Marshalls Haul – High End and Drugstore Beauty

I am that person that strolls through Marshalls once a week. It’s so hard not to when I live less than a mile away! Plus, their deals are so great. I especially love walking down the beauty aisle, the location closest to me finally started to carry a wider selection of high end/luxury brands – recently there has been TONS of Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, Marc Beauty, Lancome, Kat Von D, and more! On the drugstore end, I see tons of Maybelline, Real Techniques, Profusion, Makeup Revolution, and Elf.

Marshalls Haul - High End and Drug Store Beauty

I asked on Instagram if y’all would like to see a Marshalls Haul and so many of you said yes – here’s what I picked up! (more…)

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Sephora VIB Rouge Flash Your Card Event Haul | 2017

I love a good Sephora haul so when I received an email about the latest VIB Rouge event, I made a quick trip to my local Sephora – seriously..it was quick, I was in and out within 10 minutes!

This event is specifically for VIB Rouge members and is running from March 10-11 in all Sephora stores. 
Basically, you get a free Selfie Light with a $35 purchase. I love free things and don’t anticipate being VIB Rouge every year so I definitely wanted to take advantage of everything possible!
I decided to stick to the theme of this event and hauled a bunch of highlighters I wanted to try!

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Here’s what the Selfie Light looks like if you’re interested – it has 3 different light adjustments!

First highlighter I picked out is Stila’s Heaven’s Hue Highlighter in Bronze. I LOVE the texture of this highlight and the shade is beyond stunning. I really wanted Kitten also but unfortunately they were sold out. 

The next ones I picked up are the Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighters. I had originally thought I’d only buy one but after swatching them in store, I had to have all three! The formula is silky smooth and the pigmentation is just wonderful! Btw, how cute is the packaging?!

The last thing I bought is the ABH Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit. I was iffy on this because the last glow kit I bought (The Ultimate Glow Kit) was not as great as the other ones I have. Thankfully though, the formula of these highlighters are just as amazing as the ones in the original glow kits! 
Well there ya have it! Have any of you hauled any fun items lately? Let me know if you have any recommendations, highlighters and anything else!

Makeup Revolution Haul!

Hey hey hey! Hope everyone is enjoying Memorial Day!

So I’ve been wanting to try products from Makeup Revolution for a while – I saw so many great haul posts lately and had to place an order!

What I love about Makeup Revolution is that they’re affordable! I’ll have a breakdown of the costs in pounds and dollars below.

Full Go! Palette Collection  ₤8 | $11.99
I was having a hard time choosing which one to purchase so I thought I’d just buy the whole set! I’ll be gifting one of these to my cousin and one will be included in my giveaway! This was definitely a steal and I’m excited to see how they compare to some of the drugstore shadows I own. 
Lip Hug Collection – Pinks  ₤7.50 | $11.24
I bought this collection because I think it would be perfect for the spring! I haven’t tried any of the colors yet but I really love “Want to Leave?”. I’ll be adding a couple of these lippies into my giveaway as well!
Here’s a look at “Want to Leave?”:
The packaging is cute and I’m blown away with the price! Five lippies for less than $12 is a win for me! I saw pictures of the “Nude” collection and really hope to purchase it soon! 
Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in “You Took My Love” and “Keep Trying For You”  ₤3 | $4.50 each
These looked super pretty on the website and they’re just as gorgeous in real life! I only swatched the orangey-red one and it is SUPER PIGMENTED! I’m really tempted to purchase a few more – especially with their current promotion going on! Spend 25 pounds and they’ll add a gift worth 20 pounds! 
Amazing Lipstick in Reckless and Dazzle  ₤1 | $1.50 each

I <3 Makeup Lip Geek in Total Diva  ₤1.99 | $2.98
Okay..so moral of this haul is I wanted to try a little bit of everything and I honestly did not realize how many reds/pinks I chose until I opened the box. The pink packaging is sooo pretty, I want them all just to put on display! 
Anywho..that is all I got from Makeup Revolution! All of the products cost less than $40 and shipping was about $11! I definitely will order from them again…I would love some fall friendly colors to experiment with in a few months! 
Have you tried Makeup Revolution before? What’s your favorite product by them?
Also, be sure to stop by my blog tomorrow – I will be launching my 1 Year Blogiversary Giveaway and a few products from this haul will be included!

Spring 2015 Beauteque Haul

Hello beauties! I went on a mini vacation this past weekend and came home to an order I was super excited for!

***** Beauteque is offering FREE SHIPPING until noon, May 20th 2015, on ALL USA ORDERS! Use code FREESHIP19 if you place an order today! *****

I was one of the three Beauteque Curate A Collection Winners and as a part of winning this contest, Beauteque allowed me to pick out some products from their shop! It was somewhat tough since they have so many lovely products but I chose these items:

I was pleasantly surprised when Beauteque let me choose a few products – I thought I would only be curating my own bag for winning this contest!

Description- Bioderma Sensibio H2O is a water-based micellar solution that is perfect for normal or sensitive skin susceptible to irritation or redness. The non-foaming, alcohol-free formula soothes and cools troubled spots as it thoroughly cleanses. Strong enough to remove waterproof mascara but gentle enough for daily use, this cleanser’s active ingredients work to prevent irritation and leave you with a refreshed, clean complexion. 
How To Use- Soak a cotton pad with the formula and cleanse the face, removing makeup as necessary. Repeat the application until the cotton pad comes away clean. Gently use a towel to dab your face dry.
I’ve always wanted to try Bioderma since I’ve seen so many people rave about it! I chose this one because my skin is super sensitive but I am tempted to try the regular one as well. I’ve tried a few makeup removers in the past couple of months and haven’t been impressed by any, which is why I continue to prefer makeup remover wipes. I’ll update you all on what I think of this after I use it!
Description: My Beauty Diary Bulgarian White Rose Mask is a whitening and soothing product. Precious Bulgarian White Rose hydrosol is recognized as the world’s most high quality variety of rose. Contains rich vitamin B, C, and E, it is a high performance moisturizing mask. With pure natural extracts arnica, red algae and aloe, it keeps skin elastic and supple. Licorice extracts can protect skin against the harm of free redicals. It soothes the formationof melanin. With cucumber, kiwi, and pineapple extracts, it hydrates and softens skin, creating a radiant, soft skin. Patented moisturizing ingredients CosphingoTM maintains skin’s natural state of healthiness. It hydrates and locks moisture, restores skin softness and smothness. Does not contain Paraben preservatives, alcohol or flourescent agents.
How To Use:  After cleansing, unfold the mask, remove protective backing and place it over your face for 20-30 minutes. If there is remaining serum on your face upon removal of mask, gently massage this into your skin with your fingertips. Do not wash off mask serum, just proceed with normal daily skincare routine and you may apply your moisturizer over the skin. For best results, we recommend at least two to three applications per week.

Description- The natural aloe extract, hyaluronic acid, and amino acids in this mask intensely hydrate and soothe your skin. A variety of fruit extracts provide the enzymes and antioxidants necessary to promote cell renewal and allow skin to better diffuse light, giving your skin tone a vibrant, natural glow. Rosehip essence improves dry, rough, or patchy complexions. This mask is ideal for sensitive skin that has been exposed to the sun, especially because of its gentle cooling effects. 
How to Use- After cleansing and toning, apply mask to face. After 20-30 minutes, gently remove mask and use fingertips to massage excess serum into skin.
If you know me, you know I LOVE sheet masks, especially the ones from My Beauty Diary! I chose these two specifically since I haven’t tried them yet. They’re perfect to use before I go to bed or for those days I don’t want to use a wash off mask! 
Lioele Blooming Gloss in Shocking Red – $5.99 (sale price, originally $11.99)
Description- Lioele Blooming Gloss has a highly hydrous polymer formula which retains moisture and keeps your lips plump and polished. Natural ingredients like Vitamin E provide a healthy shine. The colors range from pearly to bold, and fine glitters give all shades a glamorous sheen. The glosses also have an irresistibly sweet, candy-like smell.

My current obsession are lippies and I have never tried any K-Beauty lippies so I thought it would be fun to try them! The Lioele gloss smells SO GOOD – just like candy! The two lip liners are creamy and they don’t feel non drying at all so that was a plus!
Here are some swatches:
I love how pigmented the Liole gloss is, it’s a great red for the summer! The two lip liners are perfect colors for the lippies I was trying to match them for and I know I’ll end up wearing them on their own with clear gloss from time to time – yes, I am that lazy lol!
So that completes my Beauteque haul – and just an FYI, the product descriptions/how to use are straight from Beauteque‘s website. I’m really excited to use everything  and see if any of these become new favorites of mine! 
I’m also excited to start curating my own bag with Beauteque! I love their monthly bags, I recommend checking them out if you love beauty bags!
Have you used any products I mentioned in this haul? I’d love some recommendations as well! Let me know your thoughts below!
*I received this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and I would not promote an item if I did not think it would spark interest to my readers. 

Spring 2015 Beauty Haul: Sephora, Ulta, Luxe Pineapple, and Morphe Brushes!

Hi dolls! I am finally on summer break and boy does it feel wonderful! Today I’ll be sharing some of my beauty purchases from Spring. I didn’t buy all this in one go, it took a few trips and some online orders – and I actually have an order that is still finding it’s way to me!

Let’s dig in, shall we? I went to Sephora about three times and one of those was during their VIB sale!

Sephora Master Cleanse Daily Brush Cleanser – $8.50

I’ve been using Dawn soap to clean my brushes for the longest time but I wanted a daily cleanser so that’s the reason I got the Sephora Master Cleanse! I’ve heard great things about both Sephora’s and Beauty Blender’s Solid Cleansers so I thought to try them both to figure out which one I prefer! So far I’ve been using Beauty Blender’s and I really love it! I need to see how long it lasts before making the decision on repurchasing it because $16 is pricey for a small bar of soap. 

I’ve been in search of a new foundation for quite some time now. I’ve been using Mac’s Studio Fix Fluid for the past few years and although I love the coverage, it tends to break me out from time to time. I’ve been using UD’s liquid foundation and I am IN LOVE! It’s super pricey but definitely worth it because it glides onto my skin flawlessly and gives such great coverage! It blends out super quick and nice and doesn’t cling onto my dry patches. 
I really liked how the UD concealer looked on me after trying it out in the store and decided to buy it without thinking. I think it’s great but not the most amazing thing out there. I like my Mac Concealer almost the same. They both cover under eyes well and don’t give me any problems at all. 

I don’t know how but I forgot to add my YSL Lip Oil to this photo! This was a total impulse buy and I blame Kathleen Lights! I saw her talk about it in one of her videos and did the same thing as her – I went into Sephora, tried it on, walked around for about half an hour, and fell in love! This lip tint oil is perfection, I want to own them all at one point in my life! It keeps my lips super moisturized and provides a long lasting color, I’ve been using it every day since I got it.
The last two things I purchased from Sephora are things I just wanted for no good reason at all. I don’t own a concealer brush so I thought..why not? As for the corrector pen, I read a fellow blogger’s review on it not too long ago and saw it in the sale section and thought to try it out! I’m skeptical on how well it will work but I’ll be trying it out later this week!
And let’s be real, I mainly went to the VIB sale for that free clutch. 
Now onto the few things I got at Ulta:
I went into Ulta to purchase a few NYX items – some of their matte lip creams, eyeliners, lip pencils, finishing spray, and brow wax pencils and they were out of EVERYTHING! I didn’t expect them to have half the things I wanted but I thought they would have at least one thing! This was the same for the other two Ulta’s went to after so needless to say I was quite sad. No worries though, I’ll be stalking NYX’s and Ulta’s website for the rest of forever until I get what I want. 
I did find a few gems though!
This will sound crazy to some people but I have never tried dry shampoo until yesterday. So far, I am loving this shampoo, it smells super fresh and clean and I will definitely be picking up a full size soon! I’m getting the Amika Dry Shampoo in my Birchbox this month so I’m really excited to try them both and see which I like better!

Zoya Nail Polish in Posh/Mat – $4.47

I’m not sure if Ulta keeps a lot Zoya and OPI polishes on sale but this was the first time I saw so many of them marked down! All of these colors are gorgeous and I’m really excited to try the reddish matte color! Also, Ulta had all of their brand products on sale so their polishes, which are normally $6.00, were on sale for $2.00! I wanted to grab one of every color they had but the whole stand was pretty much empty once I got there. 
LuxePineapple recently came out with their own line of lip glosses and I just had to get my hands on a couple of them! They released 5 shades and I bought the duo in Confident (top) and Divalicious (bottom). The duo cost $24.99 but now they are only being sold as single glosses at $15/per gloss. These glosses are so pigmented and long lasting! I’ve been wearing Confident more often but I love Divalicious just as much!
Here are photos of me wearing both shades:
Confident on the left and Divalicious on the right!
The last purchase for this haul is from Morphe Brushes:
I missed out on this palette the first time around but I was super happy when I was able to purchase it a few weeks ago. I did swatches and a mini review here if you’re interested!
And there you have it! I’m still waiting on an order from Makeup Revolution but other than that, these were my Spring beauty purchases!
What beauty items did you purchase this season? Let me know in the comments!