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March 2015 Beauteque BB Bag Review

Beauteque is one of my favorite websites to shop at when I’m looking for beauty and skincare products from the Eastern side of the world! They have an AMAZING variety of products – I’m particularly addicted to their sheet masks!

The BB Bag is their monthly subscription beauty bag. Each month Beauteque will send you a bag full of 7-8 full sized beauty, skincare, fashion, and lifestyle products but I’ve noticed they have a larger focus on skincare. Each bag also has a few products where subscribers can choose a specific scent, shade, etc. Options will be emailed in a survey format on the 15th of each month and if you don’t choose by the 20th, the Beauteque team will choose for you.
Here’s a breakdown of the different plans and prices:

  • $24 + shipping for 1 month.
  • $24 + shipping for 3 months 
  • #23 + shipping for 6 months 
  • $22 + shipping for 12 months 
  • Shipping fees are 3.95 for the US, $5.95 for Canada, and $8.95 for Europe.
  • If you subscribe by the 5th of the month, you will receive the BB Bag of that month, if you subscribe after the 5th, you will receive the BB Bag for the next month.
  • Subscribers will be billed on the 15th of each month if they choose the month to month option and bags will begin to be shipped on the 15th as well

Before I get to the products I have to mention how great Beauteque’s bags are! I love the diverse styles, patterns, and material they use and I think they’re the perfect size for me! This month’s bag has a really pretty lip pattern on it and it’s definitely going into my school bag for sure!
This month’s theme is “Our Lips are Sealed” and the bag was curated to give the best of the best.
Each bag comes with a card detailing the products sent

Onto the products!

TonyMoly Mini Bling Pocket Hair Mask – $3.00
A’Pieu Take My Hands Nail Sheet Mask – $5.00
I never used a hair pack like this before so I’m really excited to try it out! It’s a leave in hair treatment for the ends of damaged hair. You’re supposed to leave it on for 15-30 minutes and remove it. It looks pretty simple to put on, you basically put the pack on your hand like a glove and wrap it on your hair like a pony tail – that probably sounds confusing but the picture instructions look simple!
The Nail Sheet Mask was customizable, I chose the Avocado while the other option was Berry. This nail pack nourishes nails and cuticles, you wear it for 15 minutes and massage the remaining essence into your skin!

The Face Shop Rice Toner – $14.00
Mizon Modeling Cup Pack – $8.00
The Face Shop Massage Cream in Cucumber – $12.00
I’m still using the toner I got from the Head to Toe Milk Bag but I opened this one anyways because it’s supposed to be super moisturizing. I’ve only been using this for 2 days but I love the way it feels and it does help moisturize my skin more than other toners have!
I’m glad Beauteque put the Mizon Pack in a ziploc bag because some of it did spill but I’m glad the cup itself didn’t break! For this product, you use a 1:3 proportion with water and powder and then mix it together. Leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes and then rinse!
Subscribers were able to choose between Cucumber and Mugwort massage creams. The cream has Vitamin B to refresh and revitalize skin, you massage it on your face for 3-5 minutes and then rinse it off with a cleanser – use 1-2 times a week. I used this about an hour ago and have to say I’m impressed! The cucumber scent was pretty strong when I opened it – I don’t like the smell of cucumber at all – but I’m happy to say the scent was minimal when I applied it to my face and massaged it in, it felt so creamy and moisturizing! My skin was left super refreshed and soft after washing it off!

Etude House Look At My Eyes in #503 – $9.50
Beauteque Pore Control Blackhead Brush – $15
I was really happy seeing an eyeshadow in this bag! I’ve never used one from Etude House is one of my favorite brands so fingers crossed I love this shadow as much as their other products!
I honestly had no idea brushes like this existed, I’m intrigued and I’ll be testing it soon! I loved Beauteque’s foundation brush from one of their BB Bags last year so I do have high hopes for this one. I’m glad they have a string at the end so I can hang it off the rack in the shower!
Here’s a swatch of the Etude House eyeshadow

I like the pigmentation and it’s not chalky at all, I know I’ll get tons of use out of this!
This month’s bag retailed for $69.50 according to the prices listed on the card but I noticed some prices are inflated, I found cheaper prices of some of the products on other websites. That being said, from the calculations I did, the value of this bag is still higher than the price!
My favorite products from this bag are the toner, massage cream, eyeshadow, brush, and the bag itself! This actually might be my favorite BB Bag yet!
If you want March’s BB Bag, be sure to subscribe by the 5th! You can subscribe here! If you subscribe after the 5th, you will get April’s BB Bag.
This post may contain affiliate links. I received this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and I would not promote an item if I did not think it would spark interest to my readers.


February 2015 Danklo Review + Coupon Code

Danklo is a subscription service that sends out a personalized gift to your doorstep each month! The contents of your box are chosen based off a short quiz you take and each box comes with a cash prize ranging from $1-$1000!! I thought that was a really neat thing to add!
Here’s more info about Danklo from their website
We all know how life can be sometimes; boring, repetitive, maybe in need of something new and awesome. Well, new and awesome might be hard to come by, might cost you a lot of money, or might require too much of your time, but here at Danklo it’s exactly the opposite. Providing you with something new and awesome at very little cost with minimal effort required is what we do, and we do it for you every single month.
Here’s how: Every month we will send you a personalized gift box directly to your doorstep. By utilizing the element of surprise, we like to keep our Danklo subscribers anxiously awaiting for their gift to arrive. You never know what you’re going to get and it will be different every month. It could be something small or something big. It could be something humorous or something of serious matters. Regardless the size or value, we always strive to exceed your expectations, and provide you with something that can be used in your everyday life.
Danklo has three different packages you can choose from: Standard – $7.99/month, Pro – $10.99/month, and DankloPrime – $13.99/month with $5.90 shipping fees each month.

I received the DankloPrime box for review purposes.

I was really excited to dig into this box because I wanted to see what kind of items Danklo chose for me based off of the quiz I answered!

My box came with a personalized card that details what products I received and there was $5 in the last page!! I really like how they give back to their customers this way, it’s super neat! My card says this month’s theme was “Technology” – which was perfect for me!

Universal Clip Lens 3 in 1 Lens Kit – $9.00
Mini Bluetooth Speaker – $12.00
4 Port USB Hub – 4.00
I was really happy when I saw the lens kit in my box because it’s something I’ve been wanting to try! It comes with 3 different kinds of lens – wide angle, fisheye, and macro lens.
This bluetooth speaker is perfect for my room, I’m glad it’s small so it won’t take up much room!
I burst into laughter when I saw the USB Hub because I was whining about how my laptop needs more USB ports so I could plug more things in at once and now I can!
The total retail value of the contents of this box was $25 and I got $5 in cash! It does exceed the cost of this box – $20 – and I, personally, will use all of the items sent! Danklo definitely did a great job with using my quiz answers to curate my box and I totally recommend checking out Danklo and subscribing if you’re into getting mystery boxes like these in the mail!
You can check out their website here and use coupon code “DankloSave” to get 15% off your purchase!
I received this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and I would not promote an item if I did not think it would spark interest to my readers.


LuxePineapple NYX Mystery Box of Joy Review

Before I begin I just want to point out the box was tied much better than shown in the picture – I couldn’t help myself when I got this package, I ripped open the box before taking any photos and my bow wrapping/tying skills are terrible as you can see. Not that anyone cares.
Moving on!
LuxePineapple is a website that sells beauty products at a discounted price and they release Boxes of Joy and Mystery Boxes a few time a month and they also have the option to build your own Box of Joy!
Liz, the founder of LuxePineapple, was kind enough to let me build my own Box of Joy for review purposes, you can check it out here!
When LuxePineapple tweeted about their NYX mystery boxes, I knew I had to get my hand on one. Each box was $10 with free shipping and included 3 NYX items!

I was really glad I purchased this as soon as they came out because they sold out in minutes!

NYX Diamond Sparkle Lipstick in Sparkling Rust  $4.63
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cobalt $4.50
NYX Mosaic Powder Blush in Truth $7.00
Everything but the lipstick is available on NYX’s website but I did find the lipstick on NYX UK’s website so that’s where I got the retail value from.
I took some swatches of the products

I don’t know if you guys can see but I swatched the mosaic powder first, it’s a really pretty golden color! I think I’ll end up using this as a shadow more than a highlighter/bronzer but who knows! I really like the color of the lipstick they sent me, I know I’ll be using it often! I know I won’t use the jumbo eye pencil often but I’m glad they sent me a pretty blue since I don’t have any colors like this!
This box had a value of around $16 and that’s a really great deal for me considering I only paid $10 for this box! NYX is one of my favorite drugstore brands and I love trying different products from them, and getting them at a discounted price is a huge win for me.
I’m definitely looking forward to purchasing more boxes from LuxePineapple, especially since they’re releasing some Ciate polishes soon! If you’re interested in checking out LuxePineapple, be sure to use my link here to get $10 off a $25 purchase!
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Beauteque February 2015 Head to Toe Pink Bag Review

Beauteque is by far my favorite website to shop at when it comes to Asian beauty products, I’m particularly addicted to the various sheet masks they sell! Along with their monthly BB Bag, Beauteque also released a new Head to Toe Bag! This bag is not a subscription bag, it is a one time purchase and is only available until the end of February – I was kindly send this for review purposes.
The Head to Toe Bag costs $26 plus $4.95 shipping in the US, $6.95 in Canada, and $8.95 in Europe and contains 7-8 full sized products.
Some items are customizable and three of the items were shown in a sneak peek while the other items remained a mystery. I tried not to peek at all of the contents of Head to Toe Bag but I couldn’t help but check out reviews from other bloggers since the crazy weather delayed the mail!
February’s Head to Toe Bag had a theme of “Pink”, and is said to include a variety of beauty products perfect for an afternoon with friends or a night out with that special someone!
I saw many other gals raving about the actual bag this month and I can’t say I disagree! It’s completely different from the other bags they sent and I love the material and design! Plus the color is perfect for February!
Each bag comes with an information card detailing the products inside

Onto the products

Hada Senka by Shiseido Moisturizing Lotion – $15.95
Femme Couture Highlighting Luminizer in Pink Sparkle – $11.50
I know Shiseido is a highly respected brand so I was excited that Beauteque included one of their products in this bag! I tried this out and it feels great on my skin – it’s lightweight and moisturizing. I think it’s perfect for right now since I get a few dry patches in the cold weather.
I’ve never used a luminizer before since I prefer a matte finish. It can be used on its own or be mixed in with a foundation. I was curious to try this out but I made a HUGE mess with this product! I didn’t know it was going to be super liquidy/runny! I got it all over my hand and clothes. It does give a subtle glow but it settled into my lines so I’ll probably find someone to give this to. I really wish the packaging was different!

It’s Skin Todak Todak Wash Off Mask in Pomegranite – $2.50 each
Etude House Sleeping Spoon Cream in Rosehip – $3.95
Yay for masks! I’ve never tried these wash off masks before but I’m excited to use them. These are one time use but I’ll probably get 2 uses out of each pod. These are specifically for moisturizing and elasticity! You apply the mask and leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.
I was really interested by the spoon cream since I never saw a product like it before. This cream is supposed to moisturize and brighten skin. You snap the handle and use it to mix the cream and apply it on your face overnight! I love Etude House so I’m really excited to try this out!

Lameila Compact Puff – $15.95
Tony Moly Automatic Lip Liner in 02 – $7.25
Tony Moly Circle Lens Volumizing Mascara – $6.50
The compact puff was in the sneak preview so I was really really excited to try it out! I LOVE my beauty blender but they’re pricey so I’m trying to find a nice dupe to purchase. Although the card says it’s nearly $16 I found this compact for $3 on a different website.
I have an addiction to lip liners at the moment so I was really happy seeing this in the bag! The shade is a gorgeous pink color and I know I’ll be using it often! It wasn’t super creamy but wasn’t rough when applying either, I may purchase a few other color! I also like how there’s a brush at the other end!
This mascara is supposed to give a long and defined look and isn’t supposed to clump. I’ll probably pass this over to someone since I don’t use mascara often. I do like how affordable it is but again, I found both of these Tony Moly products for a slightly lower price than listed on the card.
Another look at the lip liner + a swatch

The overall value with the prices listed on the card come to be around $66 so I think they had a misprint when they wrote the retail value was $80. However, some of the products do seem to have inflated prices and with my research over the web, the value I came out was near $50. I still think that’s a great value for the price of the bag! Plus I’m in love with all of the products – except the luminizer. I think my favorite are the Tony Moly Lip Liner and Etude House Sleeping Spoon Cream! I’m most excited to try the compact puff to see how it compares to the beauty blender!
I think Beauteque was successful in incorporating the products to the theme of “Pink”! I was intrigued on how they would do that and I am definitely going to stick the bag into my purse soon since pink is my favorite color!
I’m super excited to see what they come up with in March! If you’re interested in purchasing the Head to Toe Pink Bag, you can do so here! They’re available until the end of February or until supplies last.
This post may contain affiliate links. I received this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and I would not promote an item if I did not think it would spark interest to my readers.


February 2015 Fit Snack Review + FREE Gym Bag + Contest

What’s better than having food delivered to your door? Having healthy food delivered straight to you!
Fit Snack is a monthly subscription service that sends out fitness tips and 6-9 snacks valued at over $30 . They are committed to provide nutritious snacks that compliment any diet. Additionally, Fit Snack focuses on a combination of the “Perfect 10”: High Protein | Complex Carbs | Low Sugar | GMO-Free | Paleo | Gluten Free | Clean Eating | Sustainable | Organic | Raw.  You can read more about Fit Snack here!
Fit Snack costs $19 a month + $5 shipping for US subscribers (shipping costs are higher for international subscribers) and they do have slightly cheaper plans if you purchase a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription!
I was sent this box for review purposes.
Just by a first glance – I was very impressed with the contents of my box!

Each box comes with a card listing the items included

The back side of the card has a full body energizer workout! I’ll definitely try to do this every morning!
Onto the products

Nogii Whey & Quinoa Protein Powder in Cocoa Chocolate – 0.74 oz $1.85
Nogii Whey & Quinoa Protein Powder in Vanilla Bean – 0.74 oz $1.85
Level Life Caramel Chocolate Peanut Protein Snack Bar – Single Bar $1.17
2 SunButter Creamy Sunflower Seed Spread – 1.1 oz each – 0.41 each
I’ve been in search of a protein powder but have no idea which brand to go with! I’m glad Fit Snack sent two different flavors so I try them both! Each packet contains 10 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber – which is half a serving according to the information card. There are no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or added colors. I’m thinking of making a smoothie with one of the samples to make it taste better – I remember not liking the taste of Vanilla Bean protein shakes from my last encounter!
This probably sounds silly but I got super excited when I saw the protein snack bar! As a person who gets hungry every 3-4 hours, I’m always in search of bars that will keep me full long enough until classes are over. Not only does this bar sound delicious, it’s gluten free, and designed to support healthy blood sugar and fight hunger! Each bar contains 11 grams of protein, 4 grams of sugar, and 140 calories – not sure how this rates in the “fit/healthy” world but this sounds very appealing to me considering the “healthy” bars I’ve been eating 6-7 grams of protein and more than 10 grams of sugar.
I’m not a huge fan of peanut butter/almond butter but I’ve never tried sunflower seed spread before – it’s peanut free and gluten free! The information card says SunButter is a great alternative to peanut butter because it contains 1/3 less saturated fat, is higher in fiber, vitamin E, zinc, iron, and potassium! I’ll definitely give this a shot!

Compete Energy Bites in Chocolate – FULL SIZE! $4.49
Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie in Lemon Poppy Seed – 1 cookie $2.08
Oven Baked Organics Gluten Free Pancake Mix – 6.91 oz $5.00
I literally ripped open the box of chocolate energy bites right after taking these photos. I had no ideas energy supplements like these exist! These bites taste delicious and the warning label says you shouldn’t eat more than 3 in a day – thank god I read that because I was ready to devour all 6 in less than 5 minutes. Each bite comes 135 mg of caffeine – which is comparable to 12 oz of premium coffee. I did feel a little jittery and somewhat energized after eating this, which was surprising since caffeine doesn’t really affect me unless I take a huge amount of it. These energy bites come in either chocolate or mocha and I’m really tempted to buy the mocha flavored ones!
I don’t know about you guys but a Lemon Poppy Seed cookie sounds disgusting I think it’s just the idea of poppy seeds. I’m still going to try it and hopefully it tastes better than it sounds! This cookie has 16 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber and is vegan! One cookie has 22 grams of iron so yeah, that’s a huge incentive for me to try this out since I’m anemic! Let me know if you’ve ever had cookies in this flavor – I’d really love to know what you guys think of it!
I feel like I’m saying this about everything in this box but I’m excited for this pancake mix – I’ll be making this for breakfast in the near future! It’s made from organic whole grains and legumes! It’s gluten free, has no artificials anything, no additives, no preservatives, and no fillers. I couldn’t find an exact price on their website, it said 3 packets of their pancake mixes are $15 but there were no specifics on how many ounces each packet consisted, so I’m going to assume each packet contains 6.91 ounces.

Simply 7 Lentil Chips w/ Sea Salt – 0.8 oz $1.00
Simply 7 Quinoa Chips 1/ Sea Salt – 0.8 oz $1.00
Both of these sound pretty good, however, I’m leaning towards the quinoa chips more! These chips have all natural ingredients and they’re all Non-GMO, gluten free, and kosher. The quinoa chips have 7 grams of protein and can I just say how I love their ingredient list is super short with words I can actually pronounce and understand without the help of google.

Fit Snack Veggie Chips – 2.75 oz $??
Fit Snack Raw Almond and Pumpkin Seed Mix – 3 oz $??
It seems like these aren’t sold on their website or anywhere else online so I don’t have a price to list. Again, I’m very excited to try these out, all the other veggie chips I’ve tried in the past have been delicious so I’m sure I’ll like these. I’ve never been the one to eat pumpkin seeds – they’ve never been appealing to me but I’ll definitely give the mix a try. There is no sodium or added sugar in the nut mix and the veggie chips are lower in sodium, free from harmful fats and cholesterol, and have a high source of vitamin A!
The total value of this box is $19.98 – without the two Fit Snack items! I’m sure with the cost of the last two products, the value will be around $24 – the price of a box and shipping but I’m not sure if it would reach the $30 they said on their website.
I’m not upset over the value of the box because it contained 10 different products that I’m SUPER excited to try! Plus, I’m not the type of person who’s going to go out  and purchase all of these items – I prefer sampling them first before buying them in full sizes. I also really like how they try to meet their “Perfect 10” checklist with each box! However, I do wish I knew the values of the Fit Snack products so I could compute a more accurate estimate but maybe they’ll sell these on their website in the near future!
I recommend trying out Fit Snack if you’re into trying out healthier options!
They have a contest going on right now where you can win a free Fit Snack box!
Also, if you use my Fit Snack link, you will receive a free gym bag when subscribing to any of their plans! ($10 value!)

I received this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and I would not promote an item if I did not think it would spark interest to my readers.


LuxePineapple Build Your Own Box of Joy Review

First off, let me just say how excited I was to FINALLY get this! Mail was delayed for a few days because of the crazy weather but it seems like the worst is over.
UPDATE: LuxePineapple does not currently have the option to create your on Box of Joy as I was able to. They will be releasing other boxes soon so be sure you’re following them on Instagram and Twitter!
What is LuxePineapple?
LuxePineapple is not a subscription service. They release about 3-4 different Boxes of Joy , filled with beauty products, each month and they’re available until supplies last. From my knowledge, they seem to sell out super quick! They also release Mystery Boxes of Joy from time to time, and the ones I’ve seen so far have included incredible products! Some brands LuxePineapple includes in their boxes and shop are Mac, Laura Geller, Too Faced, Kiehls, Lancome, Tarte – and according to their Instagram, they’ll be including Urban Decay and NYX products soon!
A great thing about LuxePineapple is that they offer some awesome deals in their shop – as you’ll see with my Box of Joy!
When I first visited their website, I thought it was too good to be true since some high end products had such a huge discount! They included this explanation as to how they offer low prices:
We work the same way that large retailers like TJ MAXX do.  It’s not a secret. Manufacturers liquidate overstocks, discontinueds, excess testers, or “old” packaging after a package update.  We buy in big quantities and pass along the savings to you. We keep our overhead low so we’re able to keep our prices low too.  We DO NOT buy shelf pull items, we DO NOT buy product from China, we DO NOT buy “fake” products.  After working in professional beauty for a decade it took me  a year prior to our launch to find and vet our vendors. We think we have the greatest products  at the best prices and work hard daily to keep it this way.
Not all Boxes of Joy cost the same price, the ones I’ve seen so far cost from $10 – $25. The Build Your Own Boxes have various prices since you get to decide on how many item you’d like to include! My favorite thing about LuxePineapple is that shipping is FREE – but only in the US. If you live outside of the US, you can email them and they’ll give you a quote on shipping.
Onto my box!
I was originally going to review one of the pre-made Boxes of Joy from LuxePineapple but when they came out with the  ”build your own box” option, they asked me if I’d rather try that! Although I did get to choose the items, LuxePineapple gave me store credit in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

The packaging is gorgeous! I love the box they put it in – it reminded me of Birchbox and the way they tied it up reminded me of Glossybox!
I noticed some of my products were covered with some dust or something – not sure what it was.

My box came with this cute card and I think keychain they added was super cute!

Laura Geller Accessor-Eyes Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner & WOW Factor Mascara – $20.00
Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Eyeshadow in Enchanted Garden – $17.00
I’ve never owned any Laura Geller products so I was really excited when I saw this in the shop! I thought it was perfect to get since I just finished the gel liner I was using and the mascara will probably be given to my mom since she goes through them super quick.
I love Too Faced and I just HAD to have this shadow, it’s such a pretty shimmery dark brown! They had tons of other colors in their shop when I purchased this one but many of them have sold out since I last checked.

Kleancolor Kabuki Brush – $4.50
Kiehls Mahvelous Muave Lip Gloss – $6.50
I thought this Kabuki Brush was cute and I’ve never tried this brand before. The bristles aren’t super soft and you can see from the photo that the hairs are already starting to come off – but it was only $4.50 so I wasn’t expecting it to be luxurious.
I know the Kiehls lip gloss is discontinued I wanted to check it out anyways so I thought why not?!
The total price of my box was $48.00 but stop – wait a minute! (am I the only one who laughed? yes? okay moving on)
With the Build Your Own Box of Joy – you can use coupon code “CUSTOMBOX” to get 50% off your order BUT you have to have $30 of items in your cart!
So the total cost of my box was $24 with free shipping  (do you hear angels singing because I do!)
For the price, I think it’s a great deal! I do wish I waited to place my order though because they just added some Mac Blushettes for $12.50! Who knows though, I may build another box just for those!
Anywho, I do recommend checking out LuxePineapple if you’d like to purchase beauty products at a discounted price and don’t mind if it’s old packaging or whatnot!
I’m definitely looking forward to the NYX box they announced on Twitter – which should be coming out in a few weeks!
Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I received this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and I would not promote an item if I did not think it would spark interest to my readers.


EOS Berry Blossom Hand Lotion Review

Hey everyone! Classes are cancelled for today so I thought I’d finally post a short review on this hand lotion many of you were asking me about!
I got this EOS Hand Lotion in a birthday swap back in November but didn’t get around to using it until about a week ago.
A little info on the lotion itself:
The EOS Hand Lotions cost $1.99 and can be found in various places such as Target and Ulta. It’s paraben free, is made up of shea butter, oats, and aloe, has a light, floral scent, and lastly, it’s supposed to have a 24 hour moisturizing effect.
My thoughts:
I wasn’t expecting much from this since I wasn’t too fond of the EOS balms but I have to say that the packaging is super cute! It’s sleek and I love how it fits perfectly into my palms! I thought it would become harder to squeeze out the lotion as time went on but surprisingly I’ve had no issues at all so far!

That being said, I’m not in love with this lotion itself, it doesn’t moisturize my skin well – I had to constantly reapply it BUT it is winter so that was expected. However, most of my other lotions are more moisturizing than this one so I’ll probably just keep this in my car or something and keep another lotion in my purse. I’m not saying this is terrible, but it’s not the best for ME – I’m positive others might be in love with this!

Would I buy this product in the future?
The answer is yes…I know it’s strange but I’m in love with the packaging and although it’s not my favorite lotion, maybe it’ll work better once winter is over!
But let’s be real, I’ll be buying it just for the packing.