Summer is in full swing and the heat is no joke! All of these items  were a savior for me during the recent heat wave. They’re things I use often and were perfect to take on outings, making them great essentials for Summer!

Summer Essentials to Survive the Heat

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Whether you’re going to the beach, park, pool, or elsewhere this Summer, these items are a must have!


Let’s start with skincare – y’all know I am HUGE into skincare and am always looking for products that are effective. A little information about my skin type – I have combination skin that is sensitive and also suffer from redness, dry spots, and acne.

Colleen Rothschild is a brand that delivers effective products. I’ve used their Radiant Cleansing Balm for YEARS and absolutely love it. In fact, it’s a cult favorite and one of their best sellers! The Radiant Cleansing Balm removes impurities and leaves my skin soft and radiant. You can use it day and night, it’ll remove ALL your makeup at the end of the day and leave your skin feeling fresh and fine. What I REALLY love about it is that it makes my skin more luminous with consistent daily use. Gotta have that natural glow!

Summer Essentials to Survive the Heat

Two other Colleen Rothschild products I use in my day to day Summer routine are their the Matcha Tea Treatment Toner and Sheer Renewal Cream. I LOVE me some skincare infused with Kombucha Black Tea which is why I enjoy the Matcha Tea Treatment Toner. It not only has the Kombucha Black Tea but also Japanese Green Tea to detoxify and protect pores, help fight bacteria to reduce future breakouts, and minimize the appearance of redness. The Sheer Renewal Cream on the other hand has Multifruit® BSC that accelerates cell turnover. I use this cream both day and night and love that it’s oil free. It provides the perfect amount of hydration for my combo skin!

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Let’s continue with skincare for the next essential to beat the heat. Sunscreen. Having a good sunscreen in your routine is ESSENTIAL, especially for Summer! I like the Anti-Aging AntiOxidant Sunscreen from Ozeaderma. It has SPF35 and is a natural sunscreen with their plant-based formula that is free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic perfumes, dyes, and petroleum by-products. It blends into my skin quick and easy and is non greasy. It’s perfect to throw in your tote for beach days and picnics! I also use this daily before my workouts.

You can save 10% on all Ozeaderma orders now through the end of August 2019 with code SUNNY.

Summer Essentials to Survive the Heat

Hair Care

Moving on to hair care. I like my hair to be ultra shiny and glossy during the Summer since it’s when I’m out and about the most. UNWINED by Hask is something I’ve been using to attain just that! Their White Wine Shampoo and Conditioner nourish hair and and adds shine to all hair types. It’s full of great ingredients like grape seed oil that helps smooth hair cuticles and prevents frizz, reservatrol which helps restore hair and protects it, and wine extract that helps rejuvenate hair. Plus, it’s free of sulfates parabens, phthalates, gluten. Drying alcohol, and artificial colors.

Summer Essentials to Survive the Heat


Let’s switch gears and talk about Summer drinks. I don’t know about you but I consume a TON of iced tea in the heat. My go to this Summer has been from Straight Up Iced Tea. They’re perfect to put in coolers for beach days and there are flavors for everyone. There’s Straight Up Sweet Tea that’s brewed with real sugar. There’s Straight Up Unsweet Tea for gals like me who prefer the simple and delicious taste of black tea alone. And then there’s Straight Up Sorta Sweet Tea for those who want a hint of sugar!

Summer Essentials to Survive the Heat


The last Summer essential I want to share with you is a good pair of sunnies. I love my sunglasses from Zenni. They’re affordable, stylish, fingerprint resistant, and have anti-reflective coating. They’re super fun and you can create your own custom look with their different color options! I relied on this pair of sunnies during my recent drive to Alabama and always make sure to have it nearby. This pair is so stylish and cute!

Summer Essentials to Survive the Heat

What are your Summer essentials to beat the heat? Let me know in the comments!

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