9 Ways to Practice Self Care in your Day to Day Life

When’s the last time you took some time for yourself? Honestly..I’m trying to rack my brain to figure out the answer for myself! I’ll share in this post when it comes to me but in the meantime, let’s explore the importance of self care what activities you can incorporate in your day to day life to practice self care.

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24 Books On My Reading List – What I’m Reading Next

I’ve been a major bookworm for as long as I can remember. Thrillers and mysteries are my go to genre when looking for my next read but I love to branch out and immerse myself in other types like historical fiction, romance, personal growth, autobiographies, and more.

24 Books On My Reading List - What I'm Reading Next

Staying healthy at home during the pandemic has got me dusting off my bookshelf and setting aside books I’ve been meaning to read. Today I’m sharing 24 books I have on my reading list. Most are thrillers but there are quite a few from other genres as well.

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