Creating a stunning makeup look doesn’t have to break the bank and Wet N Wild proved that yet again with their new and improved formula of their Color Icon shadows! I was so excited when these launched – the palettes looked beautiful in photos and from what I saw in reviews. I was especially curious and excited about Rosé in the Air because it looked SO similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, which is a staple for so many of us beauty lovers!

Wet N Wild Rosé In The Air Palette Review and Comparison to ABH Modern Renaissance

It didn’t take much for people to link this palette to ABH’s Modern Renaissance. Does it really serve as a dupe or is it a total dud? Read on to see my review on this palette plus comparison swatches to Modern Renaissance!

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Rosé in the Air can be purchased directly off the Wet N Wild or Ulta website or you can find them at your local drugstore – so far I’ve seen them at Walmart and have heard many people finding them at Walgreens. I personally haven’t found these at any Walgreens yet but a gal pal of mine did spot them at Walmart and picked one up for me! I went to my local Walmart after she spotted them and was able to get the remaining three -do let me know if you’d like a review on them! PS: I’m giving away all four of the new Wet N Wild palettes on Instagram, click here to enter!

Wet N Wild Rosé In The Air Palette Review and Comparison to ABH Modern Renaissance


These retail for $4.99 a palette, slightly cheaper depending on where you purchase it and if you have coupons. I personally recommend buying them in store – they were $4.83 at my local Walmart and Walgreens often has sales where you can get them at a slightly lower cost! If you’re wanting to purchase them online, be sure to use Ulta’s $3.50 off $15 coupon or wait for a coupon code from them or Wet N Wild!


The packaging is the same WNW packaging we’ve seen but the layout is new and improved! I love the new layout – it looks pretty darn amazing, especially for such an affordable palette.

Wet N Wild Rosé In The Air Palette Review and Comparison to ABH Modern Renaissance


I wasn’t the biggest Wet N Wild eyeshadow user in the past but from my experience I can say I like the formula of these better. I find they blend easier and more seamlessly. The shadows are rich in pigment and buildable and if you have some Mac Fix Plus in your kit, you’ll be set! I rarely use drugstore palettes often because I’m so used to my Morphe, Tarte, Too Faced, and ABH palettes giving me the results I want but I will say that this palette is going into my daily makeup kit! Here are some swatches:

Wet N Wild Rosé In The Air Palette Review and Comparison to ABH Modern Renaissance

Comparison to ABH Modern Renaissance

The topic that took social media by storm! Is this a potential dupe? A budget friendly version of ABH Modern Renaissance? Let’s take a look!

Wet N Wild Rosé In The Air Palette Review and Comparison to ABH Modern Renaissance

Did you spot the resemblance right away or after someone pointed it out?

It’s always exciting finding affordable options to high end products, especially when they’re dupes to products everyone seems to love! Modern Renaissance contains 14 beautiful shades for $42. Wet N Wild’s Rosé in the Air has 10 shades and costs $4.99. As you can see just by looking at both palettes side by side, there is some resemblance. After swatching them side by side, you can see there are some differences.

Wet N Wild Rosé In The Air Palette Review and Comparison to ABH Modern Renaissance

The shades are not 100% alike but most of them are INCREDIBLY SIMILAR. I don’t think it comes as a surprise when I say Modern Renaissance has a better formula, both swatched and applied. HOWEVER, I do think the Wet N Wild Rosé In The Air is an AMAZING option to consider if Modern Renaissance is out of your price range. The shade range is just as beautiful and the formula is pretty darn amazing!

Final Thoughts

I was so excited to try this palette that I was almost sure it wouldn’t be as amazing as I hoped it would be since I hyped it up in my mind so much. I wasn’t disappointed when I started creating looks with it! The shades I used so far are 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9 and I had no issues with any of them. I was SO pleased with the application of these that I was literally jumping up and down and squealing with joy while creating my looks..and that doesn’t happen often! The last time it did was with Too Faced’s Peachy Mattes palette actually.

Like I mentioned above, if you’re someone who likes the shade range in Modern Renaissance and are looking for a budget friendly option, it doesn’t get any better than Wet N Wild’s Rosé in the Air. Similar color scheme and incredible formula for a fraction of the price. I HIGHLY recommend checking this palette out!

Some application tips I do recommend keeping in mind is using a good eye primer (or your foundation or concealer) on your lids and using Mac Fix Plus to get more intensity. Two of my favorite eye brushes to date are Mac’s 224 Tapered Blending Brush and 217S Blending Brush. Although I enjoy dozens of other eye brushes, there’s nothing compared to these!

Have you tried Wet N Wild’s Rosé in the Air palette? Do you think it’s a great alternative to Modern Renaissance? Let me know!