10 Latest Amazon Purchases

I share a ton of hauls with y’all on my Instagram stories but I want to share some more on the good ol’ blog too. Today’s post features Amazon purchases I made during these last few months. Most are kitchen essentials alongside some books and a few other items.

Amazon Finds

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33 Uplifting Daily Affirmations to Improve your Life

Daily affirmations have been a game changer in my life. Affirmations are powerful in the sense that they replace negative thoughts with positive ones and allow you to better take control of your life. Today, I’m sharing 33 powerful and uplifting daily affirmations for a more positive life.


Neocell Super Collagen

I feel my best when my skin is radiant and I know I’m doing good to my body. Did you know Collagen production declines as you get older? Collagen helps support healthy skin, hair, nails, and joints. The NeoCell Super Collagen Powder is a beauty-boosting Collagen supplement you can easily add to your routine – add a scoop to your morning coffee, smoothie, or even when baking!

Neocell Super Collagen - radiate your inner beauty out

*This post is sponsored by NeoCell, but the content and opinions expressed are my own.