Happy Sunday beauties!

I am so so bad when it comes to consistently washing my beauty tools which is why this review is out over a month and a half after I planned to publish it. I started out only using liquid cleansers and dish soaps to wash my makeup brushes and sponges but then upgraded to Beauty Blender’s Solid Cleanser – which I preferred greatly to liquid cleansers. A few months ago however, Minnie from NYC Metro Girl was kind enough to send me 2 of her solid cleansers – one unscented and one with a tea tree oil scent!

A little information on NYC Metro Girl:

NYC Metro Girl is a Small Business, Family Owned that started in 2013. Minnie Brown is the Owner and Founder of the business based in Staten Island; one of the five boroughs that make up New York City. NYC Metro Girl offers a wide variety of handmade items from body products to wallets.
Our motto is “Buy Handmade, Be Extraordinary.”  
“Buying something that someone made by hand is special. When you buy a painting from an artist that puts a lot of thought and execution in it, makes it more intriguing. That’s what I want people to think when they shop at NYC Metro Girl. To find something that is different and suits their style. Whether it’s a soap bar or a piece of jewelry. I want my customers to enjoy what they get and they do.” – stated by Minnie Brown
Each cleanser retails for $7 but are currently on sale for $4.55! Ingredients include: Coconut Oil, Water, Sodium Hydroxide. Depending on the scent, your cleaner may contain No Fragrance, Fragrance or Essential Oil.
The mold/shape of the cleanser aids in getting a deeper clean of my brushes like Sigma’s Brush Cleaning Mat but this only lasts for the top layer. Nevertheless, even after flattening out, this solid cleanser makes brush cleaning so quick and easy! 
My usual routine with using this solid cleanser consists of wetting my brushes bristles with lukewarm water and swirling the brush around in the solid cleanser. I then wash the brush and repeat my first two steps until I’m positive my brushes are completely clean. I typically repeat this process 1-3 times depending on whether I’m cleaning a face or eye brush. 
I washed about 30 makeup brushes with this cleanser and I still have nearly half of it left! I really do enjoy using this solid brush cleaner – it makes my life so much easier and cuts my brush washing time in half compared to using liquids and even the Beauty Blender Solid!
What are your thoughts on this cleanser? If you want to purchase your own, you can do so here!