway will be taking place on Instagram when I reach 10,000 beautiful followers! I know I know…I’m over 3500 followers away BUT planning early doesn’t hurt right? The reason I’m starting this super ahead of time is because I want there to be TEN winners! My last giveaway had over a thousand entries – which I did not expect to happen at all – and it didn’t sit well with me that only one person got a prize. And I seriously would not be pursuing my passion for beauty if it wasn’t all the support from all of you!
So that’s all I wanted to let you all know! I’ll see you beauties back here in a few weeks!