LuxePineapple Build Your Own Box of Joy Review

First off, let me just say how excited I was to FINALLY get this! Mail was delayed for a few days because of the crazy weather but it seems like the worst is over.
UPDATE: LuxePineapple does not currently have the option to create your on Box of Joy as I was able to. They will be releasing other boxes soon so be sure you’re following them on Instagram and Twitter!
What is LuxePineapple?
LuxePineapple is not a subscription service. They release about 3-4 different Boxes of Joy , filled with beauty products, each month and they’re available until supplies last. From my knowledge, they seem to sell out super quick! They also release Mystery Boxes of Joy from time to time, and the ones I’ve seen so far have included incredible products! Some brands LuxePineapple includes in their boxes and shop are Mac, Laura Geller, Too Faced, Kiehls, Lancome, Tarte – and according to their Instagram, they’ll be including Urban Decay and NYX products soon!
A great thing about LuxePineapple is that they offer some awesome deals in their shop – as you’ll see with my Box of Joy!
When I first visited their website, I thought it was too good to be true since some high end products had such a huge discount! They included this explanation as to how they offer low prices:
We work the same way that large retailers like TJ MAXX do.  It’s not a secret. Manufacturers liquidate overstocks, discontinueds, excess testers, or “old” packaging after a package update.  We buy in big quantities and pass along the savings to you. We keep our overhead low so we’re able to keep our prices low too.  We DO NOT buy shelf pull items, we DO NOT buy product from China, we DO NOT buy “fake” products.  After working in professional beauty for a decade it took me  a year prior to our launch to find and vet our vendors. We think we have the greatest products  at the best prices and work hard daily to keep it this way.
Not all Boxes of Joy cost the same price, the ones I’ve seen so far cost from $10 – $25. The Build Your Own Boxes have various prices since you get to decide on how many item you’d like to include! My favorite thing about LuxePineapple is that shipping is FREE – but only in the US. If you live outside of the US, you can email them and they’ll give you a quote on shipping.
Onto my box!
I was originally going to review one of the pre-made Boxes of Joy from LuxePineapple but when they came out with the  ”build your own box” option, they asked me if I’d rather try that! Although I did get to choose the items, LuxePineapple gave me store credit in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

The packaging is gorgeous! I love the box they put it in – it reminded me of Birchbox and the way they tied it up reminded me of Glossybox!
I noticed some of my products were covered with some dust or something – not sure what it was.

My box came with this cute card and I think keychain they added was super cute!

Laura Geller Accessor-Eyes Inkwell Waterproof Gel Liner & WOW Factor Mascara – $20.00
Too Faced Exotic Color Intense Eyeshadow in Enchanted Garden – $17.00
I’ve never owned any Laura Geller products so I was really excited when I saw this in the shop! I thought it was perfect to get since I just finished the gel liner I was using and the mascara will probably be given to my mom since she goes through them super quick.
I love Too Faced and I just HAD to have this shadow, it’s such a pretty shimmery dark brown! They had tons of other colors in their shop when I purchased this one but many of them have sold out since I last checked.

Kleancolor Kabuki Brush – $4.50
Kiehls Mahvelous Muave Lip Gloss – $6.50
I thought this Kabuki Brush was cute and I’ve never tried this brand before. The bristles aren’t super soft and you can see from the photo that the hairs are already starting to come off – but it was only $4.50 so I wasn’t expecting it to be luxurious.
I know the Kiehls lip gloss is discontinued I wanted to check it out anyways so I thought why not?!
The total price of my box was $48.00 but stop – wait a minute! (am I the only one who laughed? yes? okay moving on)
With the Build Your Own Box of Joy – you can use coupon code “CUSTOMBOX” to get 50% off your order BUT you have to have $30 of items in your cart!
So the total cost of my box was $24 with free shipping  (do you hear angels singing because I do!)
For the price, I think it’s a great deal! I do wish I waited to place my order though because they just added some Mac Blushettes for $12.50! Who knows though, I may build another box just for those!
Anywho, I do recommend checking out LuxePineapple if you’d like to purchase beauty products at a discounted price and don’t mind if it’s old packaging or whatnot!
I’m definitely looking forward to the NYX box they announced on Twitter – which should be coming out in a few weeks!
Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. I received this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and I would not promote an item if I did not think it would spark interest to my readers.


February 2015 Birchbox Review

I wasn’t expecting my Birchbox since I didn’t get an email for tracking but I’m glad it randomly showed up in my mailbox a few days ago!
For those who don’t know, Birchbox is a monthly beauty sampling subscription service that costs $10/month!
Birchbox is one of my favorite subscription services because I find myself actually using and loving everything (or almost everything) I receive! I’ve discovered many new brands from this sub!
Another reason I love Birchbox is their INCREDIBLE point system! For every item in your box you review, you receive 10 Birchbox points, which is equal to $1 in the Birchbox store. Something new they started this year is if you share your Birchbox on FB or Twitter you will get an additional 10 points! These points add up super fast since you can get $6 or more worth of store credit each month!

I am in love with February’s box! This month’s theme is Friendship – This month’s box is dedicated to the people who cheer us on, calm us down, and make us laugh so hard we cry.
Birchbox sent out a new coupon code, “BENEFITGIFT”, where you can get a free Benefit Cosmetics The Porefessional Primer Deluxe Mini with any Full Size Benefit Purchase from 2/9-2/26!
Each box comes with a card detailing the products sent to you

I was hoping for a Beauty Blender this month but no luck this time..hopefully they sample those again soon!

Marcelle Gentle Make-up Remover for Sensitive Eyes: 50 mL – $5.00
The Balm Read My Lips Lip Gloss in BAM!: .08 oz – $4.00
The Marcelle was my sample choice for this month since I never used a liquid makeup remover before – I’m always used face wipes and honestly prefer those better. I’ve been using this since I got it and I’m happy to say it didn’t irritate my eyes! I don’t see myself reaching for it often unless I run out of my face wipes – but who knows, maybe this will grow on me!
I’ve always wanted to try The Balm and I do like this lip gloss but the shade isn’t for me, I wish they sent out something a tiny bit darker! The formula is a little sticky but not the point where it bothers me. I’ll probably find someone to send this off to!

BeeKind Conditioner: 1 oz – $1.88
Derma E Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Scrub: 1 oz – $3.19
Proper Bar Soap: 1 oz – $2.40
The BeeKind conditioner is made from honey and organic calendula, and it’s supposed to soften hair and add shine. I’m going to pass on this sample because it’s barely enough for one use – I’ll probably pass it along to someone else who’s interested in it. One thing I like is that it’s paraben and phthalates free!
I’m super excited to try the Derma E because one of my friends loves this brand and had nothing but great things to say about it! Plus I will never say no to an exfoliator, this one is an all natural cleanser that fades dark spots, cleans pores, and takes off dead skin. I’m glad they sent a nice sample size of this, I’ll be able to use it plenty of times to see how it works with my skin!
The last item I got is the soap – it’s a French-milled soap that hydrates skin and is made with shea and olive oils. I wasn’t excited about this product but I do want to try it and see why a one bar costs $12!
The total value of my box this month is $16.47 – not bad considering this only cost $10. I wasn’t impressed with the contents of my box this month but I can never get super upset with Birchbox since I’ll get $6.00 in store credit for reviewing my products and sharing my box on Twitter or Facebook!
What are your thoughts on February’s Birchbox? If you would like to subscribe, you can so here!
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Beauteque Monthly February 2015 BB Bag Review

Beauteque launched a new website for their subscription service not too long ago and they kindly sent me their February BB Bag to review!
For those who don’t know, Beauteque is one of my favorite websites to shop at when I’m looking for beauty and skincare products from the Eastern side of the world! They have an AMAZING variety of products – I’m particularly addicted to their sheet masks!
This month’s BB Bag contains 8 full sized items that are a variety of beauty, skincare, and lifestyle products and the cool thing is that you can customize some of your products each month or you can decide not to customize at all and the Beauteque team will choose for you!
Here’s a breakdown of the different plans and prices:

  • $24 + shipping for 1 month.
  • $24 + shipping for 3 months PLUS an additional full sized item with each BB Bag!
  • #23 + shipping for 6 months PLUS an additional full sized item with each BB Bag PLUS a gift set valued at $50 with the last BB Bag of the subscription period!
  • $22 + shipping for 12 months PLUS an additional full sized item with each bag PLUS a gift set valued at $100 with the last BB Bag of the subscription period!
  • The shipping fees are 3.95 for the US, $5.95 for Canada, and $8.95 for Europe.
  • If you subscribe by the 15th of the month, you will receive the BB Bag of that month, if you subscribe after the 15th, you will receive the BB Bag for the next month.

Let’s dig into February’s bag!

Each bag comes with a card detailing the products inside:

Onto the products:

NextBeau Collagen/Elasticity Wrinkle Piggy Mask Pack $2.50
Humanpia Costech Arbutin Essence Mask: $2.50
It’s Skin Mango White Lip and Eye Remover Tissue: $5.00
Etude House Collagen Eye Patch: $3.99
Yay for sheet masks! I was so excited to see two of them in this bag, and I haven’t tried either of these brands before so I can’t wait to try them out! The Piggy Mask moisturizes the skin and keeps it vibrant, plus it contains wrinkle improvement raw material and hyaluronic acid, which helps your skin retain water and fights off wrinkles and signs of aging. The Humanpia Costech mask restores flexibility in skin!
The It’s Skin tissues smell soooo good, the scent is super light! I know the packaging says it’s only meant for your eyes and lips but I’m wondering if I can get away with using it on my full face. Hopefully these will motivate me to take off my eyeliner thoroughly each night – I’m the worst when it comes to that off!
I’ve never used an eye patch before but I’m definitely intrigued by these! They’re meant to revitalize and improve appearance near your eyes and they’re from Etude House – one of the brands I really like!

Tony Moly Petit Art Perfume Mist in Romantic Pink: $12.00
Hair Spa Towel: $9.99
This was one of the three items we were able to customize! The perfume mist scent is super light and sort of florally and I’m usually not into floral scents but I really like this one! It’s meant to be sprayed all over your body after you take a shower.
I’ve always wanted one of these hair towels and I’m so happy Beauteque included one in this BB Bag! I’m definitely going to use this all the time and I love the color!
A’Pieu Nonoco Tea Tree Emulsion: 12.99
E Choice Peptide Cream: $14.99
Skinfood Black Bean Eyebrow Pencil in Black Brown: $11.00
I LOVE tea tree! I love it as an oil, I love it in my facial masks, I love it in my shampoo, and you can bet I will love it in this emulsion! I’ve been using it for 2 days now so I can’t really tell if it’s making a difference but it hasn’t shown any negative effects so I’m super glad about that! This emulsion provides moisture and the tea tree oil reduces redness and acne.
These last two products were also customizable! I didn’t know whether to choose the peptide or ceramide cream so I literally did a coin toss – not the smartest decision but I just couldn’t decide! The peptide cream is an all in one cream (softener, lotion, and cream) and has an anti wrinkle functionality.
The last product in this bag was an eyebrow pencil and I’m not expert at filling in my brows, I just started using brow products a few weeks ago so I have tons to learn! This pencil was a perfect shade for my brows and had a natural finish!
The total value of February’s BB Bag is close to $75! That’s an incredible value for the price!
This month’s bag had a ton more skincare products as opposed to makeup but I, personally, didn’t mind because I’ve been super into skincare since the new year began!
If you’re interested in subscribing to the Beauteque Monthly BB Bag, you can do so here! 
I received this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and I would not promote an item if I did not think it would spark interest to my readers.


January Beauty Empties

I’ve always seen and watched monthly empties and thought it would be fun to post my own! I don’t have nearly as many products as most people do but I’m excited to share what I did finish up using this month!

Mac Sheer Pressed Powder in NC42
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 in No. 31
I love both of these products so much! Mac’s powder is the only one I’ve ever used and probably the only one I’ll continue to use. It really does make my skin look flawless and I’m so glad my aunt bought me another one for my birthday last year so I don’t have to go and repurchase this for awhile!
I’ve never tried any Missha products before I got this sample of the BB Cream in one of my Ipsy bags last summer. I was hesitant to use it at first but I fell in love with this BB Cream right away! It was super natural looking and is said to prevent wrinkles and fade dark spots. I’m definitely going to buy a full size if I don’t find another sample size from someone!

Smashbox Photo Finish More than A Primer Blemish Control
Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer
I got the Blemish Control I purchased in a mystery box and it definitely has become my favorite primer! I prefer this primer over Smashbox’s original primer and bought another at Ulta last week! Fun fact: Buying two travel sized Smashbox primers is equivalent to the full size primer and it’s 12 bucks cheaper!
I got the Smashbox Lid Primer in the Smashbox Try It Kit last spring and fell in love with it as well! I definitely prefer Urban Decay’s Primer Potion over everything but this is definitely my second choice! I actually got another Smashbox Try It Kit in a Christmas Swap so I’m glad I’ll have another one of these to use!

Origins Trio: Modern Friction Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion, Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask, and Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask
I bought this trio from Sephora on Black Friday for $10 and regret not buying multiple sets! I love Origin’s Clear Improvement Mask and wanted to try other products by them so this was the perfect opportunity. The Modern Friction was a great exfoliator and super gentle for my sensitive skin! I really really loved the Drink Up Intensive, it worked perfectly with my dry patches and was super moisturizing! I already purchased a full size Clear Improvement, which should be arriving next week, but I’m waiting to use up my other exfoliators and masks similar to this before buying full sizes of the Modern Friction and Drink Up Intensive.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More
Iope Cleansing Foam
Royal Apothic Cuppa Cuppa Firming Tea Mask
The Dr. Brandt and Royal Apothic are both samples I received from Birchbox! I had high hopes for the Dr. Brandt since I saw so many people raving about it but in all honestly, I couldn’t see any different after using it and will not be purchasing the full size. The Royal Apothic was also another mask many people were raving about and I really liked it as well! I loved how my skin felt after using it and want to purchase a full size when I get more Birchbox points!
My last empty is the Iope Cleansing Foam I bought a few weeks before my move to Kentucky, it lasted way longer than I expected it to! I love this cleansing foam because it was really gentle and didn’t dry out my skin like other cleansers have. I do have another one of these but I’m trying out a cleanser from Philosophy right now so I probably won’t use the next Iope one for a while.
So those are my empties, not too exciting but it was fun to figure out which products I’ll plan on repurchasing and which products to cross off my list forever!


January 2015 Lip Monthly Review

For those who don’t know, Lip Monthly is a monthly subscription service that costs $10/month. Each month, Lip Monthly sends you a bag full of 4-5 lip products and they sometimes include a “Monthly Mix Up” item as well! Every subscriber usually gets the same products but I saw some variation in January’s bag.
What I love about Lip Monthly is that I get to try a bunch of lip products and brands that are new to me AND I’ve noticed most, if not all, of their products tend to be full sized!
I actually posted my December review about a week ago and just received January’s bag early this week!
Lip Monthly kindly sent me this bag to review.
Each bag comes with a card listing all the products that are featured that month:

I love the design of this card, it’s super cute!

Mica Beauty Cosmetics Lip Color Pot in Velvet Rose? – .FULL SIZE! $14.50
Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Laguna Beach – FULL SIZE $19.90
Harvey Prince Fragrance Sampler in Damask Rose – $12
Eco Lips Tinted Balm in Rose Quartz – FULL SIZE $4.49
First thing I want to get out of the way, I think my Mica Lip Color Pot is labeled wrong. The label says 9 Velvet Rose but that’s one of their tinted lip balms, not lip pots. I’ll update you all once I hear back from Lip Monthly or Mica Beauty!
Anywho ~ the Mica Beauty Lip Color Pot is a gorgeous shade! I’ve tried one of their tinted lip balms in the past and loved that as well! I’ll definitely be wearing this color in these last few months of winter!
Ofra is a brand I came across from this sub and I’m so glad they sent another product from them! This liquid lipstick is such a pretty color, I know I’ll be using this often!
I usually detest getting fragrance samplers in beauty bags but I do love me some Harvey Prince! I’m currently using their Cherie Blossom and LOVE it! This Damask Rose smells a lot like…roses. Okay wow that was a terrible description but if you like the smell of roses this perfume is the one for you!
I feel like I got an Eco Lips product in a previous bag or a different subscription service but I love getting new lip balms! I always tend to loose mine and this one is cruelty free and has a nice tint to it!
Here are some swatches of the lip pot and liquid lipstick:

The total retail value of this bag is $50.89! That’s 5 times the amount of the price, what a steal! I definitely think Lip Monthly is worth subscribing to if you’re a fan of lip products!
I was going to say I wish they included more lipsticks/glosses in this bag but the monthly mix up is fun – I still love the shadow/highlighter from a few months ago and Harvey Prince is becoming one of my faves! Also they haven’t sent out a lip balm in a couple of months so I’m not too upset over that…it doesn’t hurt to have spare ones!
I think January’s bag was okay, and I say okay because I’m still head over heels in love with November’s Bag!
Let me know what you thought of January’s bag and if you’d like to subscribe, you can sign up here!
I received this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and I would not promote an item if I did not think it would spark interest to my readers.
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January 2015 Birchbox Review

So I got my Birchbox a little over a week ago and didn’t get a chance to write up this review until now but better late than never right?

For those who don’t know, Birchbox is a monthly beauty sampling subscription service that costs $10/month!

Birchbox is one of my favorite subscription services because I find myself actually using and loving everything (or almost everything) I receive! I’ve discovered many new brands from this sub! 

Another reason I love Birchbox is their INCREDIBLE point system! For every item in your box you review, you receive 10 Birchbox points, which is equal to $1 in the Birchbox store. Something new they started this year is if you share your Birchbox on FB or Twitter you will get an additional 10 points! These points add up super fast since you can get $6 or more worth of store credit each month! 

This month’s theme is “Let’s Do This” and can I just say how cute this box is? I love the colors and pattern! If you’re a subscriber chances are you already know this but for those who don’t, be sure to save your boxes every month – if you already don’t save them, let’s be real, many of us save and reuse these boxes like crazy! I remember one of Birchbox‘s videos said they were planning to do something special later on in the year!

Anywho ~ each box comes with a card detailing the products chosen for you – which I forgot to take a picture of…really Pri? FAIL!

Dr. Jart+Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45+ – 0.2 oz $5.20

Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner in Jaipur Gold – .024 oz $4.80

Both of these items amount the price of what I paid for the box which is pretty cool! I’ve heard amazing things about this beauty balm, it provides light coverage and anti-aging benefits! However, after trying this 3-4 times in the past week, I have to say this product is not for me. I don’t know why but something in the formula makes my face super itchy when I had this beauty balm on! 

As for the eyeliner, I’m having mixed feelings because I don’t know if I’ll use it as much I would like…which is why I’m debating on keeping it for myself or gifting it to a friend. Sumita eyeliners are super fun, I’ve used a few in the past so that makes it more difficult to let go of it since I know I’ll love the formula!

Paula’s Choice Resist C15 Super Booster – 0.12 oz $8.59? (I feel like I did the math wrong)

Essentiel Elements Wake Up Rosemary Body Lotion – 1.5 oz $3.56

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask – 1 oz $4.95

The Super Booster sample is soooo tiny compared to what I expected from the packaging! It’s an anti-aging liquid that promotes brighter, firmer skin and fades dark spots. This is definitely going onto my swap shop on eDivv! The link is under my social medias in my description if you’re interested!

The body lotion smells soooo good, exactly like rosemary and mint!! It’s a lightweight hydrator and the rosemary and mint is supposed to be energizing. I’m holding off from using it until I finish up a few of my other lotions I have open right now. 

I tried the Briogeo hair mask in the past and it did not work with my hair at all so this is going in my swap shop as well. It’s supposed to be super hydrating and it’s meant to strengthen and hydrate your hair with a blend of natural botanicals. 

The total value of this box – assuming I did the math right – is $27.10, that’s almost 3 times what I paid! 

I think this was an average box for me, it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t amazing. I’m glad I got the Dr. Jart because I had been curious about the product for a while! The liner and lotion are definitely my favorite products in the box and hopefully I’ll be able to trade the super booster and hair mask with someone!

What are your thoughts on January’s BirchboxIf you’d like to subscribe,you can so here!
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December 2014 Lip Monthly Review

For those who don’t know, Lip Monthly is a monthly subscription service that costs $10/month. Each month, Lip Monthly sends you a bag of 4-5 lip products, and they sometimes include a “Monthly Mix Up”item as well, and every subscriber receives the same bag as the other. What I love about Lip Monthly  is that I get to try a bunch of new products and brands and they so far I noticed that most, if not all, of the products have been full sizes!

I received an email in December saying they would send me December’s bag for review purposes but nothing showed up, however, I got an email last week saying January’s bag was on the way – but I actually got December’s bag instead!

Each bag comes with a card listing all the products that are featured that month.


December’s bag came with 4 FULL SIZED products!


LA Girl Automatic Liner in Wine – $5

Milani Brilliant Shine Gloss in Nude Touch – $4.99

Magnolia Makeup Matte Lip Color in Matador – $15

NYC Lipstick in Mocha – $2.99

I am absolutely excited for the LA Girl Liner because I don’t have many liners – probably 3 or 4 and they’re all pink so I’m happy to have one in a darker shade!

I love love love Milani and I love the shade of this lip gloss, I know I’ll be reaching for it often! I don’t have any lippies from them so I’m glad I can finally try one out!

This matte lip color was really thin and watery for me so I’ll be passing it along to someone. I really like the shade though, it’s a really nice red! One issue I had was with the packaging – for a lippie that’s $15 I expected the label to be put on straight, not crooked like it is (you can’t tell from the photo but it’s super crooked from the back) I know I wasn’t the only one who had this issue and after looking at their website, it seems like Magnolia Makeup changed their packaging for their matte lip colors.

This last lippie is a super pretty brown color but I don’t wear browns often so I’ll be passing this along as well! I couldn’t find this anywhere online besides amazon so I’m assuming these aren’t being made anymore – i hope it’s not super old!

Here are some swatches I took!


From left to right: LA Girl Lipliner in Wine, Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in Nude Touch, Magnolia Makeup Ultra Matte Lipstick in Matador, and NYC Ultra Moist Lipstick in Mocha

After washing the swatches off I noticed the three lippies on the right came off super quick, like zero trouble at all but the lip liner stayed on the longest – I was impressed!

The total value of this bag is around $28 and that’s almost triple the price of the cost! I really think Lip Monthly is a fun and inexpensive way to try out new lip products!

 If you’re interested in subscribing to Lip Monthlyyou can sign up here!

This post may contain affiliate links. I received this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and I would not promote an item if I did not think it would spark interest to my readers.