Tarte’s Tartelette Palettes are some of my all time favorite eyeshadows out there for a multitude of reasons – their formula is incredible, packaging is sleek and compact, the shade ranges of each are amazing for my skin tone, and I feel comfortable traveling with them without having to worry about packing other shadows or palettes to serve as a companion to them.

Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette - Which Tartelette Is For You

I bought all three at some point of my life and love each of them to bits. Now that I used the newest of the three enough to give my full thoughts, I thought it would be helpful to provide swatches and reviews of all three. I often do get asked which of the three I prefer the most and if the first two are too similar to each other to own both so hopefully this post can help you out if you’re wondering which one(s) to get!

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If you’re looking for a quality palette to add to your collection or if you’re a beginner to makeup, one (or all – you can’t have too much makeup!) of these will be perfect splurge on! After owning dozens of palettes, I always seem to come back to one of these, especially the original Tartelette and in Tartelette in Bloom! These three are always in close reach on my vanity no matter what.

Tarte Tartelettes | Which one is right for you? Swatches + Review

Each Tartelette comes in super sleek, gorgeous packaging and contains 12 stunning shadows at a cost of $46 per palette. These palettes can be found at a multitude of retailers like Sephora and Ulta as well as Tarte’s own website!

Tartelette Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette

The first of the three! This one is ALL matte, so if you’re a no shimmer type of gal – this may be the perfect one for you. It contains 12 stunning, diverse shades perfect for every day neutral looks plus deeper shades to create a stunning smokey eye!

Tarte Tartelettes | Which one is right for you? Swatches + Review

For the longest time, I’ve been an all matte kind of gal so this palette was always my go to for everyday use and to travel. You can purchase this Tartelette here!

Tartelette In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette

If you’re a fan of a palettes with a mix of finishes that are still neutral, this palette is for you! The Tartelette in Bloom has 9 matte shades and 3 lusters. The possibilities are endless when it comes to this palette! You can create an incredible amount of matte looks or top on one of the shimmers to give your look that extra oomph!

Tarte Tartelettes | Which one is right for you? Swatches + Review

The three shimmer shades in this palette are what sold me – they felt so soft to the touch and are incredibly wearable for both day looks and night if you want to build them up. You can purchase the Tartelette in Bloom here!

Tartelette Toasted Palette

The newest of them all! This palette is full of rich, terracotta, tan, bronze, beige, plum goodness! It has 7 mattes and 5 shimmers and will satisfy everyone who is into warm shades!

Tarte Tartelettes | Which one is right for you? Swatches + Review

After buying several other warm palettes this year, I wasn’t sure if I needed to add another one in my collection. However, after playing with it in store, I knew I had to have it. The formula is spot on and the pigment and blendability is just as great as the other two Tartelettes! I love that I’m able to create soft warm looks with this as well as incredibly intense, smoldering looks as well! You can purchase the Tartelette Toasted here!


I can’t tell you which ones to buy because that’s 100% up to you and your needs when it comes to makeup. What I can tell you is that all three of these palettes are incredible – from the packaging to the shade range to the formula. If you’re not into shimmers at all and like every day neutrals that can be used for smokey eyes as well, I recommend the original Tartelette. If you do like a mix of finishes where you’re able to create a multitude of stunning neutral looks, the Tartelette in Bloom is where it’s at! If you’re someone who loves warm tones over the neutrals you see in the first two palettes, I recommend the Tartelette Toasted! It is so rich and full of goodness!

Do you like both the Tartelette and in Tartelette in Bloom but are unsure of whether you’ll use both enough? I was worried about this as well but the I found the shade range to be diverse enough to the point I used both of these palettes interchangeably. I’ve been able to create so many different looks using both of these palettes, I’ve never felt like I neglected one over the other like I’ve done with other eyeshadow palette lines. Now, if your budget allows you to get all three, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed having them all in your collection!

Which Tartelette fits your needs the most? Or are you like me who needs all three?!

Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette - Which Tartelette Is For You