Hello lovelies!

I am SO excited to be writing this post because it means my garland from Prairie Charms has arrived!

The Kleenex is to hide the shipping label 😛

Prairie Charms is a boutique based in the UK and they specialize in all things girly, quirky, and whimsical! They sell handmade accessories as well as jewelry, cute packaging supplies, paper straws, and more! I really appreciate that Prairie Charms‘s international shipping is £2.50 – it’s a lot more affordable than other international shipping! 

Something else I love about them is that they donate 10% of their proceeds to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, Kiss it Better Campaign! Also, they have some of the nicest customer service ever! The beauties I have been in contact with have been nothing but sweet!

Anywho ~ let’s get to the garland, shall we?

Prairie Charms tweeted me a few weeks ago about creating my own decorative garland for their #GarlandsForGOSH campaign and I couldn’t resist!

Their garland service is usually usually £25 but I was able to get mine at a discounted rate – £10 (about $15) + shipping so how could I say no? I’ve been wanting a garland for my room since forever but was never able to find one I really liked. 

Prairie Charms let me choose what colors I wanted my tassels to be and they created a 5 foot garland super quick! I chose the colors burgundy and matte gold since I’m obsessed with that color scheme at the moment!

I am really happy with how my garland turned out! It’s the perfect length and Prairie Charms even included two extra tassels in my box!

I love that these tassels can be used in numerous ways! I’ll be keeping it above my bed for the most part but I plan to use it in my living room when I hold a family gathering!

Do any of you use decorative garlands? Do you have any suggestions on other places to use them? Let me know in the comments!

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