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I LOVE to experiment with different beauty products which is why it’s super rare for me to stick to a certain eyeliner, lipstick, face wash, etc. However, there are a few products I cannot live without and I’ll be sharing some of them with you today!

These five products are the ones I consistently use the most and for sure will always repurchase! 

I don’t have a particular shade I’m crazy in love with – there are so many pretty ones out there! I find myself using these so often lately since they’re perfect for a lazy girl’s routine! I usually just apply this on my lid with some eyeliner and am good to go! They stay on my lids all day and Maybelline has tons of gorgeous colors to choose from. Right now I have most of the brown/gold/coppery shades but I’d like to have some pinks and funky colors as well!

If you’ve been following my Instagram or reading my blog for a while you most likely know that this eyeliner is my FAVORITE! It’s the easiest way for me to get a super quick cat eye and 
I can’t get enough of it! I know a few people prefer the Kat Von D one to this but I personally like this one better because the KVD just doesn’t apply as well as the Stila one for me. I always have to go back over and over my liner with the KVD as opposed to the Stila – where I’m done in one swipe. That’s just my experience though and it didn’t stop me from buying the KVD one lol! 
I got this in a holiday set a few years back and it’s my favorite glossy lippie EVER! It’s like a “my lips but better” and I’m freaking out because I don’t see this shade on their website and the one I have is close to finished..is this shade not sold anymore?! 
If this and my Mac lippie look familiar – fret not because you probably saw them in my “Most Used Lippies” post a while back! You can see swatches of both lippies over there as well!
Anywho ~ I really like this lipstick because it’s long lasting on me and a gorgeous shade I haven’t experienced with any other brand. I use this as an everyday wear and I’m realizing I only have a little product left – I have to make it last until Sephora has their sale in the fall!
Also, I LOVE the minty sensations Buxom lippies leave on my lips, which is part of the reason I bought their Lip Gloss Roulette last fall! Plus, I find that the slim shape of this lipstick makes it easier to apply!

This mask is holy grail status because it helps my dry skin SO MUCH! I use this 2-3 nights a week and it absorbs into the skin fairly quick and feels non greasy. I can always count on it to help get rid of my flakes and it just makes my skin feel super amazing. 
Well there you have it! I was trying to find more skincare products I love but I don’t feel a super intense connection with anything else yet. What are some of your holy grail products? Is there anything that is an absolute must try? Let me know!
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  1. I'm seeing so many good things about the Color Tattoo, I feel like I should pick one up next time I see them! Do you need an eyelid primer underneath? Or do you find them to stay in place all day without?

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