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Le Ethos Beauty Box | Unboxing June 2018

Subscription services are my addiction, especially beauty boxes. Le Ethos Beauty Box is newer on the market and caters to people of color!

Le Ethos is a luxury makeup and hair care discovery box created for people of color. They sent me their June box for review purposes and I am so excited to show you all the goodies that arrived!

Le Ethos Beauty Box | Unboxing June 2018

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GLOSSYBOX Unboxing | May 2018

GLOSSYBOX took on the theme of JETSETTER this month and sent a box full of wonderful essentials perfect for your next getaway! The design of the box is absolutely stunning with the yellow and pink tone – one of my favorite ones yet! Read on to see the fun goodies GLOSSIES received in May!


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My Sweet Sparkle Unboxing | April 2018

How in the world is May almost over?! Especially considering I haven’t even finished opening up my April subscriptions! I’m bringing back monthly subscriptions back to Glamour and Giggles and today we’ll be checking out My Sweet Sparkle’s April Box. Full of tons of makeup goodies, this box is always a pleasure to open!

My Sweet Sparkle Unboxing | April 2018

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Walmart Beauty Box Review | Spring 2017

My Spring Walmart Beauty Box  arrived this week and I have to say I am impressed! For $5 a box, you can’t really expect a whole lot but this season’s box was jam packed full of goodies.

The Walmart Beauty Box  is a quarterly subscription service that provides full and sample size beauty products and coupons. All you pay is a $5 shipping charge and you get a box full of goodies delivered straight to your doorstep! This subscription is available to US residents only.

Spring 2017 Walmart Beauty Box

This service isn’t fully customizable like other beauty boxes. There are two different curated boxes each season and the one you get depends on your age. Subscribers under the age of 35 will receive the “Trendsetter” box and those 35+ will receive the “Classic” box.

Something different did occur this season, however. I received an email about two weeks ago asking if I wanted to opt in for their first themed box, the theme being “Me Moment”, which I did.  After browsing Instagram and My Subscription Addiction – I noticed this themed box was a mixture of the Trendsetter and Classic boxes minus a couple products.



Chococurb Mini January 2016 Review

Chococurb is a monthly subscription service that introduces extraordinary chocolate to its customers! Along with a monthly sub, Chococurb also has their own online shop where you can purchase individual pieces of chocolate that are featured in their boxes.

Chococurb was kind enough to send me their newest box – the Chococurb Mini! The Chococurb Mini features three pieces of artisan chocolate for $20/month on a monthly basis, $19/month for a three month subscription, and $18/month for a six month sub!

Chococurb also has a larger box you can subscribe to – you can check out one of my reviews here!

Here’s what the Chococurb Mini box looks like!

Chococurb currently ships to North America, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and Oceana. Here’s a look inside the box and international shipping rates vary depending on the country:

Each box comes with an information card that has a note from the cofounders of Chococurb!
Let’s dig right into the box!

Crunchy almonds complemented by the sweet, licorice flavor of fennel seeds on dark chocolate of 73% raw + roasted cacao. Those cheeky fennel seeds have been carefully curated and liberally applied to guarantee multiple pleasures.  Bar size: 2.3 oz.
Crunchy roasted almonds dipped in molten-hot caramel stud this not too sweet milk chocolate. By only using real, fresh, and high quality ingredients, Alma’s chocolates are always incredibly delicious. The fact that each confection is handmade and unique makes this milk chocolate bar with roasted almonds and caramel even better. We truly hope you enjoy it! Bar size: 2 oz.

What do you get when you take white chocolate gianduja (a sweet chocolate spread) and surround it with toasted coconut and dark chocolate?  Dolcetta’s dreamy, dark chocolate bar.  We dare you to only eat one. Bar size: 1.2 oz.
Dolcetta and Antidote Chocolate definitely had really high quality packaging and felt luxurious. Although the Alma was packed in simple plastic, I think the quality of the product was amazing! The almonds dipped in caramel matched perfectly with the milk chocolate and I’m positive anyone would enjoy this! Dark chocolate is my favorite so the Dolcetta was what I enjoyed the most – and it was definitely my favorite packaging of the three!
If you’re looking for a perfect gift for someone or to treat yourself – I definitely recommend Chococurb Mini! Although you don’t get the exact amount of product value that you paid for, the quality of the chocolate is wonderful so I do think it’s worth it! 
Chococurb Mini would also make a great Valentines gift! What are your thoughts on this subscription? 
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June 2015 Fit Snack Unboxing + Free Gym Bag!

Happy Friday everyone! Today I will be sharing my June Fit Snack with you all!

What is Fit Snack?
Fit Snack is a monthly subscription service that sends out fitness tips and 6-9 delicious snacks straight to your doorstep. They are committed to provide nutritious snacks that compliment any diet. Additionally, Fit Snack focuses on a combination of the “Perfect 10”: High Protein | Complex Carbs | Low Sugar | GMO-Free | Paleo | Gluten Free | Clean Eating | Sustainable | Organic | Raw.  You can read more about them here!

How Much Does Fit Snack Cost?
Fit Snack costs $17.90 a month + $6 shipping for US subscribers (shipping costs are higher for international subscribers) and they do have slightly cheaper plans if you purchase a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription!
Each box comes with an information card listing all the delicious goodies sent in the box!
The back side of this card has a workout plan and this month’s theme is “Spring Into Summer”.
Goodies of June’s Box

The first is a mix of coconuts, almonds, cashews, and spicy eastern curry while the second bag is full of caramel, sea salt, and apple goodness. I think these will be perfect to punch on in class or at work! I’m not sure how I will like the first bag but the sea salt caramel apple sounds delicious! Some of the other flavors sound delicious, I’m tempted to try Triple Berry!

The protein cookies were in a sneak preview and I was super excited to try these out! This bag has 6 cookies and includes 18 grams of protein, is non GMO and gluten free! I honestly had no expectations of this, I was just hoping the cookies were soft. Unfortunately for me, these were a bit hard but they were still delicious! 
The One Bar is equivalent to a one serving of fruit and is gluten free and vegan. Although the label says it’s cherry flavored, the ingredients include dried pears and apples. It was super delicious but I’m not sure if I would purchase a whole box of these..I’ll have to wait and see. 
The sugar packet is a bonus item and is one of the lowest glycemic index sweeteners. It’s organic coconut sugar and provides sustained energy. 

These protein powders are high in protein (obviously) and gluten free! I’m not a huge fan of anything chai flavored so I’m not sure if I’ll be giving these a go. The Coco Hydro isn’t listed on the information card but it’s basically a powder that turns your water into coconut water! I’m really interested in trying this out, it’ll be perfect for one of those hot summer days!

I think these two were hands down my favorite foods in this box! Fit Snack totally nailed it with the flavors because the cinnamon reminded me of those cinnamon twists Taco Bell used to sell and I’m on a huge barbeque frenzie so anything barbeque flavored is heaven sent.

Sweetwood Cattle Spices in Ginger and Green Chile

Sweetwood Cattle Spices are ground in Colorado and the ingredients of these include green chile, ginger, garlic, cumin, celery salt, oregano, and salt. 
Safe Catch is the only brand that tests every fish for mercury levels and is BPA free, non GMO and additive free. I don’t eat tuna so I will be handing this off to a friend. 

Overall Thoughts

This isn’t my favorite box but I did enjoy most of what was included! I think the only things I probably won’t use are the tuna and protein powders. I do think it’s a fair value for $23 since everything is made from quality ingredients, what do you all think? I feel like this box may be a hit or miss depending on personal preferences. I really appreciate the different types of products they include in every box and the variety of flavors! 
If you like healthy snacking and are searching for new goodies to try then Fit Snack is definitely worth a try! If you use my link to subscribe you will get a free gym bag with your first box!
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June 2015 Dazzley Box Unboxing + Coupon Code!

Hi all! 
Dazzley Box is a monthly subscription service that sends you a surprise necklace each month! The cost is $14.99/month and they send you either a boho, statement, or simple necklace based on your profile. 
I believe Dazzley Box is currently only available within the US and shipping is free!
Something cool is that each month, 6 random subscribers will get an additional surprise necklace in their box and the retail value of each piece will be anywhere from $100 to $1000! 

Each box comes with a card listing the type of necklace that was sent! I didn’t get to choose the type of necklace since I received this box for review purposes but that’s totally fine with me, I don’t have a specific preference.
I got a simple necklace this month!
This necklace is gold with turquoise pieces within the first and third layers. When the card said I would be receiving a simple necklace, I did not imagine this at all, but it was a pleasant surprise! I’m a huge fan of layered necklaces at the moment so I’m happy to add this to my collection!
If you want to subscribe to Dazzley Box be sure to use coupon code “REVIEW834” to get $3.00 off your one month subscription!
Let me know your thoughts on Dazzley Box in the comments! What types of necklaces are your favorite?
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*I received this item in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion. All opinions expressed are my own and I would not promote an item if I did not think it would spark interest to my readers.