November 2014 Lip Monthly Review

Hello Beauties! Today I’ll be unboxing and reviewing November’s Lip Monthly.

For those who don’t know, Lip Monthly is a monthly subscription service that costs $10/month. Each month, Lip Monthlysends you a bag of 4-5 lip products, and they include a “Monthly Mix Up”item as well, and every subscriber receives the same bag as the other. What I love about Lip Monthly  is that I get to try a bunch of new products and brands and they so far I noticed that most, if not all, of the products have been full sizes!

Each bag comes with a card listing all the products that are featured that month.


Onto the products:


Hikari Lipstick in Cabernet – FULL SIZE! $13

NYC Expert Last Lipstick in Berry Me – FULL SIZE! $1.99

Ofra Lipliner in Orchid – FULL SIZE! $13

I was really happy seeing these colors in my bag! The one complaint I, as well as many subscribers had, were the choice of colors they included. The great thing about Lip Monthly is that they take all of their feedback and implement changes right away!

I’ve already played around with the Hikari Lipstick and LOVE the color and staying power! I love the shade of the NYC Lipstick – I’ll post swatches at the end – and the Ofra lip liner is perfect for the fall! All three of these lip products are a 10/10 for me! Well done Lip Monthly!


Crown Lip Brush – FULL SIZE! $3

City Color Cosmetics White Gold Shadow & Highlight Mousse – FULL SIZE! $4

I only own one lip brush so I was glad to get this! Sometimes I get lazy in washing my brushes right away so it’s great to have spares. I was iffy about this shadow but I fell in love with it after swatching it! it’s so creamy and such a gorgeous color, I know I’ll be reaching for it often!

Here are swatches of all the products:


I really think Lip Monthly stepped up with their November bag and did an amazing job with choosing colors and monthly mix up products! This bag costs $10 and the value of all the products included was about $35!! What an amazing deal!

I hope they continue with this improvement and I cannot wait to see what they choose for their December bag! If you’re interested in subscribing to Lip Monthlyyou can sign up here!

This post may contain affiliate links. I received this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and I would not promote an item if I did not think it would spark interest to my readers.


November 2014 Birchbox Review

For those who don’t know, Birchbox is a monthly beauty sampling subscription service that costs $10/month!

Birchbox is one of my favorite subscription services because I find myself actually using and loving everything (or almost everything) I receive! I’ve discovered many new brands from this sub!  

Another reason I love Birchbox is their INCREDIBLE point system! For every item in your box you review, you receive 10 Birchbox points, which is equal to $1 in the Birchbox store. These points add up since you can get $5 or more worth of store credit each month!

The past 2 months were so amazing for me that I knew it would be super difficult to please me 3 months in a row but I was pleasantly surprised at how I got another amazing box!


The cool thing about this month was that Birchbox will donate $1 for every photo of the red box shared on social media with the hashtag #shaRED!image

I also found it neat how each Birchbox came with a holiday gift guide!


Like every month, each box comes with a card detailing the items sent to you!


I love how they added a bonus item in everyone’s box this month!


Royal Apothic Cuppa Cuppa Firming Tea Treatment Mask – .33 oz $9.67

Amika Nourishing Mask – .7 oz $4.00

I was surprised to get both of these items in my box since they were both sample choices! I didn’t choose a sample choice for November so I was pleased to get both of these products! Both are completely new to me and I’ve heard amazing reviews for both so I’m definitely ecstatic to try them out!

imageDang Toasted Coconut Chips – Bonus Item!

Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Body Lotion – 1.35 oz $2.53

I’m iffy about these coconut chips but I will give them a try since I’ve heard many people say they were super delicious! I’m not always happy about seeing body lotions in my box but now I’m actually loving receiving lotion samples since the weather is making my skin super dry! This lotion smells great and it’s really hydrating, I might just buy a full sized one from the Birchbox store!

TheBalm Cindy-Lou Manizer – .02 oz $1.60

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Creamy Lip Stain – Heartthrob – .079 oz $9.29

I’ve heard so many people wanting a sample of this Cindy-Lou Manizer! I’m positive it’s a great product but I knew I wasn’t going to use it so I sent it over to a friend who wanted to try it out! I was really excited about this Cynthia Rowley Lip Stain since I tried out a different color a couple weeks ago! I find their lip stains to be long lasting and highly pigmented so I was glad I got to sample this color! It’s perfect for the fall! I’m waiting for the right moment to splurge on more colors in the Birchbox shop!

I’m definitely pleased with this month’s Birchbox! I got to sample 2 of the sample choices that I was interested in trying and I love all the products Birchbox chose for me!

If you’re interested in subscribing to Birchbox I’d love for you to use my referral link here!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to message me!

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Buxom Lip Gloss Roulette Swatches and Review

So I caved in a few days ago and bought the Lip Gloss Roulette! I knew I had to own this set the minute they released photos! I’m a huge sucker of lippies, especially mini lippies!

This set comes with 11 Lip Polishes and 4 Lip Creams! This set costs $59 and has a $135 value! I mean, how can I not have it?!

I wasn’t sure if I would use every single lip gloss in this set but my doubts cleared away once I took swatches! (the last one is “Sophia” – the “a” sort of cut off)

I’ve always loved Buxom Lip Glosses because their glosses give this amazing cool, refreshing sensation and the colors are beyond gorgeous! This set is a total 10/10 for me!

You can purchase the Buxom Lip Gloss Roulette here!


PINCHme NYFW Box Review

For those who don’t know, PINCHme is a FREE sampling service that allows its members to choose samples and have them mailed directly to their home! In order to qualify for future samples, you must review each product on the PINCHme website, but no worries, the reviews are super short and does not take much time!

This box was not given to all PINCHme users, it was a prize given to winners on Twitter a few weeks ago!

Although I was not one of the winners, PINCHme was kind enough to send me this box to review! This box featured numerous brand partners from the NYFW Event!

Just one look at the contents got me super excited!


Here’s a closer look at the contents!


Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Revlon by Marchesa File N’ Peel 6 in 1 Nail File

Toms Long Lasting Deodorant in Wild Lavender

I was so excited to see the Real Techniques brush because I’ve been in search of a new foundation brush and this one works really well! I’ve been using it for 5 days now and I’m hooked!

I was also excited to see this nail file in my box because I’ve read great reviews! I think it’ll be a great replacement for the one I have now!

I LOVE Toms Deodorant, however, I’m more of a fan of the roll ons but these are great too! I got one of these in my PINCHme boxes a month or two ago but I’m glad to have an extra!


ROC Retinol Correction Eye Cream

Renew Sleep Spa Mask

Kisstixx Lip Balm Duo

No7 High Shine Lip Crayon in Tickle

VBeute Anti-Aging Samples 

The Eye Cream and Anti Aging samples I’m sure my mom will use more than me so I’ll be giving them to her! I know I won’t be using the Lip Crayon but I’m sending it to a friend so it won’t go to waste!

My mom actually used the Sleep Mask last night and she fell in love! We’re definitely going to be purchasing a whole set soon! As for the Lip Balms, I really want to use them but I already have 4 open lip balms that need to be used up first! I’m debating them on sending them to a friend or keeping them for the future! I’m intrigued because of how one’s sweet and the other’s sour and I’ve never tried this brand before so I’d love to see how it compares to the Chapstick and Deco Naturals I use now!


Essenza Luxury Hand Soap in Rosemary Mint

ecoTools Facial Sponge

Advanced Healing Blister Band-Aids

Packet of Kleenex

I love love love the hand soap! It smells great and definitely feels luxurious! I’m super excited to try the facial sponge, I feel like it will definitely help clean my skin better! I’m glad to see the Band-Aids because you can never have too many of them! They’re perfect for trips or just days you’re out and about for a long period of time! I was super happy to see the packet of Kleenex as well because it’s the time of year where I always get a cold! It’ll be perfect to keep in my bag!


Skinny Pop Popcorn

Skinny Cow Raspberry Crisp Candy Bar

Bobble Water Bottle

Pure Via Sweetener

I think the popcorn will be a great snack, especially since I have exams right around the corner and need my munchies!

I’m not going to lie, I immediately tore open the candy bar when I got this box! I couldn’t resist! I’m always hesitant when there’s fruit mixed in with chocolate but the raspberry wasn’t overwhelming at all! This bar tasted great, I’m totally going to buy some more!

I’ve heard about the Bobble water bottle but wasn’t sure to get it or not. I’m definitely going to put it in use and see how I like it! I think it’s the perfect size for days when I only have one class to attend! The only downside to the Bobble is that you have to replace the filter every 2-3 months and that can get pricey!

The Pure Via is completely new to me but I’m excited to try it!

This NYFC PINCHme box blew my mind! I was so impressed with all the full sized and sample sized products that were in the box! I’m really excited to try all of these brands and see what I love the most!

PINCHme did a great job with putting these boxes together! I’m excited to see what other contests they hold for everyone!

If you’re not signed up on PINCHme yet, I recommend creating an account as soon as possible! New samples will be released on Tuesday, October 21st at 12PM EDT!

This post may contain affiliate links. I received this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and I would not promote an item if I did not think it would spark interest to my readers.


Fall Walmart Beauty Box Review

If you’re a beauty lover and have $5 every season or $20 a year to spare I highly recommend reading through this review!

I found out about Walmart’s Beauty Box about 2 weeks ago and couldn’t resist signing up because it was so affordable! Walmart will send out beauty boxes each season, and this Fall Box is their first. The box is only FIVE DOLLARS A SEASON – and the price is just for shipping, the actual box is free!

Here’s what their website says about the Beauty Box:

“Each new season brings different product needs and a reason to refresh your beauty cabinet. In your Walmart Beauty Box, you’ll find sample beauty products and tips on how to use those and other items sold at Walmart and on Receiving your Walmart Beauty Box will be another reason to welcome each new season.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect in my box but was highly impressed with the results! I saw most people receiving the first variation of the box, which included a Covergirl Lipstick, Secret Deodorant, Juicy Couture Fragrance Sample, Clear Shampoo + Conditioner sample packets, Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Moisturizer sample, and a L’Oreal Revitalift Triple Power Deep-Acting Moisturizer sample!

I was excited but a few days ago I noticed a few ladies had received a different variation of the box which is the box I received! I was much happier with the contents of the second variation!

Onto my box!

Just one glance at the contents shows how it was a great deal for just 5 dollars!

Neutrogena Long Wear Foundation Tester Card + $2 Off Coupon

I won’t be using this card since I’m happy with the foundation I currently use but I’ll definitely pass this along to a friend!

 L’Oreal Youth Code Pore Vanisher – .06 oz $1.07

I’ve never tried this product before so I’m glad I’ll be able to test it out and see how I like it!

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Fragrance – .04 oz $1.16

I’ve never used this fragrance before and it smells good so I’m definitely pleased to see this in my box!

Secret Clinical Strength Invisible Solid Antiperspirant/Deodorant in Completely Clean – FULL SIZE! $7.92

Another product I’ve never tried before! Not sure if I’ll be using this since I have a few Toms Deodorants ahead of the line but I’m sure I’ll be able to find it a home!

Not sure if you could tell, but I saved my favorite products for the last!

L’Oreal Glossy Balm in Lovely Mocha – FULL SIZE! $6.97

I was so glad I got a shade I will be able to use! I’ll definitely be using this a lot!

Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner – 1 oz – $0.82 for both?

I’ve received samples of this set before but I was still happy to see them in my box! I think these are perfect for when I go travel!

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil – .4 oz $1.42

I saw this product in some Influenster Voxboxes a while ago and read some good reviews so I’m excited to try this oil out!

CoverGirl Glowing Nights Glosstini in 690 Laser Light – FULL SIZE! $2.97

I love love love nail polish so I was happy seeing this in my box!

I am definitely a happy camper because my box was well worth over $20 when I only paid $5! It’s a GREAT deal and I’m looking forward to the Winter box!

If you want to sign up for the Walmart Beauty Box, you can do so here!

Have you ordered this box or plan on ordering it? What are your thoughts on the Walmart Beauty Box?


September 2014 Birchbox Review

Before I get started, I have to say that this month has got to be my favorite box ever! The box itself was gorgeous and the products chosen for me were beyond perfect!

Birchbox is a monthly beauty sampling subscription service that costs $10/month!

Birchbox is one of my favorite subscription services because I find myself actually using and loving everything (or almost everything) I receive! I’ve discovered many new brands from this sub!

Another reason I love Birchbox is their INCREDIBLE point system! For every item in your box you review, you receive 10 Birchbox points, which is equal to $1 in the Birchbox store. These points add up since you can get $5 or more worth of store credit each month!

Onto my box!


Each box comes with a card detailing which products Birchbox chose for you!


As usual, I peeked on the Birchbox app to see what I would be receiving. I tried so hard not to but I couldn’t help myself!


Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser – .2 oz – $1.65

I heard great things about this product so I’m crazy excited to try this Suki Cleanser! I’m always in search of exfoliators to try and this Suki cleanser is made up of all natural ingredients, including lemongrass and chamomile, which is perfect for me! It also smells really great!

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream- .1 oz – $1.28

I feel like I’ve used this brand before but I can’t remember when or which product I used! The fact that Yu-Be has been Japan’s top selling skin cream since the 1950’s really caught my attention! Sometimes my skin gets super dry to the point that my moisturizers don’t help! I’m intrigued to see how this one works!


Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm in Honey Nectar – FULL SIZE! – $8.00

I heard great things about this Pixi Lip Balm and was hoping I’d get a color I would be able to use often and I did!! I’m so glad Birchbox sent me this lip balm in a nude color rather than something bright! I’ll be able to use this every day! In fact, I already began to use it and love how it feels! I’ll most likely be purchasing more of these with my Birchbox Points!

Curl Keeper Gel – 1 oz – $2.19

I love seeing hair products for curls in my Birchbox because I’m still looking for a product that works with my thick curly/wavy hair. I can’t wait to try this out and see how it works!

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner – .25 oz – $11.25

Another product I’ve heard nothing but great things about! Again, I was super happy to see this product in my Birchbox! I’ve always wanted to try this product out and see how well it gets rid of my blackheads! I also think it’s pretty neat how the gel turns blue once it’s dry!

September’s Birchbox is my all time favorite! I can’t even begin to describe how much I love all the products I got! I paid $10 for this box and the value of the products was around $24! I’ll also be receiving $5 in store credit for reviewing all of the products!

If you’re interested in receiving a box full of amazing samples every month for a low price I highly recommend subscribing to Birchbox

You can sign up here and you can use coupon code BBKIWI100 to get 100 Birchbox which is equivalent to $10 to spend in the Birchbox store!

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One Direction – “The Looks Collection” Review


So a couple of weeks ago Brandbacker gave me the opportunity to try out and review One Direction’s new makeup line! Although I’m not as huge as a fan of the boys as I was in the past, I was still crazy excited to try out the makeup!

“The Looks Collections” comprises three keepsake tins inspired by One Direction’s globe-conquering albums, “Up All Night, “Take Me Home” and the latest chart topper, ‘Midnight Memories.” Each tin comes complete with everything you need to show off your personality. Are you a rock n’ roll girl, a fun party girl or the girl next door? They have just the right collection for you, along with illustrations to help show you just how to get your perfect look. All your beauty essentials are housed in a LIMITED EDITION collectible keepsake tin with removable sleeve, complete with ONE DIRECTION doodle stencils to decorate your keepsake tin and make it uniquely your own!

I don’t think International release dates have been announced (correct me if I’m wrong) but “The Looks Collection” hit stores on August 25th! You can find these beauties at Macy’s, Dillards, and Beauty Brands and I believe they cost $28.99, which isn’t a bad price at all since you get so many great beauty products!

Before I received this set I had checked out the three different collections and hoped I was sent the Midnight Memories collection and I was super excited when I was sent this one!


Here’s a closer look at the inside of the tin! The inside cover shows different looks you can create!


Each collection also comes with an introductory card that shows what each collection looks like!


Here are some photos of the eyeshadow palette! I loved loved loved the colors! My favorites are “Don’t Forget Where You Belong” and “Midnight Memories”!



I swatched them all as well. I found that most colors pigmented and blended well but I needed to use more of “Don’t Forget Where You Belong” for the color to actually show up.


The kit also comes with stencils, black eye/body crayon, and mascara!

The body pencil is called “Better Than Words” and the mascara is called “Little Black Dress”.



I tried out these stencils and I wouldn’t use them on myself often but it would definitely be fun to use on my younger cousins!

The mascara is pretty nice, it doesn’t clump at all and it gives great volume to my lashes! I found it super easy to remove as well! I’ll definitely be using this often!

The Looks Collection also comes with a lipstick and lip gloss!


The lipstick is called “Best Song Ever” and the gloss is called “Through the Dark”.


I wasn’t sure how I was going to like these two colors but I became more comfortable after playing around with them! The lip gloss looked crazy bright when I swatched it but it wasn’t as bright when I put in on! I don’t think I could rock that red lipstick though! I, personally, prefer deep reds but I’ll still give this one another shot!

The last product in this box was a nail polish!


I LOVE the color! This polish is called “Right Now”.  I was really surprised with the quality, I’ve had it on for a few days and it still hasn’t chipped! I’m mentioning this because my other polishes from brands like OPI and ORLY usually chip within 2 days! This polish also dried really really fast! I applied 2 coats and my nails dried within 5 minutes!!!

Overall I’m pleased with this set! I was iffy about the eyeshadow and lip products but I love them more and more each time I use them!

I think this set is a great value for $29 since you get so many different products!

My favorite product is the nail varnish for sure! I’m also liking the lip gloss more and more after each time I use it!

Be sure to share your thoughts in my ask box!  Will you purchase The Looks Collection? From the photos in my review, what product would you be most excited to try out?

Also be sure to check out Makeup By 1D’s Facebook page here

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