Mocha Box is a fairly new subscription service and I was super pleased when I found out they wanted me to review a box for them!

Mocha Box is a monthly subscription service that sends three bags of coffee to your doorstep! They have different plans, the cheapest is $20.99/month where you’ll get three 2 oz bags and the other plan is $22.99/month where you’ll get three 4 oz bags!

I was super excited to receive this box because I’m a HUGE coffee addict and I love trying new flavors!


The packaging was really nice! The box itself was really flimsy but they sent it within a bigger box so there was zero damage! I also loved the way they had a sticker of my name on the box, it felt more personalized!

Each box comes with a detailed card that lists the types of coffee you received!


Onto the contents


Zombie Desert: A Medium Roast from Haiti

Haitian Hound: A Dark Roast from Haiti

Both of these are organic and DELICIOUS! The Zombie Desert has a bit of an almond taste plus a hint of pear. This flavor was completely new to me and I really enjoyed trying it! The Haitian Hound was super delicious! I’m a fan of dark roasts and this one was crazy rich! I’d definitely buy more of this in the future!


Stafford 350: A Dark Roast of South American and African Beans

Bonus Item: Sumatra Mandheling: A French Roast from Indonesia

Another dark roast! I was so happy seeing this because I’ve never tried South American/African coffee before! It was delicious and I’m a huge fan of this as well! The Sumatra Mandheling was delicious as well! It had more of an earthly flavor and I’d probably buy this one again too! They also added a snack but I haven’t tried it yet!

I was super pleased with my Mocha Box, I’ll definitely be purchasing more coffee beans from at least two of the brands, if not all four!

I seriously recommend subscribing to Mocha Box if you’re a coffee lover! It’s a great way to discover new, tasty brands and flavors! The samples are great sizes and will last you a while!

I received this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and I would not promote an item if I did not think it would spark interest to my readers.