Winged eyeliner has been my favorite thing to do from the moment I began to play with makeup. Sharp, bold wings give me a whole new level of confidence and today I’ll be sharing my five go to liquid eyeliners to create that perfect, intense wing. If you’re here for for affordability, I gotchu. If you’re here to splurge a little, I gotchu too. If you’re looking for an incredible cruelty free eyeliner..guess what. I GOTCHU.

The Five Best Liquid Eyeliners To Create A Perfect Wing | Cruelty Free

That’s right, the five eyeliners I’ll be sharing go from insanely affordable to splurge worthy. You’ll be able to create an incredible wing that will LAST ALL DAY with each of these AND every single eyeliner I’ll be sharing is CRUELTY FREE. I’ll also be sharing ways to save a few bucks for your next beauty purchase!

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