Happy New Year beauties! For my first post of 2016, I’ll be talking about a new, woman owned, independent business! Kirsten’s business is called Vanity Flair Customs and she creates and sells custom brush holders.

These holders cost anywhere from $20.75 to $25.75 (prices subject to change) depending on the design you want. Shipping within the US is $6.50 for one holder and $8.50 for two – shipping inquiries can be made if you want more than two holders (shipping rates are also subject to change). Vanity Flair Customs does ship worldwide but you would have to send a message to get a shipping estimate first.

Now that we got the pricing/shipping info out there, let’s talk about the size of these bad boys! The neat thing about Vanity Flair Customs‘ holders are that they store more than your average holders. I’ll have individual pictures of each holder I own below, but just to put into context, I can store up to 25 makeup brushes in each holder! That’s almost much double compared to what I was able to hold in my past brush holders/mugs. Also, apart from storing brushes, these are perfect to store lippies, eyeliners, and eyeshadow singles.
Let’s get onto the four holders I have!

I can’t get over how beautiful this brown/bronze glitter looks with the LV decal. I use this one to store my ColourPop Lippie Stix,  Lippie Pencils, and Ultra Matte Lips!

I’m going to say this about every holder but I love the design of this as well. The pink glitter is absolutely gorgeous, it’s not an obnoxious hot pink and it’s not too cool toned. I use this one to store some of my eyeshadow singles.

 Something else I absolutely love about Vanity Flair Customs is that they cater designs for so many personalities. My disney fanatic was super thrilled to get this castle holder. 

The other side of the castle holder above has a Tinker Bell inspired decal.

Gold Solid Holder – Currently Unavailable
Last but not least is this gold glitter holder with no decal. The top of the holder is more transparent than the rest but other than that it’s great! 

I’ve never come across holders like these before so they were definitely a treat and great decor pieces for my room. The only complaint I have is that the inside of the holders look a bit messy at the bottom since there is only paint around the sides, not the bottom. I can understand that painting the bottom is a waste of product since no one really looks there but the OCD side of me wishes it was painted more neatly where the paint stops. But hey, that’s just me!
You can check out all of their designs in their Etsy shop here. Customers in the US can order via the Etsy shop, however, if you are an international customer – email Vanity Flair Customs at vanity_flair_customs@gmail.com the holders you are interested in to get a shipping quote.
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