Happy Monday beauties! Today I wanted to introduce a new blog series I’ve had in the works – “Small Shop Spotlight”. I’ve had a soft spot for small shops/indie brands for years now and have wanted to find a fun, informative way to share them with you all. What better way to showcase these shops, their products, and an exclusive Q&A with the boss babes than on this blog?!

Small Shop Spotlight

Over the years, I’ve been able to speak to and grow a friendship with many lovely people who have their own businesses. It’s wonderful to see the passion and knowledge they have in their field and some of these have become such great inspirations as well! My ultimate goal with this series is to introduce my readers to brands, their products, and the people behind the company. I’ll put a couple Q&As about this series below. Feel free to leave a comment or email <glamourandgiggles@yahoo.com> if you have any other questions, comments, etc!

What kind of information should we expect to see in these Small Shop Spotlights?

I will  cover information about the brand, such as their mission as well as the types of products available in their shop. Moreover, I will be including a set of Q&A’s with the shop’s owner. These questions are reaching the final stages of editing so if you have any questions you’d like answered, please let me know!

When will the first Small Shop Spotlight be published?

I don’t have a set date yet but very soon! Keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram to get the latest updates!

How often will Small Shop Spotlight’s be published?

At this moment, I am aiming to publish a spotlight bi-monthly. If possible, I’ll start publishing them once a week.

I’m a small shop/indie brand owner myself – can I be considered for a Small Shop Spotlight?

Definitely! Send me an email at <glamourandgiggles@yahoo.com> with the subject line “Small Shop Spotlight” and we can work out the details.

Have any other questions? Shoot me an email or leave a comment! I’d love to chat and hear your thoughts.