Let’s chat skin! I’ve been obsessed with skin care for as long as I can remember. I was that teen with horrible acne and picked literally every single zit and blackhead that popped up on my body, leaving me with HORRIBLE acne scars, some of which I’m still working to get rid of today. Because of what my skin went through in the past, I often have people ask me what I did to get my skin more clear and healthy.

3 Ways To Achieve Clear and Healthy Skin

I’ll be sharing three ways that help me achieve the clear, healthy skin I desire. Do keep in mind though, everyone has unique skin and what works for me may not work for you. The following are general tips but can be customized to your needs. If you do have more serious skin concerns, I recommend speaking to a dermatologist.

Let’s jump right in!

Maintain A Healthy Diet

Try not to roll your eyes.. If you can’t help it, that’s okay because I roll my eyes every time someone tells me all my body issues will go away if I revamp my diet. I’m not telling you to do a complete 180 of your current diet, I’m just saying incorporating certain foods can contribute to clear and healthy skin!

Incorporating certain foods can play a part in achieving clear skin such as oranges, fish, sweet potatoes, carrots, chia seeds, almonds, etc. Think Omega 3 fatty acids to strengthen your skin and vitamin C to boost collagen! Based on your dietary restrictions, you can add foods that are rich in these as well as Vitamin E and A to aid your body in boosting healthier skin.

Staying hydrated can also make a WORLD of a difference. It is SO important to drink the right amount of water for YOUR body type. Yes, drinking 8 cups of water is a good starting point but did you know there are formulas to calculate how much water your body actually needs? With the right amount of water intake you will flush out those toxins, get healthier and clear skin and you may even lose some weight! Furthermore, drinking the right amount of water can help you burn fat and and give you more energy. I don’t know the exact formula but I’m sure you can google it. Me being my millennial self downloaded an app that does all the work for me -the app is called Drink Water Reminder and it calculates how much water you should be drinking daily based on your gender, height, and weight and it helps you stay on top of your daily water intake.

If you’re someone who – for whatever reason – cannot drink that much water, I recommend adding a slice of lemon or cucumber to it. If you want to be extra creative, you can pinterest infused water recipes – I always do that during Summer! You’ll be able to reach your daily water intake and get some extra nutrients in.

Create And Stick To A Daily Skincare Routine

Whether it’s a full on routine with dozens of products, something more simple with a cleanser and moisturizer, or if you’re somewhere in between, it is crucial to understand your skin, its needs, and the products that work for YOU. I cannot stress enough that a product that may seem to work for your best friend, your mom, your favorite beauty guru, or the masses, there is a chance it may not work  for you.

One of the first things you want to do before  diving  into the realm of skincare is to determine what type of skin you have. Is it dry, oily, or a combination of both (like yours truly). Is your skin sensitive, acne prone, have signs of dark spots and aging? Do you have wrinkles? Keep the answers to all these in mind when purchasing skincare products for yourself.

If you’re not sure what kind  of products you should be incorporating into your routine,  no worries! Check out my current skincare routine to get an idea of what types of products you want to look for! Implementing a skincare routine and sticking to it will make such a great difference.

Prioritize Your Mental Health

I can write a novel on this subject but I’ll keep it short and to the point. Mental health is so important. We all know anxiety, stress, depression, etc. can affect our moods and behaviors but it also affects our skin in many ways. For example, stress can affect our hormones and lead to an increase in oil production which  then can lead to clogged pores, acne, and basically everything you’re trying to prevent from happening to your skin. I won’t go into further detail but it is crucial you prioritize your mental health – not just to help your skin stay healthy and clear but overall in life and your psychological well being.

Some tips to improve mental health are to maintain a healthy diet, stay physically active, surround yourself with good people and to value yourself. If you’re someone like me who is always checking social media and texting friends, disconnecting yourself from electronics can help as well. Here’s a nice article for other ways to boost mental health!

Mental Wellness

There ya have it! These are three methods I use to keep my skin clear and healthy! What are some ways you keep your skin in check?