Today I’m sharing a few skin care products I am obsessed with! These products truly have given my skin a whole new life. My skin has been noticeably smoother, less irritated, more glowy and youthful with the use of these products. Some of these products have been in my routine for years while others a few months. Nevertheless, they’re all ride or die for me.

20 Skin Care Favorites - Skin Care Products That Gives Me Clear, Smooth Skin

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The following products are listed in order as I use them:

Fourth Ray Beauty BFP Oil Cleanser

Fourth Ray Beauty aka the sister brand to ColourPop! When I learned of this brand, I knew I had to try some, if not all the products they offered. The day of the launch I bought their Come Clean Cleansing Duo which includes their BFP Oil Cleanser and AM to PM Gel Cleanser.

This oil cleanser is gentle and removes makeup, sebum, sunscreen, and basically all the gunk you need off your skin. I haven’t had to use makeup wipes or a cleansing water ever since I incorporated this into my routine. I use it morning and night before the gel cleanser.

20 Skin Care Favorites - Skin Care Products That Gives Me Clear, Smooth Skin

Fourth Ray Beauty AM to PM Gel Cleanser

The gel cleanser is meant to draw out impurities to give a deeper cleanse. My favorite thing about this cleanser (besides the fact that it really does an incredible job removing all impurities) is that it’s perfect for sensitive skin – as is the oil cleanser! I use this twice daily and my skin always feels so clean and healthy!

Derma E Microdermabrasion Scrub

I’ve been a fan of this scrub for YEARS. It has improved my skin texture dramatically after all the acne damage. It’s very fine and perfect for sensitive skin. It does a great job of removing dead skin cells and clearing the skin while being gentle at the same time. I use this 3 times a week.

Son and Parks Beauty Water

One of my best friends introduced me to this beauty water earlier this year and I’ve been hooked ever since. It is SO good for my skin and can be used in a multitude of ways! I personally use it as toner but it can also be used as an exfoliator and makeup remover. Also, it’s perfect for all skin types. I HIGHLY recommend trying this out.

Fresh Beauty Black Tea Kombucha Essence

This Essence is perfect for all skin types. It’s designed to protect skin and enhance luminosity. I’m loyal to this essence because it reduced skin irritation and actually made my skin feel healthier.

20 Skin Care Favorites - Skin Care Products That Gives Me Clear, Smooth Skin

Shiseido Sun Protection Lotion

This year I learned the major importance of sunscreen. I rarely incorporated sunscreen into my routine unless it was for a time I knew I was going to be outdoors all day. What I love about this sunscreen is that it’s great for sensitive skin and isn’t insanely greasy. Moreover, makeup sits really well on top of this sunscreen.

Sunday Riley Luna Oil

Magic in a bottle. Seriously, this retinol oil makes my skin look AND feel plump and improves signs of aging. I noticed a difference in the texture of my skin the first week of using it. I actually bought this in the duo set – the Power Couple Duo: Total Transformation Kit. Let me just tell you, this duo lives up to it’s name. It really transforms your skin and QUICK.

20 Skin Care Favorites - Skin Care Products That Gives Me Clear, Smooth Skin

Sunday Riley Good Genes

I use this every evening after my Luna Oil. It’s a lactic acid treatment that smoothes your skin and diminishes visible fine lines and dark spots. I cannot say enough good things about this and the Luna Oil, they are SO good and very much worth every penny.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum

Another product that’s magic in a bottle. I felt a difference in my skin texture the FIRST night I used it. I can see why this is highly loved and raved about by many! It instantly provides luminosity and hydration and helps reduce the look of aging.

Drunk Elephant Hydration Gel

I use this on the drier parts of my skin – my chin, the sides of my mouth, and my nose. My nose is complicated, it’s super oily yet is dry and flakey at the same time. This gel delivers an insane amount of hydration without that heavy, greasy feeling. It’s a miracle worker!

20 Skin Care Favorites - Skin Care Products That Gives Me Clear, Smooth Skin

Algenist Liquid Collagen

Another miracle worker. I have been addicted to this stuff since the day of it’s release. It improves firmness and dullness like no other! Plus, it really helps the skin feel healthier. This product is full of microalgae oil beads that help with anti aging.

Sunday Riley CEO Moisturizer

I love this moisturizer for when my skin is on the drier side. It’s insanely hydrating and thick but in a good way. It doesn’t leave a greasy or heavy feeling at all!

Fresh Beauty Youth Preserve Face Cream

I use this moisturizer daily – it’s perfect for all skin types and is lightweight yet super effective in providing hydration and battling signs of aging.

Belif Eye Bomb

This eye cream is a favorite because it feels very refreshing and hydrating. It moisturizes and boosts elasticity and feels very lightweight on the skin!

Dr. Brandt No More Baggage Eye Depuffer

This is something I save for special occasions. It dramatically reduces the look of under eye bags – I’ve never used anything like this! I use it on top of my eye cream during my morning and night routine.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

I pull this overnight mask out mainly during Winter and Spring since that’s when my skin is the driest. It adds such a great amount of hydration to the skin, I’ve been using it for years and always keep it in my bedside drawer!

Fresh Beauty Peony Brightening Night Treatment Mask

I use this twice a week, it helps me battle my uneven skin tone and helps with overall hydration! It also helps smooth skin texture. I noticed a difference with the texture on my forehead, it’s so much more smoother, like a dream come true!

20 Skin Care Favorites - Skin Care Products That Gives Me Clear, Smooth Skin

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

I use this lip mask every night, I have super chapped lips and this does a great overnight prep for my choice of matte lipstick for the next day! This was insanely hyped and I can understand why. It’s not a disgusting, goopy feeling like other lip masks I’ve tried and it really does smooth your lips.


If you’re looking to fade acne scars QUICK, you need Sudocrem in your life! I have a dedicated blog post all about it, give it a read here!

Derma E Scar Gel

I use this very often, especially during Summer when my skin is a bit more irritated compared to the rest of the year. It helps fade scars and soothes skin. I love it because it’s super lightweight and absorbs into the skin quickly! Sometimes I prefer this to Sudocrem because it’s not as messy so I can use it during the day whereas Sudocrem I have to limit to nightly use. Keep in mind though, Sudocrem’s results are much faster!

20 Skin Care Favorites - Skin Care Products That Gives Me Clear, Smooth Skin

Those 20 of my favorite skin care products! They’re each so magical and do wonderful things for my skin. What are your favorite skin care products? I’d love to know!

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