Sephora’s VIB sale is only a few days away and I decided to try and create a list of products to purchase with the 20% of coupon!

Last year was a complete mess when I went into the Sephora with no idea what to get – I ended up forgetting products I was almost out of and got things I barely used. So here’s a few products I’m thinking of buying:

I bought the Lolita Lip Duo and loved this color so I really want a full size before I run out of the deluxe size one!
I don’t own many highlighters and this would be the perfect palette for me since it includes all the shades I want to try – mainly the shade Jaclyn Hill created!
I blame Celina for making me want this ? but in all honesty, this is a beautiful palette and I don’t own anything from Tarte yet.

My holy grail eyeliner – I used mine up about a month ago and have been waiting to replace it. I thought this was $20 when I last bought it but maybe I got it mixed up with another liquid liner.

I’ve seen lots of people prefer this eyeliner to the Stila so with 20% I think it’s worth a try to see what the fuss is about. Hopefully I like it a lot since it’s a few bucks cheaper than my holy grail!
I’ve heard great things about this so I want to give a couple shades a try! Hopefully the ones I want are in stock.

I’m still in search for the perfect foundation that provides full coverage and is suitable for my dry, sensitive skin. I really want to try either this or a Makeup Forever one!
I’ve been wanting to try this for SO long but I refuse to pay such a hefty price for a primer. I’m not sure if I’ll be buying this during the sell but we shall see! 
So these are the products I’d really like to splurge on during the sale at the end of the week! Will I buy all of these? Heck no! I would love to go on a major splurge but that’s not in my budget at the moment. I also had Kat Von D’s Mi Vida Loca palette and a contour kit on my wish list but my wonderful aunt and cousin actually bought both for me for my birthday! I’m so blessed to have them support my crazy makeup madness! 
What are your picks for the VIB sale? If you’re Rouge, what did you purchase this past weekend? I’d love some suggestions on what to check out!
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