11 Beauty Products I Am Obsessing Over | Current Favorites

As much as I love testing out new makeup day to day, there are a few things in my daily routine that I absolutely cannot go about! Some of these products are almost new to me aka have been using for two-ish months while some I’ve been hooked on for the longest time. I’ll be sharing a few items that have worked positively for me but do remember, my needs may be different from yours so what works best for me may not always be something you might enjoy.

The beauty products I cannot put down! I share a mix of drugstore, high end and indie brands that have captivated my heart and fulfilled my beauty needs!

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Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette | Review and Swatches

Urban Decay’s Naked line is one of my favorites whether we’re talking about foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, etc. They have proven to be reliable products for me since Day 1 of being a beauty junkie and the palettes especially are total classics. The Naked 3 was actually the first ever high end palette I bought! When I saw the Naked Heat come out last year, I knew I had to have it. I didn’t own many fiery, warm toned shadows until the day I got my hands on Naked Heat.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette | Review and Swatches - One of the BEST palettes for warm browns, burnt oranges and siennas!

I’m not sure if you remember but the first sneak peek of the swatches that came out were a HUGE letdown. Judging from that photo alone, I didn’t have the highest of hopes. Thankfully though, tons of influencers came out with helpful reviews soon after – many of which showed that this palette truly has the amazing formula as the other Naked palettes.

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Four Ways I Control My Anxiety | How I Got My Life Back

Anxiety is a topic I rarely spoke about or confronted because it made me feel abnormal, and I – a South Asian who isn’t a doctor, lawyer, nurse, or pharmacist – feel abnormal enough already so I didn’t want to add on something else to the list. More than that, some people make it seem like anxiety is not a real issue and people use it as an excuse to not do what they’re expected to do. These situations combined with others, I never looked for a solution to my anxiety until the past few years.

Four Ways I Control My Anxiety | How I Got My Life Back

Today I want to share a few things that help me live an anxiety free life..most of the time. I still have my moments but it’s nothing like what it used to be! I feel the need to put out there these tips may not work for everyone and it’s best to do what helps YOU.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette | Review and Swatches

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam was on my “Must Have” list as soon as I saw Norvina share pictures of it. It’s a softer version of Modern Renaissance and full of beautiful shades that are perfect for day to day and evening looks.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette | Review and Swatches

After using this palette nonstop the last couple weeks, I can say it is my favorite ABH palette to date. It’s full of shades that are right up my alley and the formula is as perfect as can be!


Zap Those Zits With ZAPZYT | Bye Bye Blemishes

Like most people, I suffered from horrible acne as a teenager. As an adult though, blemishes aren’t as frequent or intense as they used to be..most of the time. As a beauty enthusiast and blogger, I try TONS of different products frequently. While some, if not most, will work out for me – there are those few products that take me back to those high school acne times. After testing ZAPZYT’S line the last few weeks, I so wish I had these products back when I was younger!

*This post is sponsored by Primp Network but all opinions are my own.

Zap Those Zits With ZAPZYT

Fortunately (and unfortunately – who likes to break out?!) I had a really bad reaction to some makeup wipes I was testing literally days before ZAPZYT landed on my doorstep so I was fully able to test out all the products and write about my zitful experience the last few weeks.


4 Step Easy Masala Eggs and Vegetables | Recipe

Today marks day one of going towards a healthier lifestyle – specifically by following a Keto lifestyle. I made some delicious and flavorful eggs and vegetables this morning and just had to show you all a quick recipe since I got some great feedback from showing it on my Instagram Story!

Flavorful Eggs and Vegetables

This would be a great meal to make even if you don’t follow a Keto lifestyle! It’s jam packed with healthy fats, proteins, and is low in calories!


Makeup Look Book | Easy Girly and Glam Eye Makeup

Natural eye makeup is where I feel most comfortable but lately I’ve been LOVING creating some full, glam eye looks! Yes, I’m talking fun color, shimmers, glitter, falsies, and winged liner! They are so fun to do and channel my creative side so today I thought I’d show you a Valentine’s Day inspired glamorous look I created!

Easy Girly and Glam Eye Makeup

The beauty of this look is that it would look great both all day as well as just the evening if you’re trying to find something specific for a date night. It’s full on glam, feminine, and absolutely stunning! The pinks make my girly self smile ear to ear while the deep burgundy purple and winged liner  bring in the sultry, sexy side.

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